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  • Gordon Rocket StoveGordon Rocket Stove

      The GRS is a rocket-type, wood-fired cookstove that emits little or no smoke. It is extremely efficient in fuel use and food production. It was designed in the US for camping, boating, touring barbecue and home preparedness. Overseas the GRS can serve as a life-saving kitchen in disaster response and third-world relief operations.

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    • Testable Recreatable Infinite Energy Generation MethodTestable Recreatable Infinite Energy Generation...

        Testable, recreatable method of generating energy. Suppprted by physical formulae as well as a prototype. Can be created in a lab without my interference, prototype can be completely disassembled if necessary. An NDA is required to provide all evidence in support of my claim

        Not yet patented, I prefer to sell the global patenting rights.

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      • Smart anti flooding check valveSmart anti flooding check valve

          Patent for sale - smart anti flooding check valve

          Advantages of the system:
          - a solution for a manholes and a rainwater gully pits overflow
          - system pauses water in a higher placed city areas
          - it splits stormwater drainage system into parts - protects the system from overpressure
          - it enables to dehydration of the lower placed city areas as a priority
          - it provides the constant water flow to the pumping station

          schematic visualisation movie:

          patent aplication:

          I have one more patent aplication which is improvement of this one.


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        • All-In Toilet Bowl with Innovative Flushing SystemAll-In Toilet Bowl with Innovative Flushing System

            With the project Eco sanitary flushing System with patented discharge valve and trigering mechanism therfore the innovator Ales Rajster has developed an entirely new flushing system, particularly due to the large water savings and solving the problem of the excessive use of sanitary water. Besides the global and increasing problems of the shortage of drinking water and the need for environmental protection, the financial aspect and the greater awareness that every individual in his/her everyday life may be able to contribute to the resolution of these common problems, are also important. Due to its design, the Eco sanitary flushing system is substantially more economical, simpler and less expensive than any other flushing cistern known on the market. It works on the principle of a pressu re vessel and com pressed air, which pushes the water at high speed into the sanitary bowl. This saves up to 50% of the water, because the system provides the same quality of flushing with a significantly smaller amount of water consumed. As a conseq uence, the sanitary discharges into the sewage system are also red uced . The Eco sanitary flushing cistern contains less components, thus is simpler and less expensive to manufacture . All the components are made from recyclable materials. The advantages of the Eco sanitary flushing cistern is also reflected in the installation. Due to its dimensions and shape it does not differ from the existing flushing cisterns, and therefore enables a quick and simple installation, and replacement for the old flushing cistern. The use of the Eco sanitary flushing cistern can significantly impact on the sustainable and social development of current and future generations, and improve the quality of life. For individual users, the immediate effects are shown in the lower purchase cost and the savings in water consumption in the household, while their quality of life does is not reduced.

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              The solar tracker is a device to rotate solar panels as the sun moves from east to west throughout the day. Solar tracker increases the energy production up to 40% as compared to static solar panel installation but solar tracker costs more than the price of solar panels itself. By completely changing traditional methods and the technology used in the solar tracker, we have made a most inexpensive dual axis solar tracker that collects up to 40% more energy from the sun with a regular solar panel.

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            • Clockwork Storage ToolClockwork Storage Tool

                As lithium batteries won't store large scale energy This method is for storing renewable energy at large scales using Gravity :

                My machine solve several stage clockwork by avoiding connecting gears directly , however by discharging the energy in steps.

                in the picture 5 gears with spiral springs fixed to them gear #1 with no spring instead weight is used , gear #2 has the strongest spring , spring in gear #3 is weaker spring #4 is the weakest and that according to gear ratio gear #5 has no spring it is fixed to a generator

                How the machine works:

                group number 6 consisted of gear #2 and gear #4 , it moves from side to side continuously to transfer energy between the gears.When the group No (6) moves from right to left rod #8 will release gear #1 and at the same time small gear #2 will touch big gear #1, gear #1 will transfer some of its energy to weaker spring in gear #2, also at the same time small gear #4 will touch big gear #3, so that gear #3 will transfer some of its energy to weaker spring in gear #4.

                The opposite happens when the group No (6) moves from left to right:

                1) Rod #8 stops gear #1 to save energy.

                2) Big gear #2 will touch small gear #3 to transfer some energy to it and to be stored.

                3) Big gear #4 will touch small gear #5 to transfer its energy .

                As springs in the gears store limited amount of energy at each step I can use for instance 10 kilogram spring to store 300 Joules instead of 1 Kilogram , energy density of spring is 300J/Kg and that to increase maximum number of cycles before fatigue.

                methods for storing energy are weights going inside the ground or Helium balloons ; these ones go up with some lifting force to operate my clockwork, one meter cubic helium cost 3$ and can lift 1kg the good thing about helium balloons is that they can go up to very high heights making more Energy per Kilogram.

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              • Encoded Light-Activated Illumination: ELAIEncoded Light-Activated Illumination: ELAI

                  Battery-powered LED Lamps are controlled by invisibly encoded information in a flashlight beam. Lamps can deliver full power for as long as needed, and only as needed.

                  US patent 9,386,667 B2

                  Banish the night with a flick of the wrist:
                  ▬ turn on outdoor LED lights with a flashlight;
                  ▬ lamp batteries draw power only as needed;
                  ▬ lamps can provide full, useful illumination (unlike landscape lighting);
                  ▬ they respond only to invisible information encoded in the flashlight;
                  ▬ no false-tripping, the bane of motion detectors;
                  ▬ useful any place without AC power: detached patio, car port, rural livestock pens, even inside unpowered buildings;
                  ▬ lamps can be solar powered -- a four-inch square cell provides 60 Watts equivalent power for an hour each night;
                  ▬ flashlights and lamps can be sold as sets, and individual units offered at a higher margin. Once deployed, expansion of lamp coverage becomes a natural progression (more units sold);

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                • Bicycle Mechanism with High Overlapping of Power Periods & Top & Bottom Dead Centers EliminationBicycle Mechanism with High Overlapping of Power...

                    SYNISON, a Hellenic (Greek) Laboratory specialized in Mechanical Mechanisms, has developed a Power Transmission Mechanism with many important Applications.
                    One of these Applications is a really innovative Bicycle Mechanism, called TRISKELION, because in the basic Version of this Mechanism the Cyclist produces a certain Work as if he had THREE LIMBS, feet or hands.
                    This Mechanism achieves the COMPLETE ELIMINATION of the TOP and the BOTTOM DEAD CENTER when using the pedals, and not a simple shifting of these, as in the case of the use of a non-circular sprocket.
                    The motion of the pedals is always unidirectional and the coupling between them is such that the relative positions between them are always bijectively defined, resulting in zero backlash of the motion between the feet or hands, when reversing the Torque application.
                    However, the Mechanism also works by using a ratchet to allow rotation of the drive wheel of the Bicycle without the necessity of corresponding motion of the feet or hands, exactly as in the operation of the classic type of Bicycle.
                    A SIGNIFICANT OVERLAPPING of the PERIODS of WORK PRODUCTION is also achieved in the basic Version of this Mechanism, which overlapping is even greater than 60% (in the case of the HEPTASKELION and a setting of the Active Period to 50 degrees) in racing or other aggressive Versions, resulting in that the fluctuation of the Torque which finally moves the Bicycle is drastically reduced or even rendered virtually negligible.
                    This Mechanism is purely mechanical, with a degree of efficiency that reaches the 100%, however it cooperates ideally with an electric motor, or any other type of engine in general, which assists the motion of the Bicycle, providing several further arrangements for an even higher exploitation of the Work that the Cyclist produces, while the degree of performance of the integrated Mechanical System "Cyclist and Bicycle" is significant increased.
                    It is possible to adapt this Mechanism within any existing Bicycle of the classic type (retrofitting), while in the case of the Design from the very beginning of a Bicycle which bears this Mechanism, the result is excellent in terms of functional ergonomics, aesthetic appearance and cost of production, and Versions with Removable Mechanism are also available either for existing or designed from scratch Bicycles, mainly to avoid theft of the Mechanism, but also with some extra advantages.
                    The Design of this Mechanism is carried out, POINT by POINT, taking into account the particularities of the sex and the age of the Cyclist, but also other factors such as whether the Cyclist is either an amateur or athlete, the use is either transportation or exercise, as well as much more specific personal parameters and even differentiations between the right foot and the left foot or between the right hand and the left hand of the same person.
                    In this way, Design has as a result the Production of the required Work, by a particular Cyclist, with the MAXIMUM POSSIBLE ERGONOMY as well as the MINIMUM POSSIBLE STRESS and WEAR of the MUSCLES, the TENDONS and the BONES, of the HIPS, the KNEES and the ANKLES of this Cyclist, providing in this way the best physical condition but also the general health and attitude of this Cyclist, FAR of the existing state in everyday life and sports.
                    Therefore, a Bicycle bearing this Mechanism can be used, at least to a sufficient degree, by PEOPLE with TEMPORARY or even PERMANENT PROBLEMS in one or both of their limbs, feet or hands, or other parts of their body that are actively involved in Cycling, and also facilitate the recovery of these individuals in case of temporary problems.
                    In any case and with any composition, only a few minutes of Cycling are required until the average Cyclist adjusts their behavior to this new Cycling reality, however then the sense of INCREASED POWER as well as COMFORT is excellent, especially in the Versions about the TRISKELION, and yet extremely ADDICTIVE, for every Cyclist.

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