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  • Bio-functional clothing greatly helping eczema sufferersBio-functional clothing greatly helping eczema...

      The skintoskin project was launched in collaboration with EU member states to explore alternate methods and natural substances, using knowledge and expertise from many sources in an effort to find new and effective treatments.

      The funding for the skintoskin® project came from the Portuguese government via O Novo Norte - North Portugal Regional Operational Programme 2007/2013. This is a financial instrument which supports regional development in the north of Portugal. It forms part of the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2007/2013 for research and development.

      The technology and expertise used in skintoskin has been developed through collaboration with many centres of excellence.

      Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (USA)
      Cambridge University material sciences. (UK)
      University of Minho. (Portugal)

      Medical institutions
      Hospital De Sao Marco Braga. Leading dermatologist Dr A. Sousa Basto. (Portugal)
      The National Health Service. (UK)
      Clinical evidence and medical studies
      Invivo and Invitro studies. Department of Dermatology, Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena, (Germany)
      Clinical trial. JAS Farma® (Portugal)
      Clinical trial. Servico De Dermatologica e Venereologica Hospital De Sao Marco Braga Portugal.

      Private sector
      Smartfiber AG (Germany)
      New Textiles Lda (Portugal)
      Effjey Group Ltd (UK)

      Regulatory affairs and conformity/safety.
      Phagecon – Pharmaceutical Services and Consulting, Ltd. (Portugal).
      Infarmed Lda. EU Regulation Notification body (Europe)
      Regulatory Affairs department National Health Service (UK)
      Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency MHRA (UK)
      Okeo Tex (Standard 100) accreditation. (Europe)

      Skintoskin fabric is made from 3 naturally occurring ingredients,
      70% cotton, 20% Seaweed extract and 10% Silver ions.

      As our clothing and textiles in general are in contact with our skin on a daily basis there is no doubt textiles can have an adverse effect on chronic skin conditions. Applications to the skin tends to wear away or be removed by our clothing as well as our busy day to day lives and routines. This began a train of thought, if our clothing, the very thing we all have in direct contact with our skin on a daily basis could deliver therapeutic effects it would allow that effect to be in place for a far greater time, with excellent therapeutic effect and with great ease in our daily lives.

      The concept of Bio-functional clothing was born.

      Cotton was chosen as the basis for skintoskin as it is generally regarded as being one of the most tolerable fabrics when placed next to eczematous skin. Cotton is readily available; it is durable, renewable, natural and widely accepted. Cotton is also suited due to its structure to modern manufacturing techniques.

      Seaweed extract is already widely used in health organisations. The natural anti-inflammatory effects are well documented. Dressings and creams containing seaweed extract have given excellent results when used on burns victims for example giving good irritation relief and assisting in the healing process. The seaweed extract used in skintoskin is derived from Aschophyluum Nodosum seaweed.

      Why silver? Bacteria infection is a serious problem with a condition like eczema which can present with an open wound. The irritation caused by the condition leads to an itch scratch cycle with the sufferer causing further opening the skin. The infection level if needed can be controlled by the application of anti-biotic creams or oral anti-biotic dosing. Silver is fast acting and highly effective against Gram + and Gram – bacteria, as well as for several fungal infections, especially those of the Candida strain,

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    • Water and Energy Saving Shower SystemWater and Energy Saving Shower System

        Everybody knows that water supply becomes an availability issue soon. But nobody seems to know how to save and nobody wants to miss a shower, mostly twice a day. My joke answer to a sales man, promoting water saving pipe reducers who claim to save up to 50% was, I know how to save 90 % - by showering once a week only. This was by the way not the spark, leading to the following water and energy saving project, short the shower project.
        Some serious facts:
        An average shower takes about 10 minutes. During this shower, about 100 liter warm water is drained into sewage, meaning, its not just water but also around 2500 Watt in energy, drained in order to keep a comfortable temperature.
        I repeat: 100 liter water and 2500 watt energy (usually electricity) per shower session.
        If your average family has 4 members and everybody is used to shower twice a day the formula 100 (liter) x4 (persons) x2 (courses per day) = 800 liter (or 0.8 Kl) plus 2500 (watt) x4 (persons) x2 (courses per day) = 20.000 watt (or 20 Kw) applies. Per day!
        Which is per months 0.8 Kl x 30 (days) = 24 Kl and 20 Kw x 30 (days) = 600 Kw energy.
        Or per year: 24 Kl x 12 (months) = 288 Kl water, and 600 x 12 (months) = 7.200 Kw energy.
        How is that calculated?
        Easy, increasing the temperature on 1 liter water by 1 degree (C) requires 1 watt power, per 100 liter accordingly 100 Watt or 0.1 Kilowatt (kw). The average difference between supplied cold water (10 deg. C) and warm water (35 deg. C) is 25 deg. C, 25 (deg. C) x100 (watt) = 2500 (watt) or 2.5 Kw.
        I know, officially we measure even water in Kg’s (but its similar to liter), heating up 1 Kg water by 1 deg. C requires 4,2 kJ (kilo-Joules) = 0,001167 kWh = 1,167 W/h (Watt-hour Energy) and not Watt power. My way to explain is easier as I calculated without the time factor, but the consumption on the electricity bill is finally the same.

        Is it worth to think about?
        I initiated and developed the shower project based on the above facts with the goal to save not 10 or 20 or even 50 % water, the final calculation in saving comes 93-94% in water and energy. How?
        Basically by circulating and purifying just 5 liter water per shower session. On the energy site, the saving comes just by maintaining the once off heated water. The counter calculation is as follows:
        If your average family has 4 members and everybody is used to shower twice a day the formula 5 (liter) x4 (persons) x2 (courses per day) = 40 liter (verses 800 liter) 150 (watt) x4 (persons) x2 (courses per day) = 1.200 watt (verses 20.000 watt) applies. Per day!
        Which is per months: 40 liter x 30 (days) = 1.2 Kl, and 1.2 Kw x 30 (days) = 36 Kw energy (The energy bill can be supported or even replaced by solar thermo and photo voltaic elements).
        Or per year: 1.2 Kl x 12 (months) = 14.4 Kl water, and 36 x 12 (months) = 432 Kw energy.
        Facts and Solutions:
        Preparing hot water for hygienic purposes, washing and ironing, cooking and heating (in winter) are the biggest household energy consumers. Lights can nowadays be replaced by energy saving LED technology and solar geysers also contribute to lower electricity consumption, starting unfortunately only some hours after sunrise and don’t influence the water consumption.
        By the way, losses through water heating by conventional geyser systems are not calculated.
        Interim water storage:
        Used and contaminated water can be reused, for instance to flush a toilet, and rainwater can be collected to run the fresh water supply, which is not drinking water anyway but clean enough for hygiene purposes. In all mobile applications like events, disaster management or in rural areas without tap water supply and sewage, fresh and used water (including toilet) can be pumped in and out mobile tanks, e.g. mounted on a trailer.
        Portable/mobile sanitary room:
        For all mobile and temporary applications, a foldable and light weight container can be supplied in different sizes according requirements. They are made from alumin

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      • Bending Door Water Proof WallBending Door Water Proof Wall

          Rubber pads on back of panel to lean on windows or doors entirely covered by thin spongy plastic. Precise measurements of sides. Standing withinthe doorway or window, slightly bend the "panel" (towards yourself) til corners/sides of doors/windows and fit in by pulling the "panel" (unbending), squeezed in place. Rubber pads may be placed, easily and quickly, whenever needed.

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            Diabetic stimulator is an electronic device that works on the principle of acupuncture. Basically the device is a mini-generator of low value and low amplitude electromagnetic signals called subliminal anti-diabetes signals.

            ADS stimulation method is an adjuvant to standard treatment of diabetes, it helps the pancreas to produce more insulin without additional treatment.
            ADS treatment performed correctly makes the pancreas to release more insulin, improves blood sugar and glycosylated hemoglobin, helping to decrease the dose of medication the patient takes during treatment and causes diabetes not to move to advanced forms of the disease.

            1 - ANTI DIABETIC STIMULATOR - (WO2012177156), PCT International Application
            Pub. No.:WO/2012/177156 International Application No.:PCT/RO2012/000013
            Publication Date:27.12.2012 International Filing Date:19.06.2012
            IPC:A61N 1/36 (2006.01), A61H 39/00 (2006.01)

            In order to evaluate further interests of that buyer you need to know:

            - Does the Stimulator locate te position of the diabetes acupuncture
            points? – ANSWER YES !

            - What is the State of development:

            1) Concept Level, ANSWER YES !

            2) Finished Technology, ANSWER YES !

            3) Working Prototypes, ANSWER YES !

            4) Commercially Available Technologies, ANSWER YES !

            5) Products Commercially Exploded on the Market? ANSWER NOT

            - We have the complete file submitted to the Ministry of Health of Romania ( UE ) for certification and approval according to European standards.

            - Are there actual impacts and responses of patients to treatment monitored and evaluated at this stage? ANSWER YES !

            On the other hand, the claims of the patent should be rewritten into a more "litigation quality" by an expert upon entering in U.S.A. or in other country national/regional phaes of the PTC, for the patent to be acceptabily considered for acquisition.

            I registered ADS for PCT International, buyer can make him a national
            record as he wants with your IP lawyer.

            Microprocessor built into the device runs a special software for diabetes.

            This software is registered and copyright protected for ORDA – Romania (Europe ).

            The true inventor of insulin is Romanian Nicolae Paulescu

            Please see this You Tube link with sound:


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          • Pool SystemThe Personal PoolPool SystemThe Personal Pool

              A swimming pool for users learning or physical therapy. An underground or above ground pool. A user who swims in the pool by using the hydrostatic effect of baffle boards to simulate the effects of swimming in a much larger pool by being suspended by an arch and strapped thereto around his torso and/or lower back. The use of the "arch strap" keeps the user in place and maximizes swimming/excercising.

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            • Projec-patent-OsteoporosisProjec-patent-Osteoporosis

                Patent claim BIODEX: calcium clusters (calcium peptide complexes) with modified calcium clusters (calcium peptide complexes)- with enhanced biochemical and biological features, that are extracted by non-chemical, patented process is handled by microscopic particles and they are absorbed by the body fast. As a result, is obtained and a mixture of calcium clusters (calcium peptide complexes), including a group of 27microelements: mainly copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, sulfur, zinc, silicon and others, which are essential to the biochemical processes in the body, high-speed impact (both preventive and curative) on bone, restore bone density and bone metabolism, regulated it to normal levels. BIODEX meets the most stringent regulations for purity of the products in terms of lead and heavy metals.

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                  We are Tecno Sky Studio - Food Service Innovation Engineering, a well-established company based in Trieste, leader in the field of inventions and patents.

                  We are glad to give You the first-ever preview of our innovative patent “Suffi JET” (INTERNATIONAL PATENT PENDING), the perfect tray to serve food on your planes comfortably and neatly.

                  Many technical innovations have made planes safer, technologically more advanced and more comfortable.

                  Nevertheless the trays used on board to serve food and drinks are still not very functional and indeed quite old-fashioned in design.

                  The data obtained from a painstaking survey and years of researches we carried on with the cooperation of international airlines proved that 90% of passengers find it difficult to eat on planes because of the unstable food trays, bottles, cups and cutlery.

                  Similar surveys asked flight attendant to give their opinion about the functionality of trays in handing/collecting meals. They all agreed on the necessity of a better way to serve food.

                  Considering all the data collected, we realized a list of the most common defects of traditional trays and prepared a report on the advantages of our innovative Suffi JET trays.

                  We currently have a working prototype: all the surfaces are treated by a special LOTUS EFFECT paint (please see the attached files). We have found a new economical method for adding an antimicrobial treatment to with a silver infused coating. This approach ensures that the silver is localized on the tray surface where bacteria would grow – rather than encapsulated in the center of the tray where it is not useful. Spray coating is probably the easiest and most economical method.

                  With this method it is possible to wash the tray at a very low temperature (cold water without detergents), so it is a big saving of energy.

                  Please take note that our innovative tray could be useful also for hospitals where the hygiene is very important.

                  Should You be interested in our products and should You need further information about our Suffi JET Trays, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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                    Dear viewers,


                    Most of the poor and middle class people in the world countries, especially in India
                    are living in small thatched and small terraced houses. Presently there is no mosquito nets at an affordable price available in the open market in order to safeguard themselves from mosquitoes and other insects. Hence with an intention to fulfill such an expectation, I have invented the above said mosquito net which has not been invented in any part of the world.

                    The object of the patent holder through this invention is to prevent the
                    people in all levels from mosquito bite and other insects. The patent
                    holder welcomes the interested persons/ companies not only in India
                    but also from other countries who are eager to manufacture our product
                    and sell the same to the people all over India and world countries at a
                    reasonable price. The patent holder is ready and willing to sell the patent
                    right of manufacturing the PORTABLE MAGNETIC MOSQUITO FRAME CUM NET
                    CAPABLE OF REASSEMBLING for 20 years. This is the first invention which
                    prevents public from mosquitoes and other insects which causes many diseases
                    to the public. This mosquito net can easily be carried which is also fold able.
                    The other important point to be noted here that this product users
                    need not to use mosquito repellents, other liquid items and mats, being
                    used to chase mosquitoes and causes many diseases and affects human
                    lungs. It also redeems the user from Dengu fever, malaria, chikungunya
                    and etc., Keeping all these points only the patent holder dedicates
                    REASSEMBLING to the general public.

                    This invention is a portable and foldable mosquito net which is easier
                    to operate by all age group. It has been designed for single, double
                    and mini cots which can also be adapted for use at floor.

                    Please Mail to :,


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