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  • Health supplementHealth supplement

      Supplement was created by diet research lab at Poland for athletes joints support .1983 research have been stop of financial shortage. At 2016 being member this team I improve this supplement for my joins. This new supplement gave more benefits then I expect.
      1) General health improvement
      2)Joins support ( up to shape age 20)
      3) Younger skin
      4) loosing fat and grooving muscle (even at age 70,my age)
      5 High libido ( is makes almost sexual obsession) can be use to heal impotency
      Asking price is--5 millions and 30% of profit.

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    • 2 in 1 ketchup mustard bottle2 in 1 ketchup mustard bottle

        1 bottle mustard on 1 side ketchup on the other. 1 lid down the middle. The bottle will be not to big but easy to use. You could also do this with other condiments.

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      • 65 Qt Round Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Roll Top Chafer With Glass TopNew65 Qt Round Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Roll...

          Item No.: TT301-2
          Frame thickness:1.7mm
          Frame material:S/S201
          Lid thickness:0.65mm
          Lid material:S/S201
          Food pan thickness:0.4mm
          Food pan material:S/S201
          Water pan thickness:0.4mm
          Water pan material:S/S201

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        • Electromagnetic flowmeter-SIKEElectromagnetic flowmeter-SIKE

            SKLD type electromagnetic flowmeter is the intelligent electromagnetic with research and development, which adopts domestic and foreign advanced technology. Electromagnetic transducer with high-speed central processing unit (CPU) and the features of rapid computing speed and high precision, reliable performance measurement are in both Chinese and English menu.
            Sensor uses non-uniform magnetic field technology and special magnetic circuit structure. Magnetic field is stable and reliable, and the circuit structure reduces the volume, The sensor can reflect the traffic change timely and effectively, and have a stable value of measuring water, sewage, slurry, pulp, acid, alkali, salt slurry liquid and food, etc. There are lots of wide applications in the petroleum chemical industry, metallurgy, coal, water conservancy project of water supply and drainage, sewage treatment etc. The electromagnetic flowmeter has two types: the compact and the sensor for remote transmitter

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          • Tea green teaChunmee teabenefits of green teaTea green teaChunmee teabenefits of green tea

              We're green tea manufacturer and exporter,Our main products are Chunmee Green Tea, Gunpowder Green Tea. The high grade quality Chunmee Green Tea and Gunpowder green tea.

              Ours packings include carton, box, plywood chest, gunny bag, polybag, and some other specail packages as our customer's requirements, we can show the shipping marks, our own brand or customer's brand and logo on the package very easily. The unit weight ranges from 25g, 62.5g, up to 50kgs. From the very beginning to the very end, National Commodity Inspection and Testing Bureau, Authority Third-party Testing institution, QS, HACCP guarantee our quality

              We surely save your money paid to traders for better quality tea,we accept offer FREE SAMPLES to you! For official order Usually, delivery time is about 25days after confirm order.Your inquiry will be highly appreciated and replied without any delay within 24 hours.

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            • KeyTop Electric Kebab Knife Shawarma Slicer Gyros Cutter Doner Machine Meat ShaverKeyTop Electric Kebab Knife Shawarma Slicer Gyros...

                Product Name:
                English: Kebab Slicer ; Kebab Knife ; Shawarma Knife ; Gyros Knife
                Deutsch: Dönermesser ; Gyrosmesser ; KebabMesser ; DönerSchneider 
                Français: Couteau à kebab ; Couteaux à Kebab

                Power: 80 W 
                Length Of Power Cord: 3 Meter 
                Blade Diameter: 100 MM 
                Cutting Depth: 0-8 MM(Can Be Adjusted) 
                Daily Cutting Capacity: 60 KG 
                N.W: 1.2 KG 
                Suitable For: All Kebab Machine, Shawarma Machine, Gyros Machine 

                Package Included 
                1 x Kebab Slicer 
                1 x One Extra Round Blade
                1 x Whetstone 
                1 x Manual 
                Packing: Brown box 

                Portable And Convenient; Easy To Use And Clean;
                Sold And Shipped From Manufacturer Directly; 

                Enjoy your kebab, Shawarma, Gyros with more convenient and more efficient way 
                The blade is super sharp, so it'll cut through lamb, chicken, any thing you like, with ease and finesse - and, as we also throw in a whet-stone, you can keep it that way for the blades lifetime. The device is kept safe with a practical blade Protector - and the handle has been ergonomically designed so that it fit's into the hand perfectly. We've designed our slicer so it's easy to clean and maintain - the blade can be removed using a simple locking screw 

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              • Bopp filmBopp film

                  Biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) has been developed over the last 35 years and is now widely used in place of cellophane, waxed paper, and aluminum foil. The polymer used in its manufacture, polypropylene, is derived from petroleum and consists only of carbon and hydrogen atoms. The production of polypropylene is safe and energy efficient, and the product is easily and cleanly handled.
                  "Biaxially oriented" means that the film is stretched in two different directions. Orientation brings about several changes in the film, such as lower elongation (harder to stretch), higher tensile strength for a given thickness, greater stiffness, improved optical properties, and improved barrier to water/gases. When barrier and sealing properties are required, they can be obtained by using either of two methods: coating the film, or co-extruding layers of different materials. We use the co-extrusion process because it makes the film totally recyclable. It is also a more efficient process.
                  There are four general steps that are taken to produce ready-to-ship BOPP film.
                  • Co-extrusion process
                  • Orientation of the film in two directions
                  • Primary slitting of the BOPP film
                  • Secondary slitting or Metallization
                  Plastic waste, including BOPP film, can be recycled and reprocessed into products for many different applications. When incinerated, only carbon dioxide and water vapor are produced, with no pollution. The resulting energy released is twice the heat of coal. However, unlike paper and cellulose products, co-extruded BOPP is not biodegradable. But when used in landfill sites, plastics waste has the positive benefit of stabilizing the ground without producing unpleasant or harmful by-products.
                  BOPP film demonstrates excellent use of the Earth's resources. It has effective moisture barrier properties that are achieved without coatings. Because of its superior strength at low gauges, flatness, clarity, light weight and excellent printability, it has become an indispensable packaging material for a wide variety of consumer products including foods, garments, textiles, and stationary. The co-extrusion process also provides superb sealing characteristics for secure packs and good shelf life, avoiding product spoilage and waste.

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                • HOW TO choose right factory for plastic filmHOW TO choose right factory for plastic film

                    SHANGHAI OKAY-PACKAGING Company Ltd. is a plastic packaging product manufacturer based in China. SHANGHAI REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE and Production base in Shandong Province. Our main products include our stretch film,bopp film,pet film,PE FILM,cling film, and other packaging film and packing machines. These are used in a wide range of industries including papermaking,ceramics, electronics, building materials, rubber, cable, chemical, cigarettes, food, carpet, timber, fodder, household appliances, and retail goods.

                    Our company has been well known in the production of plastic packaging products for over ten years. With vast experience in international business, our staff is skilled at all steps involved in exportation of products, from order receiving to product shipment. We have a professional team responsible for customs declaration. Due to our long term relationship with many transport companies, we can help our customers save international freight charge substantially.
                    Customer satisfaction is a priority. That is why we have established a testing department, which performs inspections on all our finished products. Only those that pass inspection are made available for distribution. We also create files for each client, so as to ensure that the quality of each batch of products is consistent with their requirements. With an annual output of 2,000 tons, we can fully meet the needs of all our customers both at home in China and abroad, in the United States, Canada, Australia, as well as countries and regions in Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Because of our efforts, our products are widely recognized and popular with our valued clients.
                    We establish the prices of our plastic packaging products according to the international crude oil price trends and plastic raw material market fluctuations. In doing so, we try to give maximum profit to our clients. We also strictly manage the procurement process of our raw materials, utilizing well-known and reliable suppliers in order to ensure the high quality and low cost of our raw materials. Furthermore, the domestic source of our raw materials is just 150 km from our company, enabling us to greatly reduce logistics costs. We pass these savings on to our clients in the form of reduced prices.
                    Shanghai Okay Packaging Co., a leading supplier for Polyolefin (POF) Shrink Films, stretch film,cling film,PE film and corresponding Packing Machines like rewinder,labeller and shrinking machine in China.

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