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      Most current education systems use one language as a primary language of communication and do not provide a multilingual environment, even in situations where there is a desire to impart multilingual education, for example, by an educator in school or a parent at home, the methodology is usually that the educator/parent needs to translate words from one language to another (for example from English to a native language) and relate that word to the person being taught. However, even this methodology has not been followed consistently by most education systems across the world and even at home it tends to be too tedious to be
      followed on a consistent basis.

      This invention is inspired by worldwide lack of teachers with multilingual capability and lack of quality learning systems based on multilingual approach.

      Lack of tools and technology for imparting multilingual education to visually disabled and hearing-impaired users.

      The present invention meets the requirements of a multilingual learning system with an easy to use device which can be used by users in multiple languages and in multiple countries. This invention is readily useable by visually-disabled and hearing-impaired users.

      • The invention is especially useful among working parents, uneducated parents and poverty-stricken parents.
      • The developed product and system can impart education till early ages (1-5) with minimal support of a parent or teacher.
      • This tool provides interactive learning experience to the user
      • This tool provides multilingual learning & education at an affordable rate in any part of the world.
      • This tool will help the user to learn the languages fed into the tool and will be able to relate it. Example: Hindi-English Pair, Hindi-English- Spanish or more pairs.
      • This tool provides Native level language expertise in multiple languages simultaneously.
      • Designed keeping in mind blind & hearing-impaired users.
      • The system is simple enough to be used by children and sophisticated
      enough to be used by visually challenged users.
      • Aligned with Right to Education and goals set by UN & UNESCO.

      According to another aspect of the invention, a system comprises a console and a card wherein the console comprises a processor, a receiver configured to receive a short range wireless signal, and based on a short range wireless signal received by the receiver, the processor is configured to identify a media file stored in a memory location accessible to the processor and the short range wireless signal received by the receiver is associated with an object and a natural language, and the card comprises a short range wireless communication tag such as a RFID tag or a NFC tag, wherein the card has an image either printed or embossed on at least one of its surfaces or the card has a Braille representation on one of its surfaces.

      In order to use a system according to the invention, a user needs to have a deck of cards and media files corresponding to the deck of cards need to be available to a console assessable to the user. Each card in a deck of cards is capable of short-range wireless communication with the console by means of a short-range wireless communication tag such as a RFID tag or a NFC tag. Each card in a deck of cards is associated with an object and one or more natural languages.

      In an example use case of the invention, a user may purchase a deck of RFID cards for a natural language of choice such as English or Hindi. Media files associated with the deck of cards may already be pre-stored in a memory of the console. When a user brings an RFID card in a vicinity of the console, the console recognizes the object whose image is either printed, embossed or the object that is represented in Braille on the RFID card. The console also recognizes the language(s) that is/are associated with the card. The console may then do one or more of the following: (1) produce a sound corresponding to th

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    • UKEKA ® Children’s Custom Training ClockUKEKA ® Children’s Custom Training Clock

        UKEKA ® “Children’s Custom Training Clock” is a product designed to establish rules and develop good living habits for children over 3 years of age.
        Appearance refers to the shape and color of the sun flower, symbolizing that the child is the sun of tomorrow; the product is fully functional, and combines the daily activities of the child at various times of the day, evaluation management, reward, and punishment as one. Flexible adjustments and free settings can meet the needs of different parents in managing their children’s daily behaviors and establish basic behavioral norms.

        Parents can follow the step-by-step principle according to children’s different characteristics, living environments and family conditions to adjust flexibly, set freely, and formulate training plans that meet the child’s characteristics.
        Custom development process: Children can establish good habits through external motivations (rewards) - transit to stable habits (gradually reduce rewards) - and form lifelong habits ( external rewards are no longer necessary).

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      • ToysCollectorToysCollector

          Toys-collector main serve for toy enthusiasts and distributor,we professional to supply Transformer,Original Car Model, UAV,Autobots and so on by wholesale and retail. And freeshipping online store.If you are interesed in this kind of toys,please feel free to contact us,or log in our website to have a look first:

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        • buy rotary airlock valvebuy rotary airlock valve

            Chengdu Longtan Industrial Park Chengdu street No.68
            Cheegers is a professional supplier of airlock valve, rotary valve, and rotary feeder magnetic separator. Cheegers was rebuilt in 2003 from the revolution of China government factory which built in 1958, We have been in airlock for 55 years and are specialized in all kinds of Rotary Airlock Valve.

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          • 3D-Phone Increaser  - Turn your Smartphone into a 3D Monitor - for all VIDEOS, FOTOS and GAMES !3D-Phone Increaser - Turn your Smartphone into a...

              Yes, it's possible! Turn your smartphone into a 3D monitor.

              Handling is easy open the 3D-Phone Increaser, insert smartphone and adjust focus. PRESS PLAY that was about everything, you sit back and enjoy fantastic 3D experience wherever you want it.

              Simple technology and a fantastic result. On the annoying 3D glasses can be dispensed through the 3D Phone Increaser. The results are also better than of other current 3D techniques. The picture has more depth, is sharper and there are no overlapping distorted images. In addition, no special software or format is needed, the technique works for any video, image or game.

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                Veloplav has no analogs around the world. It is a pedal drive for
                various types of inflatable boats that is driven by legs. The product is
                ecological. It can be used while fishing, hunting, tourism, or just as
                sport trainer or vehicle, which does not require neither fuel nor

                Market is huge: annually, over 350 thousand of inflatable boats are
                produced in Russia. Veloplav will occupy own niche on the market, like
                bicycles hold their share among other vehicles.

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              • The world wide swap  trade  the giftThe world wide swap trade the gift

                  What I have is a huge multi-player, PC online game for CD Rom, The social network game of the future with massive revenue potential, not yet on the market. This is a revenue building game/ business only.
                  Called: The world wide swap & trade / The Gift, Provisional Patent #61/664,548
                  The unique features of this invention will provide for the following benefits;
                  1. Next generation in personal gaming
                  2. Allows players to become an actual part of the game
                  3. Provides real time rewards and keeps players striving toward The Gift
                  4. Game can continue indefinitely, even after the main objective has
                  been reached
                  5. Create jobs in Information Technology, Marketing, and Various sectors.
                  6. Provide the largest single advertising place for the world’s advertisers.
                  I, Mr. Baillum wholeheartedly believes in the positive impact my (Game)
                  development and production will have on individuals and the market(s)
                  to which it will be promoted. The fact that this game offers a real gift is incentive to players to want
                  to play. This is a complex concept for the next generation in gaming. As currently designed in the technical drawings and 3-D models, my invention has unique features which are not available on the market. The World Wide Swap and Trade/ The Gift, is a game in which players and their cities and states are actually part of the game. I, Mr. Baillum envision my product appealing to the millions of game enthusiasts worldwide. Our society is always seeking new ways to improve personal leisure and satisfy the need for competition and achievement, and The World Wide Swap and Trade/ The Gift certainly fits the bill. With roughly six billion eligible people in the world, Research shows that one in four internet users visit online game websites, bringing the annual total to more than 217 million online game players worldwide. Online game communities are populated by people from both sexes and all age groups. The markets are extensive for a global concept such as this.
                  (If you would like to see or no more, please feel free to contact me. Leandrew L. Baillum Owner. 1814 Arnold street Philadelphia, Pa.19152
                  Direct Phone # (267)303-2149.or (215)613-6001 E-Mail me at, I’m seeking a (real) time tested professional cutting edge companies, With the technology and innovation to take on a very unique project, to produce marketing and licensing my game, Bringing the largest worldwide group of gamers together at once with a new cutting edge game, The world wide swap & trade the gift, potentially the largest (social network) game of the future, In the world today. With massive revenue potential
                  What exactly is: The world wide swap & trade / the gift?
                  From a player prospective it’s a social network game were multitudes of players in every city, states interact with one another building a inventory to trade, swap and, save in order to reach the gift of the game. From a prospectors view, an opportunity, how can this game make me money? Let’s take a look at that. This game is constructed and designed to assemble paid members together on a massive level over the internet from every city in all fifty states. 1. The direct results are massive revenue, because this game will cost in the range of $19.95-to- $39.95. 2. The game becomes a business. 3. It has the structure to become as big as, or bigger than face book, Google or any other social network. 4. It will have an advertising audience on a steady base. One thing for sure it will have true income from the start, most social networks relies on other sources powered by them to bring income to them by the number of followers they have. The world wide swap & trade / the gift, streams income from the sales of players to the game, those numbers could be huge! It also has a pay advantage process within the game that keep’s revenue Cumming. So, to answer the question, what exactly is: The world wide swap & trade /

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                • Text-to-video software programsText-to-video software programs

                    Text-to-video software program that understands the meaning of the sentence and translates it into motion pictures, into separate scenes, portraying, visually, what was meant by the sentence or the text. Works only on sentences that can be represented visually. Available for English and German languages. Runs on Windows 7, 64 bit. U.S. non-exclusive patent pending.

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