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  • 100 Cotton Absorbent Gauze Roll with High Quality and Good Price100 Cotton Absorbent Gauze Roll with High Quality...

      Product Details:


      100% pure virgin bleached cotton fabric


      high absorbency,   soft, 100% natural, no fluorescence


      BP, USP, CE,   ISO13485


      reel type/ zigzag   type

      with or without X-ray detectable thread

      Main specification

      gauze roll :   36”x 50y/100y/100m/1000m

      gauze in piece: 36”x 100y/100m

      Main Yarn & Mesh

      32S/40S, 12x8/20x12/19x15/26x18/30x20/28x24


      each roll wrapped in blue craft paper or polybag


      stored   in dry, humidity below 80%, ventilated, non-corrosive gases storehouse


      material   or other specifications can be according to customers' requirements;

      customized   Logo/brand printed;

      customized   packaging available.


      usually   within 30days after receipt of deposit

      Terms of payment

      T/T,   L/C, Western Union, Moneygram



      Standard BP   88 Specifications:
      Type No.
      Count   Threads
        per sq. inch
      Count   Threads per 250px
      19 x 15
      69 - 77
      53 - 61
      26 x 18
      95 - 105
      66 - 74
      30 x 20
      114 - 126
      75 - 85



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    • A Cheap Cure For Obesity and Blood Sugar ProblemsA Cheap Cure For Obesity and Blood Sugar Problems

        A cheaper cure for Type II diabetes and to reduce obesity effeciently. The American Diabetes Association recognises an operation called the Roux en y as a cure for 87% of Type II diabetes. Another operation called the gastric sleeve has the same effect of both curing Type II and also reducing obesity, as the roux en y was originally designed. It's believed the cause of diabetes is the irritation of the duodenim, the tube between the stomach and upper gi. The sleeve operation has the same effects as the roux en y; the hormones start to convert to normal in about a week, and it's believed the weight loss involved also is related to the hormones since insulin is the main fat storage hormone. The roux en y is out of reach of most with diabetes due to its higher risk than the duodenum operation which is less invasive. But the duodenal sleeve operation costs about three thousand dollars. My invention is a small cheap robot pill, that works by changing the duodenum. The pill is biodegradable so it's completely safe, and a 20 dollar OTC that may cure both Type II and obesity.

        Art Orbiting Candy Copyright 2013 By charles L

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      • A disposable inhalation deviceA disposable inhalation device

          Small one time use device for inhalation with essential oils for the treatment of respiratory diseases.

          Currently, the device already has a patent for a utility model in Russia (136 721).
          Also, has already decided to grant a patent for an invention.

          Already filed an international application (PCT/RU2014/000627).

          More detailed information can be see:

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        • A Formulation for treating LeishmaniasisA Formulation for treating Leishmaniasis

            The technology is in form of a formulation that is effective in treating intracellular protozoan parasitic infections (especially Leishmaniasis) and overcoming the associated complications. The technology provides a sterol enriched mixed lamellarity amphotericin intercalating liposomes for targeted delivery of liposomal amphotericin B thereby reducing toxicities of amphotericin B. The liposomal formulation is sonicated before administration to increase the plasma half-life of the liposomal drug for facilitating better bio-distribution in the body. The formulation is sugar free and thus can be freely use by diabetics. The technology has been tested on the mice for tolerance study

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          • A herbal pesticideA herbal pesticide

              The present technology provides a sprayable biopesticidal composition comprising Photorhabdus luminescens for controlling and eradicating various agricultural pests. It is for the first time that the insecticidal activity of P. luminescens is used without its symbiotic carrier nematode. In the present technology the actively growing cells of P. luminescens are encapsulated in sodium alginate beads and examined for their ability to infect insect hosts. Several laboratory and field testing programme were carried out to evaluate and assess the product. Elaborative and extensive field trials were conducted to study the efficacy of the product on the serious pest of sugarcane. The results obtained from these experiments have given a clear indication that the product is very effective and is novel based on the bacterium Photorhabdus luminescence and the plant, bacterial and insect chitinase purified to greatest extent and stabilized for longer shelf life.

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            • A kit to diagnose Heart diseaseA kit to diagnose Heart disease

                The proposed technology suggests a heart disease diagnostics kit that uses multifractal analysis tests to produce an integrated, noninvasive diagnostic/prognostic approach for diagnosis of heart disease, prognostication, prediction of risk of sudden death, and prediction of response to therapy. Useful results from these tests can be made available in 15 minutes or less to several hours. A multifractal version of the ST alpha scaling coefficient and a multifractal version of the LT alpha offer additional useful information about cardiac disease. Researchers have also refined preexisting multifractal analytic methods to eliminate the confounding effect of skipped/abnormal/ectopic beats, frequently found in the general population and patients with cardiac disease.

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              • A Lipid-based Drug for Treating CancerA Lipid-based Drug for Treating Cancer

                  The technology is in form of a “Lipid based drug” which is aimed at treating cancer by occluding the blood supply to the tumor region. The said drug when injected intra-tumorally cut off the blood supply to the tumor, causing it to basically starve and die because of a lack of blood, without leaving any side-effect on the patient body. This is for the first time ever a lipid-based drug is developed for cancer. The molecule developed is a naturally occurring lipid present in the body, is non –toxic, and has both direct and selective tumoricidal and anti-angiogenic actions.
                  The angiography study performed on five patients who have been administered this drug clearly highlights its highly selective mode of action. The administered drug selectively occludes tumor-feeding vessels without having any significant side-effects on the adjoining tissues.
                  The methods of administration of this drug:
                  (a) To locate an artery which carries major blood supply to the neoplastic region and which is proximal to the neoplastic region
                  (b) Intra-arterially injection of therapeutically effective amount of “Lipid-based drug” into the located artery

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                • A New Method for Cheaper and Longer Lasting BioimplantsA New Method for Cheaper and Longer Lasting...

                    The technology is therefore aimed at addressing the various shortcomings associated with the existing implants thereby improving implant making processes. The present technology provides novel titanium based composite bioactive (biocompatible) material useful as prosthetic implant as against conventional processes where-in the bioactive phases, usually calcium phosphatic chemicals, is present on the surface of the bioinert Ti. The novel titanium based implant allows tissue growth deep into the composite as against the conventional Ti based surface-coated implants which enable only surface integration because of the presence of bioactive phase only on the surface allowing tissue growth only at the surface of the implant, limited to the thickness of the bioactive coated phase. The implant when implanted in place of a damaged bone, can locate itself securely at the implantation and enables through integration with the healthy bone, thus completely avoiding any possibility of the implant getting loosened. The Ti based biocompatible material is capable of extracting out biological HA from the body fluids hence it substitutes the need of synthetic HA. Titanium oxide and certain calcium phosphatic and chemicals, which get formed in the present invention, have the potential to precipitate out biological HA from body fluids. This fact is proved by immersing the implant in SBF (Simulated Body Fluids). In biological HA the sizes of individual particles are more uniform. In the context of longevity of the implant, it is better to have more amount of biological HA in the implant and reduce the amount of synthetic HATitanium base powders are mixed with powder precursors of calcium and phosphorus, blended, milled and compacted. These compacts when calcined at 600-1200°C under various atmospheres form in situ calcium-phosphatic bioactive phases distributed uniformly in bioinert titanium phases. The calcined compacts are crushed, compacted to shape and vacuum sintered at 1000-1250°C to obtain appropriate interconnected porosity and strength. Immersion of the biocomposite in simulated body fluids, led to precipitation of bioactive phases like calcium hydroxyapatite, tricalcium phosphate, sodium calcium phosphate and calcium hydrogen phosphates on the surface, indicating biocompatibility of the implantable material having required interconnected porosity for facilitating tissue growth. The composite material thus developed by such process is noncytotoxic, has adequate corrosion properties, mechanical strength and can be used for orthopedic and other implants.The bioactive phases are not directly added to Ti, but added in the form of salts of calcium and phosphorus which during processing, convert into different bioactive phases within the bio inert Ti in situ - thereby ensuring proximity of the bioactive phases thus formed with the Ti phase. In vitro-cytotoxicity tests were performed and it was confirmed that the biocomposite produced by the process of this technology is non- cytotoxic.

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