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  • Software program with automated artificial reasoningSoftware program with automated artificial...

      Our intelligent software program has an inductive and deductive automated reasoning. It can find and display implicit information that is not explicitly mentioned in the text, not contained in the synonyms of the particular word, or present in the concept the word belongs to. No statistical analysis or concordance based analysis can detect this information. Nevertheless, this implicit information is present and understood, implicitly, consciously or unconsciously, by everybody who reads the text.
      This implicit information will help the search engines find more accurately the information we are looking for. A software, capable of artificial reasoning can find application in many other technical areas where independent and reliable decision making, based on written information, is required. U.S. non-exclusive patent pending.
      Runs on all versions of Windows, also on Windows 7 and Windows 64 Bit.
      Available for English and German Languages. Other languages can be added in future.

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    • Text-to-Voice Machine Translation software programText-to-Voice Machine Translation software program

        Text-to-Voice Machine Translation software programs. Write in one language, see and hear the translation in the same language or in another language. For example, write in German, see and hear the translation in English. Our text to speech technology is based on whole words and concepts, not on phonemes and syllables, as that of the competition. For example, the text to voice program will pronounce "fish" if one writes "herring", etc. Many individual words, such as prepositions, articles, etc. are pronounced as individual words. Many other individual words, such as names of important places or people are also pronounced as individual words.
        There are text to voice programs on the market, but there are no such programs that recognize the meaning of the word and work on the level of the concept. Besides, the programs of the competition can pronounce any nonsense you write and they need an external program to read aloud the translation. Our programs pronounce only words or meanings that exist in the language and do that immediately. As such, our programs fully preserve the accent of the spoken word, while those of the competition cannot do that. Runs on Windows 7, 64 bit.

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          The invention consists of a self-organizing peer-to-peer computer system, and the related application deployable and executable on the single peers of the system. The system provides services for distributed storage, which can be adopted in the very frequent case in which the storable resources are associated with keys, and read and write operations access resources through these keys. In particular, the system and the application allow resources to be published and managed in a self-organizing and flexible fashion, and enable the efficient execution of discovery operations, both simple and complex, with low network overhead.

          -The invention can be adopted to enhance the efficiency of both traditional P2P applications and distributed storage systems in which resources are assigned, located and accessed through their keys.
          -In Computational Grids.
          -Computational Cloud environment presents similar requirements: the service provider needs to select the platforms and resources, amidst hundreds or thousands of hosts, which can be used to create the virtual environment capable of serving the user requests and run their applications. The invention can be exploited to manage the Cloud information systems of big companies. The invention can also be properly adopted in a multi-vendor Cloud scenario, since there is a wide consensus about the need for integrating Cloud infrastructures of different companies.

          -In the system, there is no obligation to assign a key to a well-specified peer, as other structured P2P systems do. This feature enables the definition of “classes” of resources—a class being defined as a set of resources that share common characteristics and are mapped to the same multi-dimensional key. The system supports “class” queries, i.e., queries that aim to find resources belonging to a specified class, and multi-dimensional range queries, in which range values are
          specified for each attribute of the key.
          -Currently used structured P2P systems can produce imbalance problems depending on the location of peers and the statistical distribution of the values of resource keys. In our system, the keys are fairly distributed over the peers, irrespective of the location of peers and the distribution of key values. This allows to avoid the presence of an excessive computing load on the machines that manage the post popular key values.
          -In existing P2P systems, appropriate operations are necessary when a host joins the system or when new resources are published: these resources must be immediately assigned to the peers whose indexes match the resource keys. These operations are not necessary in our system because the mobile agents are always active and will spontaneously reorganize the keys over the multi-dimensional space. This assures scalability (keys are continuously reordered as the network grows) and robustness with respect to environmental changes.

          Each resource is assigned a multi-dimensional key, either with a hash function, in accordance with
          the DHT (Distributed Hash Table) paradigm, or by giving each coordinate of the key a semantic
          meaning, for example the value of a resource attribute. The key is then consigned to one of the
          peers of the system, and it will be the access point for the resource.

          Reduction to Practice/Prototype.

          Licence agreement and Technical Co-operation.

          Italian patent application (priority right)

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        • Search Engine Idea From Us Capital From YouSearch Engine Idea From Us Capital From You

            To whom it may concern;

            We have filed a provisional patent with USPTO for a highly innovative search engine. This is the next generation search engine and it offers significant advantages over all available similar and competing solutions.
            We can prove that everyone in the world will be using this invention for his daily life, therefore, there is a huge market for it and its return on investment is far better than the ROI from other search engines.
            Our idea will deliver the following benefits:
            • It ends people’s confusions.
            • People won’t need any other websites; this website is all they need.
            • It gives access to the world of business and knowledge.
            We are looking for investors or companies who can help us develop this idea. If you are interested to know more about our idea, or in case you know someone else who might be interested, please feel free to contact me.
            Yours sincerely,
            Foruzan Mehdiani

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              The patent RU2400833 for the following invention “RECORDING MEDIUM FOR DIGITAL MULTIMEDIA INFORMATION AND METHOD OF ITS RECORDING” is suggested.
              The invention covers multimedia technologies. The definite areas of invention application are aids of creation and realization of interactive cinema and interactive training. Application of the invention in interactive cinema creates a new technology version of so called «Multi-Story home interactive cinema”, targeted at mass film-goers.
              The main object of the invention is information medium recorded on "blu-ray" optical discs (BD). These discs actively displace traditional optical discs (DVD) on the market. Blue – ray players that are actively distributed on the market nowadays should be used for reproduction of information recorded in “blu ray” format. By now it has been sold more than 40 million pieces. Blue ray players replace the outdated traditional home DVD player with an infrared laser.
              For playback of interactive information (a film or a soundtrack, for example) the attributes of the invented medium allow a user to switch the playback control programme, just as a viewer switching television programs. In addition each film version selected by a user will be connected with the previously seen part of the film through a plot, events or indirectly through one or more of the personalities of actors. And events in any new selected version of the film will be a logical extension in time of the events that have been seen previously. As a result the whole film watched by a viewer will be perceived as an integral whole but variable in details and particularities. Materials of the application contain the technical description of the procedures for recording multimedia information to the media ensuring this effect. Using the proposed technology of interactive viewing of recorded multimedia data on disk is quite easy and accessible to a big number of customers.
              The technical essence of the invention is in the fact that the medium of multimedia information has three zones of signal recording. The signals of general information are recorded in the first zone, the signals of multimedia playback control programme are recorded in the second zone, and the signals of audio/video files are recorded in the third zone. This zone consists of n marked record signals of n signals content-related audio/video files of equal duration Tc. Herewith each segment includes record area following in the interval from 0 to Tc time stamps/marks synchronized with the recorded signal in this segment of the audio / video file.
              The invention is technologically feasible and easily reproducible in mass production.
              The indisputable advantages of the new optical disk in comparison to the known multimedia data media afford ground for prediction of its mass market demand for multimedia products. It also affords ground to consider that sales of the patent disc will reach a significant size in the first year-to-market.

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            • Full Color 3D Solid Image ScannerFull Color 3D Solid Image Scanner

                This novel invention uses polishing techniques to slowly polish or abrade away stepped layers of an object to be scanned. The scanned object is cast into a contrasting resin which provides a dark (or light) background for photography. The layers are digitally photographed stepwise to produce a record of internal structures. 2D digital images are reassembled using computer and software methods to produce exquisitely fine detailed 3D digital models of the solid internal structures in full color.

                Because polishing can be controlled tightly, layers may be removed in the in the nanometer realm. This implies the limiting barrier in resolution is the pixel size of the recording camera. These cameras pixels are getting denser and denser as technology progresses which only improves the performance of the 3D scanner.

                The multi-spectral light used to illuminate the image plane can be used to identify the chemical components of the object. Therefore the 3D scanner has a spectrometer function as well.

                The Full Color 3D Solid Image Scanner would be important in the semiconductor industry. Most importantly 1st article scanning semiconductor devices to determine as manufactured state vs. as designed.

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              • Micro Mobile Marketing Robot M3R Billboard or Digital SignageMicro Mobile Marketing Robot M3R Billboard or...

                  What M³R advertising:
                  The successful mobile billboard industry is a part of American life, providing advertising opportunities for hundreds of thousands of small businesses. Despite its success, this industry overlooks a vast untapped market sector which includes
                  • Indoor shopping malls
                  • Exhibitions and show fairs
                  • Airports and transportation terminals
                  • Indoor specialty clubs (sports, social, health)
                  • The entertainment sector
                  • Convention centers
                  • Lodging, resort, hospitality, and tourism sector
                  • Political campaign sector
                  This untapped market is largely overlooked and under-utilized due to the lack of mobile marketing technology.
                  The current availability of Micro Mobile Marketing Robot's (M³R) billboard technology opens the gate to this marketing sector. M³R gives you access to the revolutionary revolutionary world of indoor mobile marketing in the form of vibrant, illuminant mobile billboards.

                  How can you capitalize on M³R key benefits?
                  • Mobile:
                  Allows you to connect with people instantly while they are in a shopping mood
                  • Illumination:
                  Features glowing double sided billboard, quality graphics and brilliant colors attract your customer’s eye

                  • Navigation
                  Can be controlled to easily maneuver through thick crowds
                  • Audio
                  Verbal communication from M³R makes your product irresistible
                  Capture your consumer’s attention and generate lasting interest in your advertised message and brand. Easily glide through crowds and encourage an immediate ‘call to action’
                  M³R technology revolutionizes the mobile billboard industry by providing a dynamic advertising solution that makes a lasting impression on consumers. With M³R, capture and keep your prospect’s attention.
                  Consumers are faced with a barrage of easily overlooked forgettable advertisements. Not only is M³R immediately noticeable, its uniqueness ensures that its advertised message vividly stands out in consumers’ memory. M³R ensures that consumers remember and circulate your message
                  Shedding Light: What industry experts say
                  According to industry analysts, researchers, and trade representatives who have researched the effectiveness of mobile billboards:
                  Outdoor mobile media billboards have a 97% recall rate (Outdoor Advertising magazine)
                  96% of survey respondents perceived mobile advertising as more effective than traditional outdoor advertising (Outdoor Advertising magazine)
                  91% of the target market noticed text and graphics on moving truck advertising (3m and the American Trucking Association)
                  On local traffic routes, exposure to mobile truck advertising ranged from one to four million hits (the Traffic Audit Bureau)
                  94% of respondents recalled seeing a mobile billboard with 80% recalling the specific advertisement, This exposure resulted in a sales increase of 107% (Product acceptance and Research)
                  Out-of-home advertising totaled nearly seven billion in annual revenues in 2008 in the U.S. alone (Outdoor Advertising Association of America

                  Micro Mobile Marketing Robot (M³R) = Double your Success!
                  The effectiveness of mobile advertising in terms of increasing exposure, capturing consumer attention, making a lasting impact on consumer memory and subsequent buying decisions, and dramatically increasing revenue has already been established in the outdoor sector. The wealth now lies in the indoor mobile marketing sector. M³R gives you access to this revolutionary new world of mobile marketing, and it is ready for you now. The results have already been guaranteed. Now, double them.
                  On your mark, get set...
                  Technical specifications
                  The range of battery capacity is 50 miles per charge or 12 hours with all led lights and 4 brightn

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                • Sami Saydam new Media - SSMediaSami Saydam new Media - SSMedia

                    Sami Saydam Media – SSMedia

                    The idea is worldwide protected under UK-copyrights number 326448 on 2010.

                    I have reached to an excellent idea for movies and video clips promotions, where its applications can attract more fans and prolonging the time broadcasting, therefore, more than ever in sales and yearly turnovers can reach to billions of dollars.
                    It will be new style of promoting the films and songs which directing the most of the producers and singers to follow it in order to compete with others in the industry.
                    The idea and its applications is registered as business plan and its applications under UK-copyrighted number 326448 on 2010 and covers international protection as well. It is 70 years of protected rights.

                    The idea:
                    It is simply to make the same new song (Video clips) and movie in theatres in many versions to broadcast them at the same times or in scheduled times table. Each version is for the same song and the same singer but with deferent styles like new dancing actions, new dancers, new clothing, new locations and new camera views and shots, new animations. The same for the movies; each version will still keep the same actors and scenarios but with deferent style like new locations, new clothing, new camera views and shots, new animations. Each version copy of the new song’s video clip or the new movie can be scheduled to be broadcasted at the same time with other versions in deferent TV channels or in deferent theatres or it can be scheduled in several times of broadcasts. The idea behind making many versions for one movie and or many video clips for one song is to attract more fans and movie’s watchers than before; the curiosity to watch the favourite singers and actors acting and singing the same song and movie but in deferent way and look within a short time is the major secret behind the success of this idea. The same singer is singing the same new song and the same actors are acting the same new movie but all in many deferent styles and animations within days or weeks or months is my new idea in the entertainment industry.

                    The applications:
                    The idea is transformed into business plan which is covering all of the details of possible abilities to form the idea into real applications.

                    Implementation to the industry:
                    To have this idea and its applications implemented into markets, we need to convince one or more famous singer and or film producer to apply it in their new movies or albums, then it will be well known and wanted style in the media industry with the time. Producers and singers will follow up this new promotional style to compete with others in the industry.
                    I have to be ready with enough money to attract the new singers and producers to use my new applications. I will start to sponsor (2 – 3 versions of video clips) and I will have to sponsoring 2 or three deferent singers and songs. This method is for sure will enforce the idea into the market but it will be somehow costly at the beginning. This is why I have to offer 20% of my rights to a partner who can pay or cover these expenses for the cause of distributions and make it well known in the market. To sponsor 3 deferent songs for each famous singer and 3 video clips each, will need good sponsor but it will give the distribution quickly between the producers worldwide as new style.
                    The estimated cost will be left to the new sponsor partner to calculate.

                    The idea turnovers:
                    After we enforce the new idea’s applications into the industry environments and it starts to be well known as new style of making movies and songs between producers and singers, I will start to promote my rights in using the applications, After some period of distribution where most of the producers and singers are competing with each others.

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