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      • To which technical area is my idea related?
      SINGLE-MACHINE ELECTROMECHANICAL TRANSMISSION (S-MEMT) belongs to the area of electrical engineering and electrical machinery and can be employed as an electromechanical transmission of rotational mechanical energy, including hybrid power units.
      • Which technical problem does my idea solve?
      S-MEMT is allows to convert the rotational energy of the drive motor to the rotational energy of the actuating mechanism with stepless alteration of the torque and angular velocity using only one electrical machine and can be employed as an hybrid power units.
      • Which other solutions are known today to solve the same technical problem?
      1) Electric Continuously Variable Transmission(ECVT) developed by Global Hybrid Cooperation
      2) Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) developed by Toyota
      • What are the drawbacks of the solutions known today?
      Known solutions have difficult structure of electromechanical conversions, using several mechanical planetary gearsets and several electrical machines
      • What are the advantages of my idea compared to the other known solutions?
      The proposed S-MEMT has a simple structure of electromechanical conversions using only one electric machine

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    • ECO DryerECO Dryer

        The ECO Dryer is an professional application to use in the house keeping for drying clothes always outside even by snow, rain and cold weather.
        Bugs, dust, rain protected. VERY Easy to use.
        VERY CHEAP drying clothes always fresh and outside.
        Very compact application.

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      • Internal Combustion Engine - Hybrid Engine - Stirling EngineInternal Combustion Engine - Hybrid Engine -...

          A Hellenic (Greek) Laboratory, specialized in Pure Mechanical Systems, has developed a Transmission Mechanism with many important Applications, being a Hardware which can run any corresponding Software (Operating Cycle).
          In collaboration with several Industries and Universities, a large Programme ("THE DOT project") is in operation in order to search thoroughly any possible Application.
          This Mechanism and some of its Applications have until now two International Patent Applications, both with excellent Search Reports:

          Any publishable detail until now for the whole "THE DOT project" is at:
          One of the most important Applications is a breakthrough in Engine Technology, having these major versions:
          - Advanced Internal Combustion Engine,
          - Advanced Stirling Engine,
          - Advanced Hybrid Engine.
          A version of this Stirling Engine operates with Solar or Geothermal Energy, so it is most promising in poor Countries with broad sunshine or with volcanic or geothermal activity.
          There are, currently, under further development these versions:
          - Internal Combustion Engines (Classic Otto/Classic Diesel),
          - Internal Combustion Engines (Isovolumic Otto/Atkinson/Isobaric Diesel),
          - Internal Combustion & Electric Hybrid Engine,
          - External Combustion Stirling Engines (Multi-Fuel),
          - External Combustion Stirling Engine (Liquid Oxygen),
          - External Combustion & Electric Hybrid Engine,
          - Steam Engine (High Efficiency),
          - Solar & Geothermal Stirling Engines (High Efficiency),
          - Solar & Geothermal Stirling Engines (Low Cost Construction & Maintenance Free),
          - Domestic Heating & Stirling Hybrid Engine.
          A Consortium under formation is looking for more Partners for the Production of the Mechanism or its Applications, who must be strong enough in their Commercial field in order to achieve a successful penetration in the Market.

          The Asking Price of 12,000,000 E corresponds to 100% of Rights for All Countries of Protection.
          Currently there is an Offer: 1,000,000 USD for 45% of Rights for USA only.
          The aforementioned Prices could be negotiated, depending on the Market Potential of the prospective Buyer (for example: the Offer is modified to simply 0,00 E OR 0,00 USD AND 1% of the Rights, when the Buyer is a big Automotive Industry).

          A Hellenic (Greek) Laboratory, highly specialized in Pure Mechanical Systems, has developed an Innovative Transmission Mechanism with many significant Applications and is looking for license agreement and/or technical cooperation agreement and/or Partners involved in the production of the Mechanism and/or its Applications.
          This Transmission Mechanism (DOT: Distributive Oscillating Transmission) interconnects, in the most effective way, a plurality of Elements with a main Shaft, said Elements and Shaft rotating coaxially around a common axis with different but completely programmable angular velocities.
          This interconnection is achieved via planetary systems with some non-circular gears which have almost the same mechanical efficiency as the standard ones.
          The aforementioned Transmission Mechanism can perform literally any desired Cycle, Thermodynamic or not, even one with an odd number of asymmetrical strokes, with the greatest possible degree of mechanical efficiency in both directions.
          One major application of this Transmission Mechanism is an Advanced Internal Combustion Engine (THE: Toroidal Hermetic Engine) with Three Rotating Toroidal Pistons, performing in the simplest possible way an almost Ideal Thermodynamic Cycle:
          - Intake (of pure air-fuel mixture or mixed with exhaust gas, if necessary),
          - Compression (up to any desired Compression Ratio),
          - Combustion (Isochoric, for any desired Period, almost exactly or exactly, if necessary),
          - Expansion (for any desired Period,..

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        • outdoor solar decrative lightsoutdoor solar decrative lights

            consists of 5 to 10 foot string of lights that can be clear,colored,twinkling,and available in shapes,such as hearts for valentine's day. power supplied by a solar collector and recharable battery.

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          • Solar water pumping systemSolar water pumping system

              Solar pumping system consists of solar inverter, three phase AC pump and PV array. Solar water pumping systems can be applied to desert control, agricultural irrigation, forestry, grassland animal husbandry, seawater desalination, fresh water supply, water processing, etc. Solartech solar pumping system stores water instead of energy, therefore the system operates without the need to build electric grid and energy storage devices. It improves the reliability of the device and at the same time greatly lowers construction and maintenance costs of the system dramatically.

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            • Detection and analysis of heavy metals in the industrial effluentsDetection and analysis of heavy metals in the...

                The present technology relates to a device and method for detecting and also measuring the concentration of copper in an industrial effluent. This device comprises of an ion selective electrode (ISE) coupled to immobilize Bacillus sphaericus strain characterized in producing Urease on its one end and to a voltage measuring device which is calibrated to indicate the concentration of the heavy metal in the solvent at its other end.
                Another object of this technology is to provide the method of detection and analysis of heavy metal present in the industrial effluents by using the above mentioned device.

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              • Internal combustion engine with oscillating rotary piston ,Patent no.122555Internal combustion engine with oscillating...

                  PATENT nr: RO 122555 Internal combustion engine with oscillating rotary pistons
                  The invention refers to an internal combustion engine with oscillating rotary pistons, operating as four cycle engine. In complete version, the engine has two cylinders situated in tandem, where two pistons slide and rotate, with both ends active, resulting in a situation that is equivalent to four cylinders and the afferent pistons of a classical engine. Although it operates in four phases, the engine does not have any sort of distribution mechanism, being replased by the slide and rotation movement of the pistons within the cylinders, the pistons have grooves which intersect, at the right moment, with the input and exhaust gaps two cylinders are equipped with, somehow similar to the engine that operated in two phases. The engine is also equipped with another cylinder of a large diameter, placed in tandem with the first two cylinders, where a piston slides androtates having slightly different configuration and it is placed on the same piston-holder axis where the other cylinder are placed. The latter piston retrives the energy from the hot burnts gases, which are evacuated in the first phase at a quite higher pressure, this way a contribution of power is brought to the engine. Due to a gasfilter situated between the exhaust of the first two cylinders and the thirt one of auxiliary expansion, in the end, the cooled gases will be exhausted, also filtered at a pressure close to the atmospheric one, thus pollution as well as the noise shall be reduced. The engine is worth to be noticed because of its simplicity in engineering, the maintenance matters, reduced vibration, the efficiency and the improved power to a weight ratio, and also due to the reduction of toxic emissions when using classical fuel. It can be easily adjusted for the us of hydrogen. On request, the exhaust and the input clefts can reverse their roles, then the engine can be started conversely. The engine can lend itself to equipping a widw range of machines, from ships to cars and motor-cycles. With a distinct spatial geometry and reduced sizes, it can be assembled in narrow spaces. Because of this fact, the engine is a good fit in equipping motor vehicles that have an alternative propulsion. It can also be used in model engines due to the possibility of miniaturizing the more simple version of the engine.
                  1.Reduced pollution (chemical, thermal and noise)
                  2.Building simplicity (usage of simple manufacturing technologies)
                  3.Easy to use maintenance operations
                  4.Low specific weight (increased weight-power ratio, material saving)
                  5.High proficiency due to auxiliary expansion of gases after the first release/ evacuation.
                  6.Dwindled number of parts
                  7.Dwindled number of mobile parts
                  8.Lack of distributing mechanism (admission and evacuation are achieved through grooves on the piston and windows on the cylinders)
                  9.Half the number of plugs (or injectors), a plug (or injector) is used at both ends of a cylinder
                  10.New space geometry (adequate for small spaces, especially narrow ones)
                  11.Possibility of easy preparing in view of engine functioning in the opposite way
                  12.Possibility of usage (and mounting) on the whole range of engines and tools
                  13.Possibility of miniaturizing with usage on planes models
                  14.Compatible for the equipment of vehicles with mixed propulsion (electrical - thermal)
                  15.Building versatility:
                  - Engine with a single cylinder and one piston with one active end
                  - Engine with a single cylinder and one piston with two active ends
                  - Engine with two cylinders and two pistons with four active ends
                  - Engine with two cylinders and two pistons with four active ends and a cylinder with a piston with both ends active for auxiliary expansion
                  - Engine with two cylinders and two pistons with four active ends and two cylinders with pistons for successive auxiliary expansions
                  - Equivalent of a V8 engine by parallel coupling of two engines, at 45 grads.

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                    (General Electric in TORQUE RESISTANT LOW)

                    The new type of General Electric, has some REMARKABLE PERFORMANCE (superior current generators) in that it is based on a completely new operating principle, innovative and revolutionary technology, electromagnetic induction, with the following advantages:

                    - 1) RESISTANT mechanical torque (the shaft) is independent of electric charge - which involves:

                    - Mechanical energy is consumed in the same goal and task;

                    - Over a certain electric power generated, mechanical strength is required to la70% less (compared to the overall performance met);

                    - 2) Due to the special mode of construction, against known generators are relevant CONSTRUCTIVE avanataje we have the following:

                    - Maximum reliability - no carbon brushes both for stator and rotor

                    - Rotor mass is only 20% of the generator;

                    - Inductor and armature windings are stationary;

                    - Universal applicability - can be used (design for any power and speed) in:


                    - Automotive, motorcycle, naval, air, military;

                    - Stationary or mobile sets;

                    - Is ideal for submersible applications or explosive atmosphere.

                    Worldwide Independent Inventors Association - Office Romania -

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