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  • 4Sale only 120000 Patent 7747469 Market PlaceeCommerce Engine and software for Configure Price Quote industry4Sale only 120000 Patent 7747469 Market...

      eMarket Places
      Online marketplaces offer business and consumers a place to buy almost anything. Today’s savvy consumer now wants to do the same thing with everything they buy, including specialized services or customized products. They want to log on, inquire about a service or product, customize it to their specific requirements, and then instantly receive multiple quotes from different providers all competing for their business.

      eMarket Places provide patented software and market cost-effective software solutions to companies that conduct internet commerce. eMarket Places generate price comparisons specifically for companies that sell or buy products or services using configure price quote components.

      Utilizing this revolutionary patented marketplace/e-commerce software engine allows customers to go to one place to inquire on any configurable products or services and
      receive instant price quotes from multiple local companies.

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    • Auckland Wedding PhotographyAuckland Wedding Photography

        Discover the best wedding photography in Auckland. We deliver some magical photos of classic elegant traditional photography in black & white and color photography to make your wedding even more special with utilizing the latest techniques in the world of photography.

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      • Authentication ApplicationAuthentication Application

          Innovative cyber security application to replace the common password and combat rising cyber attacks. A global opportunity with a lucrative SaaS revenue model. Patent pending.

          PassNumber invention is a revolutionary method that allows users to be authenticated in order to sign in their different cyber and electronic accounts (e.g., handheld, desktop, laptop). Smart, easy and yet secured method to replace the classic authentication method, the Password.
          This application enables organizations to add layers of security without sacrificing ease-of-use for the consumers.
          PassNumber considered as image-based authentication method, the future of accounts authentication methods as Apple Inc. got involved in this field recently.

          The situation of classic password security reputation:
          •90% of user-generated passwords vulnerable to hacking.
          •80% of successful hacking attempts due to passwords weakness.
          •“password security statistics” .. google it for more scary stories!

          Passnumber's method and application advantages:
          •Easy to use and remember than password method.
          •This method is very useful to be used to secure online accounts, identities, and transactions in any type of environments (e.g. Operating systems, Websites, and applications)
          •Protected against common account breaking methods (e.g. BruteForce Attack, Keyloggers, Phishing, Rainbow Table, Shoulder surfing).
          •Affordable, configurable and easy to deploy since it can be merged with any type of system, anywhere in the authentication process.
          •Greatly in demand as a solution for the ascending cyber-attacks and hackism.

          PassNumber method is applicable to implement in:
          •All websites types (e.g. PHP – ASP .Net – Java - Python).
          •All operating systems applications (e.g. Windows – MAC – Linux).
          •Enterprise Management Systems EMS (e.g. Alfresco – Sharepoint).
          •Customer Relationship Management platforms CRM (e.g. Oracle – Salesforce – Zendesk).

          PassNumber technology is useful in many Industries:
          •Banking and Finance.
          •Social Networks.
          •Other Industries (Almost every electronic service in need for identities’ authentication).

          Risks and challenges:
          •Building wide range of products based on this technology needs the professional team and perfect environment.
          •User experience UX at higher levels of PassNumer securities.
          •PassNumber application code language in need to be converted into other programming languages (e.g. ASP.Net – Java - Python).
          •Delay of marketing and upgrading could lead to letting competitors duplicate the idea.

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        • Bodyscreen - Moving MediaBodyscreen - Moving Media

            Die Idee: Der klassische Werbesektor ist in einer Phase der Neuorientierung. Klassische Werbung wie Print oder Plakate verlieren immer mehr Marktanteile, neue innovative Formen wie online oder „below the line“ gewinnen immer mehr an Marktanteilen. Klassische Werbung leidet an Aufmerksamkeitsverlust gepaart mit hohem Streuverlust. Daher ist die Herausforderung mit hoher Aufmerksamkeit und möglichst wenig Streuverlust die Botschaften direkt zur Zielgruppe zu bringen. So wurde die Idee der MOVING MEDIA geboren, welche in Form des BODYSCREEN umgesetzt wurde.

            Das Produkt: Bodyscreen ist ein mobiler (fast)Alleskönner. Er ist ein extrem robuster und outdoorfähiger Screen mit eingebautem Computer. Mit dem Bodyscreen ist es möglich Video und Audio Content mit hoher Aufmerksamkeit direkt zur Zielgruppe zu bringen. Durch eingebauten Computer und Touchscreen ist es auch möglich sofort mit der Zielgruppe in Interaktion zu treten. So sind zB Registrierungen, Gewinnspiele, Couponing und ähnliches möglich. Durch den Einsatz von Bluetooth und NFC Technologie ist es auch möglich digitalen Content direkt an die Zielgruppe auszuspielen bzw. zu übergeben. Bodyscreen wurde in Zusammenarbeit mit Behörden entwickelt um so den Voraussetzungen der Anwendung in öffentlichen Räumen zu entsprechen. Es handelt sich um ein österreichisches Qualitätsprodukt und Bodyscreen ist eine geschützte Marke.

            Das Geschäftsmodell: Trotz allen Vorzügen des Bodyscreens handelt es sich um ein Nischenprodukt – allerdings mit extrem hohem Wachstumspotential. Um eine schnelle Marktrelevanz aufzubauen und zugleich den internationalen Werbekunden einen lokalen Partner vor Ort zu bieten, haben wir für die Vermarktung des Bodyscreens ein exklusives Lizenzmodell entwickelt. Der Lizenzpartner bezahlt eine Einstiegsgebühr und erhält im Gegenzug die exklusive Nutzung des Systems in seinem Gebiet. In der Regel handelt es sich dabei um ein Land. Der Lizenzpartner kauft eine gewisse Anzahl von Screens welche er dann an Unternehmen, Werbeagenturen, Promotionagenturen sowie Institutionen vermietet. Der Lizenzpartner hat auch das Recht der Vergabe von Unterlizenzen. Die Lizenzpreise liegen je nach Gebiet zwischen € 15.000,00 und € 35.000,00. Der Bodyscreen selbst kostet je nach Ausstattung und Abnahmestückzahl zwischen € 2.990,00 und € 3.490,00. Es wurden bereits Lizenzpartnerschaften in 6 europäischen Ländern abgeschlossen.

            Der USP: Bodyscreen ist ein mobiles interaktives Werbemedium, das den Zeitgeist wiederspiegelt. Das Design zeichnet sich durch moderne Dynamik aus. Bodyscreen ist multifunktional einsetzbar. Bodyscreen ist ein internationales Lizenzsystem. Extrem mobil und ausbaufähig z.B. durch location based services nähere Information:

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          • English into plain English Machine TranslationEnglish into plain English Machine Translation

              Translates the English text using simple, more widely used words. Substitutes the synonyms with one pre-chosen synonym or concept, depending on context, while preserving the meaning of the text. Can use up to 10 times less different words to interpret the meaning of the original english text.
              The program corrects most orthographical and grammatical errors automatically. The program can correct errors, based on meaning, in case there are no orthographical or grammatical errors to correct. The software program is an orthographical and grammatical spell checker. The difference with the existing ones is that it does not offer suggestions, it finds itself the error and corrects it automatically, without asking you. It can find more orthographical and grammatical errors than any existing spell-checker of the competition. For example, it can correct such sentence as "Ann is married with John" (a typical error most Germans make) and replace it with "Ann is married to John".
              An additional program highlights the orthographical errors and suggests corrections. It also highlights some correctly written words in order to offer a better choice of selected synonyms.
              Runs on all versions of Windows, also on Windows 7 and Windows 64 Bit.
              There are machine translation software programs that translate from one language into another.
              There are no machine translation software programs that translate from the same language into the same language with the aim to make the translation clearer and more understandable, specially for the language learner and for the search engines.

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            • Full Color 3D Solid Image ScannerFull Color 3D Solid Image Scanner

                This novel invention uses polishing techniques to slowly polish or abrade away stepped layers of an object to be scanned. The scanned object is cast into a contrasting resin which provides a dark (or light) background for photography. The layers are digitally photographed stepwise to produce a record of internal structures. 2D digital images are reassembled using computer and software methods to produce exquisitely fine detailed 3D digital models of the solid internal structures in full color.

                Because polishing can be controlled tightly, layers may be removed in the in the nanometer realm. This implies the limiting barrier in resolution is the pixel size of the recording camera. These cameras pixels are getting denser and denser as technology progresses which only improves the performance of the 3D scanner.

                The multi-spectral light used to illuminate the image plane can be used to identify the chemical components of the object. Therefore the 3D scanner has a spectrometer function as well.

                The Full Color 3D Solid Image Scanner would be important in the semiconductor industry. Most importantly 1st article scanning semiconductor devices to determine as manufactured state vs. as designed.

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              • German into plain German Machine TranslationGerman into plain German Machine Translation

                  Will automatically correct misspelled words written with a low-case letter instead of upper-case letter (baum -> Baum).
                  Will recognize the difference between "aufheben -Aufheben", etc.
                  Will automatically correct misspelled words containing Umlaut (Atemubung -> Atemübung).
                  Will correct words written with a single letter where double letter is required.
                  Will look for agreement in number between two words within the sentence and will automatically correct the word (s) not agreeing in number (zwei Frau -> zwei Frauen). Therefore, will also correct all irregular nouns, such as "Loch -> Löcher", "Hammer - Hämmer", "Apfel -> Äpfel", "Haus -> Häuser", etc., if used in singular instead in plural.
                  Will look for agreement between an article and a noun and will automatically correct the word(s) not agreeing in gender and case. For example "das Mann -> der Mann", "die Kind -> das Kind or die Kinder (if in plural), etc., depending on context and case. Will correct the wrong use of the auxiliary verbs "sein" and "haben" with the past participle.
                  Runs on all versions of Windows, also on Windows 7 and Windows 64 Bit.
                  There are machine translation software programs that translate from one language into another.
                  There are no machine translation software programs that translate from the same language into the same language with the aim to make the translation clearer and more understandable, specially for the language learner and for the search engines.

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                • Improved authentication and encryption stopping brute forcingImproved authentication and encryption stopping...

                    Patent pending with the European Patent Office.

                    The invention is an improved authentication and encryption methodology, to be implemented as apparatus and/or software on a machine. The invention is a quantum leap compared to the previous state-of-the art (i.e. hashing / SALTs).

                    With this invention, all keys / passwords gain extremely enhanced resistance against all forms of brute-force or dictionary attacks. Passwords short enough to be easily memorized by human beings could - previously - easily be brute-forced by modern supercomputers (e.g. those of nation state intelligence agencies) and/or large botnets. Using this invention, they are now resistant to these attacks. The same holds true for dictionary attacks, here the effect is even greater. The patent will give its holder / buyer an obvious and significant advantage, offereing much higher privacy and security regarding authentication and encryption than all competitors.

                    LOOKING FOR:
                    Buyer - Contacts in the security field within large operating system or security solution vendors, who are interested in obtaining this invention for both implementation and strategical value against competitors.
                    (I will not sell the invention to anybody intending to use the patent to block implementation of the invention for the public!)

                    INFORMATION RELEASE / PROCESS:
                    Interested parties of big enough market power to be considered potential buyers can request the details of the invention. This will require signing an NDA, but absolutely no other commitments have to be made. The decision of the prospective buyer to enter sales negotiations or not can be made after disclosure of the details and full completed analysis by him. The details of the invention will clearly prove that the invention works (can be verified mathematically) and show how it works.

                    Thomas Wolf
                    - expert in computer security systems
                    - decades of experience as white hat hacker, winner of Reemtsma "Hacker of the Year" award 1991
                    - winner of several awards for mathematics / computer science
                    - renowned security and IT expert, headed several ITprojects / programs for Allianz Group (world's largest insurance group), currently heading Deutsche Boerse Group's information security program
                    - several media appearances (including the leading German news site SPIEGEL) as one of only nine members of the Giga Society (world's most discerning high IQ society)

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