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  • The method and coagulant for waste engine oil regenerationThe method and coagulant for waste engine oil...

      New coagulant easily allows to clean up without any limitation ALL automotive waste oils and their mixtures (synthetic, semisynthetic, mineral, Petrol/diesel/transmission, no separated collection is needed) at the temperatures range 40C-80C. All dirts, including resins, carbons, asphaltenes, and additives become heavy than the oil because of chemical reaction and within short time (1-2 hours) can be separated using high g-value separator or decanter. As a result, the oil will be clear light brown color. Outcome is at least 80% from taken waste oil. Cost of coagulant is up to 0,05USD/L . Cleaned oil can also be treated in vacuo degassing unit to extract petroleum cuts and water. In this case it can be used as base motor oil. The sediment (black inky material) can be processed to cold waterbased bitumen mastiс. No bleaching clay, no acids and other hazardous chemicals are used. No distilling units and membrane filters or other complicated equipment needed. The coagulant formula and full technological description is for sale.

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    • Heat generatorHeat generator

        This is a more or less portable device that allows one or more people to be warmed in a room. The device may be able to boil water. The device burns no fossil or synthetic fuel, uses no electricity.
        Serious amounts of research are required. The elements directly playing a part in heat generation may not exist in the form/formulation needed yet. Minor metallurgical questions need to be answered too.

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      • Rainwater Collection Apparatus and Pumping SystemRainwater Collection Apparatus and Pumping System

          For the growing market of “green” consumers, this earth-friendly apparatus allows users to collect rainwater to wash their cars and driveways, and to water their gardens. With a capacity of 60-80 gallons or more and constructed of durable food-grade 3/16" polyethylene recycled plastic, the barrel features the following:

           One or more outlets for exporting water
           Ball-valve assemblies for opening and closing the outlets
           Couplers for attachment to a garden hose
           An overflow port
           A drainage port
           An internal submersible pump
           An on/off switch for the pump

          Benefits of the rainwater barrel are that it...

           Efficiently holds water until the user is ready
           Provides optimal control for the export of water
           Removes sediment
           Is a totally integrated unit, unlike some of the competing barrels on the market
           Helps consumers feel good about making better use of our natural resources

          According to market researcher Mintel, about 12% of the U.S. population seek out and regularly buy green products. Another 68% buy green sometimes. The Environmental Leader web site reports that consumers, especially females, over 55 years old are the most prolific users of green products in the United States.

          The rain barrel is projected to sell most briskly in home centers (Lowe’s, Home Depot), discount stores (K-Mart, Wal-Mart) hardware stores (Ace, Tru Value) and department stores (Sears).

          The per unit cost for producing rain barrels in large quantities is projected to be $40.00 or less. They can retail for up to $189.00, producing significant profit potential.

          The inventor is available by phone to provide technical support for up to 6 months following purchase.

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