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  • Edible SpoonEdible Spoon

      The Edible Spoon may be used to eat a variety of foods. It’s tasty, it’s healthy, it’s convenient, and it promotes a cleaner tomorrow. It’s 100% biodegradable. And 100% edible. And 100% good for you and the environment. This spoon comes in three flavors: Plain, Spicy and Sweet. Plain spoons may be used with any meal and are flavor-neutral. Spicy spoons can add extra zest to bland food or may be used to eat already spicy meals. Sweet spoons sweeten the food they are used to eat and may be used with foods – like cereal – that are already sweet. The spoons could be purchased in supermarkets for home use. They could also be served with meals at restaurants. US Patent:D632,046

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    • A new, healthier \A new, healthier "french fry" for responsible...

        This new version of the "french fry" not only has a new and very marketable name - it is also creates a "Healthy Alternative" that is destined to take the world by storm...especially after the marketing pros have made it a household name! This product idea (as well as several others) is "For Sale" to qualified buyers. For more information, contact me via my website using this product's name as the subject.

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      • PS-XXXX-X electrostatic micro perforation machines for ventilated mass productsPS-XXXX-X electrostatic micro perforation...

          Based at micro discharging and sparking, plasma tunnel effects with gas atomic ionization in nano second time windows. The pores are normally statistical irregularly distributed in controlled size ranges from 0.5 up to 80 microns diameter and analogically, under LASER or MICRO or MACRO PERFORATION, arranged in diameter sizes from 60 up to 200 microns, at best non-inclined holes und holes rows of diverse arrangement comprehension.

          For the naked human eye invisible electrostatic nano or micro perforations may be arranged in areas or zone bands with specific distances within its web. Controlled pore sizes in wide ranges from 0.50 up to 80 micron diameters by holes sequences up to 16 million pores per second and 0.1 up to 3 mill Joule discharge energy for each pore. Process and power electronics patent granted with DE10328937.

          Arrangements of zones are usually carried out in width from 2 to 6 mm and pores density of 15 up to 250 pores per square cm whereas the perforation of areas results in pore densities of up to 5 million pores per m2 in surface-all-over design. Electro static perforations allow porosity levels from 80 up to 2500 Coresta Units (ml/min/2cm2, 1000Pa), equality from 40 down to 3 Gurley material web widths from 100 up to 2000 mm at web speeds of up to 500 m/min, depending on porosity and material consistency in relation to its ability to perforate.

          Products, applications, advantages, high-holes-densities micro perforation, ventilation, mass product properties
          breathable, ventilation, filter cigarettes, tipping, packaging, plug wrap, refinish, thin paper, MYO, RYO, LIP
          booklet, bible, printing, magazine, promotion, flyers, newspaper, improved modified surface properties
          Kraft paper, sacks with low PE coating, single or triple layer multi wall sacks, tubers, bags for cement, plaster, maize, grain, pet food, granulate or powder
          gained air outlet during filling with high efficiency to keep packed products in specified barrier condition
          extending storages, live time or durability of certain goods and products
          decoration or gift paper with thin coating films
          PVC laminate, Vinyl, decoration, wall paper to eliminate condensation effects, enable gas exchanges, avoid rises of mildew or rottenness
          joint or corner Kraft paper tapes to avoid glue bubbles and enables material diffusion
          fleece bonding material, low plastic film layers for outdoor, under roof protection covering, wooden houses for oxygen exchanges
          technical textiles for oxygen or gas exchanges to avoid condensation processes
          breathable overalls, heavy duty, disposable work dresses, trousers, made of thin PE fleeces or others
          biotopes and prevention of water pollution
          leather or cloth inlets for comfortable non sweat wearing under wet, high humidity and tropical condition
          soap, deodorant, hygiene, beauty creams, baby care, other packaging products
          which needs smell suggestion for marketing indication and buying advantages
          vegetable, flowers or food with paper packaging replacements for oxygen or gas exchanges
          bread, rolls, fruit or food to improve freshness and aroma
          technical multi layer foils for industry, medical, bioengineering, filtration purposes surface modification, improved roughness
          micro filter, membranes, battery separation layers
          bio lab analytic, alcohol, liquid, blood filtration, clean room, agriculture, reduction or force growth rates

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        • OESP-1 OLP-1 multiple ventilation of mass productsOESP-1 OLP-1 multiple ventilation of mass products

            Electrostatic perforation has been used since 30 years for ventilation of non-filter cigarettes to create a directed and guided air bypass.

            For this purpose, cigarette paper for some MYO or RYO and almost every kind of filter cigarettes tipping papers are perforated electro statically offline in zones from 2.0 up to 6.0 mm width or in rows width by uses of sealed-off laser to reduce the harmful substances such as nicotine and condensate down to countries restricted levels.

            Another effect is the possibility to control the degree of ventilation of cigarettes. IPM inline technology and former patents EP0460369, DE4018209 enables cigarette tipping paper perforation while cigarette making processes to reduce nicotine and condensate levels for non filter cigarettes. The electrostatic inline multiple perforation process opening now new possibilities for cigarette tipping paper ventilation during cigarette manufacturing by full integration of perforation equipment or cassettes.

            This provides for uniform, intensive and very powerful perforation and the cigarette paper treated can be continuously supplied to the cigarette machine for further processing in the longitudinal direction of the cigarette. Advantages, direct mechanical integration of perforation units, functional interfacing and EMI level in according of international CE conformity, EG, EN, NEC, CCC standards archiving high production efficiencies and controllable ventilation grades on highly automated cigarette machines.

            Dual IGBT power electronics and multiple perforation performances cross the strips and circumference of each cigarette, allows problem less perforations on high speed cigarette making machines up to 12000 cpm at MAX-S, MK9, Protos80, Protos90.

            Online perforation with patent granted high-speed laser multiplexer, 8 laser lines, 10.6 um wavelength.

            Products, outstanding applications, advantages with micro perforation
            breathable and ventilated mass products as cigarette, tipping, filter, flexible packaging, plug wrap, refinish or fine paper
            booklet, bible, printing, magazine, promotion, flyers or newspaper with improved or modified surface property
            decoration or gift paper with thin coating films
            PVC laminate, Vinyl, decoration or wall paper to eliminate one side condensation effects
            enable control gas exchanges, avoid rises of mildew or rottenness
            joint or corner Kraft paper tapes to avoid glue bubbles and enables material diffusion
            fleece bonded with thin plastic film layers for outdoor, under roof protection or covering, wooden houses to enable gas exchanges
            technical textiles for gas exchanges to avoid condensation processes
            breathable overalls, heavy duty or disposable work dresses, trousers, aprons, jackets or shoes made of thin PE fleeces or others
            thin PP or PE contacted Kraft paper bag, cement sacks, plaster, maize, grain, pet food, granulate or powder for gained air outlet or out blowing during filling processes with multiple time reduced efficiency
            keep packed products in same barrier condition as without micro perforation
            extending storage, live time or durability of certain goods and products
            biotopes and prevention of water pollution
            synthetic, real leather or cloth inlets for comfortable non sweat wearing under wet, high humidity and tropical condition
            soap, deodorant, hygiene, beauty creams, baby care or other packaging products which needs smell suggestion for marketing indication and buying advantages
            food, vegetable or flowers with paper packaging replacements for gas and oxygen exchanges
            bread, rolls, fruits or food to improves for freshness and aroma advantages
            technical multi layer foils for industry, medical, bioengineering or filtration purposes, surface modification or improve the roughness
            micro filter, membranes, battery separation layers, bio or lab analytic
            alcohol, liquid or blood filtration, clean room, agriculture plant applications
            reduction or force growth rates of bio processes

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          • ODSTM-1 in-situ dyne surface tension wettability measurement at fast moving plastic films and foilsODSTM-1 in-situ dyne surface tension wettability...

              Method and device for online tough less surface tension control ODSTM-1 in DE19543289 by which the fast moving substrate through the measuring gap. It is transmitted with a chromatic beam and spectral selected light source were two optical channels are displaced and polarized by 90 degree to each other. Both optical axles are precise and motor driven shift able in certain angles from 25 up to 65 degree. The spectral light photons, transmission, extinction, absorption grades are detectable by two optical CCD imagine vision devices, integrated into the sensor case on other side of the substrate.

              Material condition
              At high speed moving substrates means plastic foil, flexible, film, laminate, coating, bonding, labeling, co-extrusion, BOPP, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, MDPE, MAS, MOH, MEV, PET, FEP, PP, PE, PS, PO, EVA, PTFE, PVC, PTFE, Vinyl, Polyester, wrapping, self-adhesive tape, high strength, cross laminated, adhesive coated films, reflective or magnetic sheeting, automotive tape products, inkjet, heat sealing, security, pressure sensitive tapes for entertainment or building industry, masking or printable plastic films, polycarbonate, acrylic, extruded or polished cellulose, optical grade polycarbonate, sheets for IR or laser protection, filter sheet, imaging, capacitors, bi-oriented polystyrene sheet, multilayer co-extruded film, PVC, PETG, polyimide, tear tapes for aerospace, inner covering in aircrafts, automotive, medical, bioengineering, renewable, agriculture, marine, household, commercial, domestic, construction, high-porous membranes for uses in alkaline lithium ion batteries, fuel cells, filtration equipment. By gauges 10-500 microns, fabric widths up to 10000 mm and web speeds up to 18 m/s.

              Optical properties and quality control
              Material specific wavelength selection 1200 up to 1800 nm, material specific finger prints, molecular spectral properties, transmission, optical angle scanning, ultra low level stray scatter light detection, polarization, slot diaphragms, transverse displacements control the light beams along and far from the optical X and Y axes. The results are extreme scattering, diffraction, NIR, IR, stray light photons generation into the layer areas at both sides of the moving substrate.

              Their reflected and transmitted light intensities enables the determination by defined formulas and data matrixes the surface tension values in ranges from 28 up to 62 mN/m or dynes which are direct associate and bond to real static values for statistical quality control (SQC).

              And this entirely independent of the material specific influences as like surface consistency, thickness, density, weight, opacity, coherence, filling, stretching, shrinkage, structure, co-extrusion, polar grouping, temperature, intrinsic motivation or viscosity, hydrophobia, hydrophilic molecules, hydrogen, moisture, water steam proof, bi-layer, polymer, patterning, nanostructure, irradiation, isotopic, catalyst, coherence, absorption, photo mask effect, radiation, resonance bands, Raman, electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis ASTM or ATR method, property, acoustic photonic liquid effects, pre material treatment as corona, plasma jet, flam treatment.

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            • MLL-1 high speed laser beam steering for material treatmentMLL-1 high speed laser beam steering for material...

                Ultra high scan speeds up to 4000 Hz or 240000 rpm with commercial air-bearing motors.
                REAL galvanometer scanner alternatives, precise laser beam deflection up to 4 Kilowatt Co2 by high dynamic performances.
                From 8 up to 15 mm laser beam aperture diameter, advantage beam quality factor M2 less then 0.9 for focus spots down to 60 micron.
                Product process advantages enable total different product indicators and milestones against other laser perforation or material treatment processes which allows significant product property, trademark indications, patent claims, unique company features in micro perforation of tipping, cigarette packaging or other paper or material.
                E.g. wide range of laser perforation groups as common active ventilation zone to obtain several advances in air stream distributions into cigarette filter, perfect perforation line guiding around cigarette filters or other food, domestic, industry products to assure constant porosity results.
                Several pattern or wave line design for different brands, number of holes or pattern with 10 or 20 per cm length are constant, porosity range from 100 up to 1000 C.U., holes sizes from 60 up to 120 micron, holes densities from 100000 up to 500000 holes per second in total.
                From 1 up 6 perforation pattern, lines, marks or scripts can combines a group, perforation hole, pattern quality or porosity remains in standard levels.

                Other web material, substrate or products are treatable in similar processes, existent laser perforation, treatment machines are able to modify with new optical, micro mechanical and control elements.
                Low investment and finance budget of technical modifications because exchanges of certain elements, complete devices are adaptable on existent off-line perforation machines or other laser treatment handling systems.

                Capability to adapt beam divert devices or units at on-line perforation system at cigarette making machines up 12000 cpm.

                The patent of devise, process and product properties are pending as DE102004012081.

                Outstanding product applications
                For web or sheet material, metal, isolation, foil, film, plastic, substrate, leather, textile and paper enables now large number of possibilities for micro hole position, different pattern, design, wave, zigzag, cryptograms, scripts, marking, scribing, scratching, tear off lines or others which generates. E.g. optimize air distribution characteristics into cigarette filters, unique anti counterfeit piracy indication and not countable product advantages.

                Special remark creates fundamentally new product properties, e.g. as final products for mouthpieces with tipping paper at cigarettes or other tobacco, packaging, security products, flip off or hinge-lid packs.

                Specific indication of brand names to recognizable for everyone and even for product buyers, if micro design, holes, patterns, holograms are to see with magnified views only.
                Or sensitive touch able as Braille scripts generated by micro cluster cryptograms or holograms.

                MLL-1 targets many existent and new applications with high speed scans of laser beam divert in horizontal or vertical position.
                Sophisticated ultra high speed spins optical divert elements allows low budget modifications at existent systems and production machines.
                Micro-Laser-Line technology means real alternative for high speed galvanometer scanner to archive micro cluster perforation, pattern design, waves, zigzag, packages line, cryptogram, company logo, hologram, anti counterfeit piracy contours for security paper, safety, bank notes, cards, metal sticker, printing, laminating, coating, fruit, food, bread, vegetable, agriculture covering, transparent films, plastic sheets, holographic paper, cigarette, tipping, filter, aluminum foil, shrink able film, tear tapes, label, cardboard, matrix, marking, scribing, automotive, pharmacy, smoking, chemical or medical products, electronics part, chips, indicators, writing contours or profiles, embossing or holographic.

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              • Zabalatte - A Delicious New Milk DrinkZabalatte - A Delicious New Milk Drink

                  Zabalatte is an innovation in a natural, nutritional, functional and purpose driven milk and egg drink, containing the highest quality real protein especially good for kids and moms-to-be based on a simple traditional family recipe. Zabalatte is a variation of the Italian dessert, Zabaglione. It currently comes in a creme custard-like flavor and a cremesicle flavor.

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                • Khort - Packet CutterKhort - Packet Cutter

                    Winner product as The Best Invention of the Americas, 2010. Given by Invent Help at INPEX (Invention and New Product Exposition)
                    [ ]

                    THE PRODUCT

                    Khort is a very creative new product. It is the most practical, safe and hygienic way to open condiment packets. It is so easy to use and so efficient, that you need only use one hand. The stainless steel blade is extremely sharp, and does all the work with ease. Khort is always at hand. It can be glued anywhere in the bar or restaurant, such as napkin dispensers, straw dispensers, signs indicating the tables number, glass counters or wherever you want.


                    Today, the condiment packet is the most hygienic form of serving mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup and various other condiments. Legislation, in some locations prohibits establishments from using the outdated condiment dispensers. It isn\'t rare that the client gets all messy whilst trying to open the packet. Khort solves this problem with comfort and safety. The risk of ruining your clothes is almost none. Khort, brings you more comfort, hygiene, and practicality to your store.


                    New form of merchandising;
                    Welcomed by consumers, resolving existing problems;
                    Intangible gain associated to the brand printed on the product which related to comfort, practicality and hygiene giving the customer a good experience when eating;
                    Shop owners acceptance. A different product, standing out as a merchandising gift;


                    Practicality and hygiene / The benefits most mentioned in surveys by users.
                    Solution / Easy to use product. Solves the difficulty in opening condiment packets.
                    Novelty / New utensil on restaurant and bar table tops
                    Stainless steel blade / Doesn\'t rust and opens hundreds of condiment packets per refill.
                    Security / Designed for quick cleaning and efficiency.

                    INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE

                    1. Clean the surface where Khort will be placed with alcohol.
                    2. Remove double faced tape
                    3. Apply the product to the surface
                    4. Certify that the product is well fixed
                    5. Slip the blade refill into position
                    6. Certify that the blade refill is completely in place
                    7. Slide the condiment packet through the slip
                    8. DONE! Your condiment packet is cut and clean, ready to use.

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