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  • Non Electric Manual Pneumatic Portable FanNon Electric Manual Pneumatic Portable Fan

      Now a days the domestic fans used are consuming electric power and can not be used in the places of inflammable risk and congested rooms. In the places of inflammable risk, for example mines, the petroleum refining plants etc., we can not use the fans using electric current is not safety and handled with more precautions. The residencies located in the air congested places are not suitable to use the electric fans inside the rooms. It may cause the burning of coils of armature. This non electric manual portable fan eliminates the electric power and coil by air and fins.
      Filling the air by pumping manually (or by any pumping device) through the mouth of the balloon stores the air to get energy to rotate the rod. Filling the balloon may be done at some other place by any compressor. Then the balloon may be placed at the clip of the stand. The balloon nozzle releases the air with sharp and high pressure on the fins of the rod to rotate the rod. The fan leafs connected with the rod by ball bearing get rotated by air pressure. The pressure inside the balloon may be controlled using valve and the required pressure level can be maintained. The speed of the fan leaf can be controlled by adjusting the knob fitted at the nozzle. For filling the balloon the manual pumping may take one or two minutes but it rotates for several minutes.
      It may be used not only the domestic purpose but also for camp purposes of various inflammable places even there is no electric power. The manufacturing cost of this fan unit is very less comparing the electric fans. So lakhs and crores of this fan unit may be sold in various countries. The under developing countries where the electric power production is not sufficient also utilize this fan unit. It is protected on the provisional patent application number US62/015,470. It is ready for sale for mere 2000USD.
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      contact number:+91-965-959-8088.

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    • No batteries needed technologyNo batteries needed technology

        In much the same way as you are now using to start your gas grill...

        My invention* completely eliminates the need for batteries in any type of electric or fossil-fuel-powered vehicle.

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      • Bottoms Up Storage ContainerBottoms Up Storage Container

          A free standing maple cabinet with an elevator inside to keep your dog food or other bulk products up at a convenient height as the food is depleted. Eliminates bending, twisting and reaching for a scoop of dog food while providing an attractive alternative to the storage containers currently available.

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        • Bike accessory - Velo SockBike accessory - Velo Sock

            Velo Sock is a functional designed product intended
            to prevent sand, mud and other debris from being brought
            into a room after a journey on a bicycle.

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          • Foldable clothes hangerFoldable clothes hanger

              Foldable clothes hanger is a new design, increasing the functionality of a traditional hanger with movable arms, allowing their submission to facilitate the removal and placing of clothing on a hanger. This time, it can be done without unfasten a shirt buttons, or in case of jumpers for example, remove the hanger by the collar. Simply push the hook to the housing (with thumb, holding the hanger with pointing and middle finger - just like squeezing the contents of the syringe).

              Industrial design two-year license for free

              I'll provide a free, two-year license (for commercial use within the US or China) for the industrial design No.001690330

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            • The DuplicatorThe Duplicator

                This gadjet copies images, pictures, grafiks and patterns of any kind on to a piece of paper, wood, or actually any surface for that matter.
                You just place the source on one side, the target on the other, you then, well let me say work the duplicator, then walla a few minutes later you have the ducplicate on B which is the target material. Nomatter how complex the source image is. It is very handy for, anyone who needs a quick copy of anything while not having a computer with printer, or formemost for artists, painters and airbrushers, even kids who need to spontaneously transfer an image onto a surface like paper, wood, metal sheet, or any surface without any transfer steps that wold be usually required like, plotting it on sticky paper first and printing it out etc..
                This gadjet comes in two different types. This one makes a copy and the second one makes a mirrored copy which means the opposite.
                In other words either you want to copy the source 1 to 1, or you need the exact copy but the other way round maybe, for instance for a bike tank or anything which needs two opposite but same patterns or grafiks etc.. both can be handled.
                Please note that we are talking a about a piece of analogue equipment that can be folded and stashed away for transport and weighs no more than a kilo.
                No computer required, no printer or plotter required, the pattern is already there where you wanted it without any further ado with transfer foil or sticky masking and so forth. It makes artists out of anyone who sees something they wanted to copy, bearing in mind of course that its a copy and not the original which was made by a real artist, we should respect that. :-)
                More info to come, dont want to give away too much though before the patent is through.
                Bye Ali Abbas /alias Alan-Lee (Please check out my other inventions too)

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              • Water and Energy Saving Shower SystemWater and Energy Saving Shower System

                  Everybody knows that water supply becomes an availability issue soon. But nobody seems to know how to save and nobody wants to miss a shower, mostly twice a day. My joke answer to a sales man, promoting water saving pipe reducers who claim to save up to 50% was, I know how to save 90 % - by showering once a week only. This was by the way not the spark, leading to the following water and energy saving project, short the shower project.
                  Some serious facts:
                  An average shower takes about 10 minutes. During this shower, about 100 liter warm water is drained into sewage, meaning, its not just water but also around 2500 Watt in energy, drained in order to keep a comfortable temperature.
                  I repeat: 100 liter water and 2500 watt energy (usually electricity) per shower session.
                  If your average family has 4 members and everybody is used to shower twice a day the formula 100 (liter) x4 (persons) x2 (courses per day) = 800 liter (or 0.8 Kl) plus 2500 (watt) x4 (persons) x2 (courses per day) = 20.000 watt (or 20 Kw) applies. Per day!
                  Which is per months 0.8 Kl x 30 (days) = 24 Kl and 20 Kw x 30 (days) = 600 Kw energy.
                  Or per year: 24 Kl x 12 (months) = 288 Kl water, and 600 x 12 (months) = 7.200 Kw energy.
                  How is that calculated?
                  Easy, increasing the temperature on 1 liter water by 1 degree (C) requires 1 watt power, per 100 liter accordingly 100 Watt or 0.1 Kilowatt (kw). The average difference between supplied cold water (10 deg. C) and warm water (35 deg. C) is 25 deg. C, 25 (deg. C) x100 (watt) = 2500 (watt) or 2.5 Kw.
                  I know, officially we measure even water in Kg’s (but its similar to liter), heating up 1 Kg water by 1 deg. C requires 4,2 kJ (kilo-Joules) = 0,001167 kWh = 1,167 W/h (Watt-hour Energy) and not Watt power. My way to explain is easier as I calculated without the time factor, but the consumption on the electricity bill is finally the same.

                  Is it worth to think about?
                  I initiated and developed the shower project based on the above facts with the goal to save not 10 or 20 or even 50 % water, the final calculation in saving comes 93-94% in water and energy. How?
                  Basically by circulating and purifying just 5 liter water per shower session. On the energy site, the saving comes just by maintaining the once off heated water. The counter calculation is as follows:
                  If your average family has 4 members and everybody is used to shower twice a day the formula 5 (liter) x4 (persons) x2 (courses per day) = 40 liter (verses 800 liter) 150 (watt) x4 (persons) x2 (courses per day) = 1.200 watt (verses 20.000 watt) applies. Per day!
                  Which is per months: 40 liter x 30 (days) = 1.2 Kl, and 1.2 Kw x 30 (days) = 36 Kw energy (The energy bill can be supported or even replaced by solar thermo and photo voltaic elements).
                  Or per year: 1.2 Kl x 12 (months) = 14.4 Kl water, and 36 x 12 (months) = 432 Kw energy.
                  Facts and Solutions:
                  Preparing hot water for hygienic purposes, washing and ironing, cooking and heating (in winter) are the biggest household energy consumers. Lights can nowadays be replaced by energy saving LED technology and solar geysers also contribute to lower electricity consumption, starting unfortunately only some hours after sunrise and don’t influence the water consumption.
                  By the way, losses through water heating by conventional geyser systems are not calculated.
                  Interim water storage:
                  Used and contaminated water can be reused, for instance to flush a toilet, and rainwater can be collected to run the fresh water supply, which is not drinking water anyway but clean enough for hygiene purposes. In all mobile applications like events, disaster management or in rural areas without tap water supply and sewage, fresh and used water (including toilet) can be pumped in and out mobile tanks, e.g. mounted on a trailer.
                  Portable/mobile sanitary room:
                  For all mobile and temporary applications, a foldable and light weight container can be supplied in different sizes according requirements. They are made from alumin

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                • Bug RemoverBug Remover

                    A small exit "door" opens when "trigger" is pulled, releasing liquid (expanding in sponge). To pass in all sides and corners of home or apartment.

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