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  • RecyclitRecyclit


      I am seeking HELP and Advice to take my Environmentally Friendly Recycling Invention called Recyclit to the Global Market. I Invented & Patented a Recycling and Waste Management system for Homes, The need it fulfils is for greater convenience in dealing with household waste streams & the reduction of waste to Landfill sites. Recyclit is a product that provides a simple and affordable solution to the dual problem of source separation of household waste, recyclables, and compost, and its hygienic disposal, without leaving the kitchen. Waste is sorted at the source in the kitchen, normally near the sink and disposed of through the wall directly to appropriate council waste receptacles. The Recyclit eliminates the requirement of in-kitchen waste bins, under bench bin cupboards, plastic rubbish bags, odours, and the dreary job of taking out the rubbish. Recyclit’s product range consists of a versatile range of "through-the-wall", “bench-top” or “in-cupboard” disposal systems that connects directly to council waste, recycling, and compost bins, or worm farms. Recyclit is very convenient and free to operate for the householder and encourages source separation of waste for recycling at the source. The stainless steel magnetic self-sealing door assembly in position forms an air lock between the receptacle and the kitchen. The venturi vents are designed to constantly extract odours from the receptacle and the system. The hood and a number of chutes are tailored to fit the waste disposal system of the local council or to suit the customer’s requirements either in residential, commercial or industrial applications. I have brought this idea from a Concept to Commercial reality, with self funded extensive trial sales in Australia and the US, years of Research and Development in the Recycling & Waste management fields. Recyclit management is of the view that the medium to long-term Australian market size is around 100,000 to 125,000 units per annum, valued at around $87 million dollars at the retail level. The USA market, to which there have already been sales, is estimated to be significantly larger than Australia. Using data from the USA Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), the medium to long term market size for Recyclit appears to be in the order of around 2.5 million units per annum (when using a similar methodology to above), which equates to a market size of over $1 billion. With the trial sales phase now completed I am ready with the right persons HELP to take this unique GREEN Business opportunity to the World. Looking for help and contacts in the,
      Start-up, private equity, partnership, Joint Venture or Licensing Area's.

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    • The Suction-Coat-HookThe Suction-Coat-Hook

        Large S-hook (clothes hook) on the suction cup with colorful rubber ball for large objects toThe smooth surfaces such as tiles, glass, smooth plastic coatings, etc. .- In bathroom and kitchen

        The suction dresser combines the advantages of a conventional Saughakens with being a wardrobe hook. The attachment of hangers for clothes in the bathroom are connected so that the tiles are destroyed, and the installation is final, elaborate drilling and plugging.
        The tiles dresser has the advantage that, depending on changing needs, can be installed anywhere and looks good. Even damp towels and pajamas are not too heavy. The tested carrying load is 5 kg. A leisure suit for example, weighs about 1 kilo.

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      • The Suction-Light the smallest flexible wall candleholderThe Suction-Light the smallest flexible wall...


          The T-light Holder makes bathroom and kitchen areas to feel good because all of tiled walls and simple candlelight variable can be fixed.
          Aluminum can be glued on colored foam rubber ball cut in half.
          Security Note: the suction cup is identical to that of the suction wardrobe that sells well. He holds several kilos, sucking light weighs only 50 grams


          Floating candles sucked light source for tile and sprayed metal surfaces (such as folded-stove-cover) in the bathroom and kitchen with no drilling, dowels and nails.

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        • Lid for cooking vessel, Safe when displacedLid for cooking vessel, Safe when displaced

            Millions of cooks all over the world still (and will) prefer displacing cookware lids for ventilating their cooking and emptying the pans. During this simple operation they face challenges, some of them ending with fallen lids, lost cooking or even scalds.

            This patented product elegantly and simply solves the centuries-old problem of SAFE and STABLE displacing of the cookware lid on a pan in a HABITUAL way.

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          • Khort - Packet CutterKhort - Packet Cutter

              Winner product as The Best Invention of the Americas, 2010. Given by Invent Help at INPEX (Invention and New Product Exposition)
              [ ]

              THE PRODUCT

              Khort is a very creative new product. It is the most practical, safe and hygienic way to open condiment packets. It is so easy to use and so efficient, that you need only use one hand. The stainless steel blade is extremely sharp, and does all the work with ease. Khort is always at hand. It can be glued anywhere in the bar or restaurant, such as napkin dispensers, straw dispensers, signs indicating the tables number, glass counters or wherever you want.


              Today, the condiment packet is the most hygienic form of serving mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup and various other condiments. Legislation, in some locations prohibits establishments from using the outdated condiment dispensers. It isn\'t rare that the client gets all messy whilst trying to open the packet. Khort solves this problem with comfort and safety. The risk of ruining your clothes is almost none. Khort, brings you more comfort, hygiene, and practicality to your store.


              New form of merchandising;
              Welcomed by consumers, resolving existing problems;
              Intangible gain associated to the brand printed on the product which related to comfort, practicality and hygiene giving the customer a good experience when eating;
              Shop owners acceptance. A different product, standing out as a merchandising gift;


              Practicality and hygiene / The benefits most mentioned in surveys by users.
              Solution / Easy to use product. Solves the difficulty in opening condiment packets.
              Novelty / New utensil on restaurant and bar table tops
              Stainless steel blade / Doesn\'t rust and opens hundreds of condiment packets per refill.
              Security / Designed for quick cleaning and efficiency.


              1. Clean the surface where Khort will be placed with alcohol.
              2. Remove double faced tape
              3. Apply the product to the surface
              4. Certify that the product is well fixed
              5. Slip the blade refill into position
              6. Certify that the blade refill is completely in place
              7. Slide the condiment packet through the slip
              8. DONE! Your condiment packet is cut and clean, ready to use.

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            • SwissFriesSwissFries

                It was in Winter 2009 when we opend our BioBurger in Rocksresort Laax Murschetg. We decided to create a new sustainability in food culture. We ddeveloped SwissFries the first fries put of 100 % original Swiss Potatoes in ceossed shape.

                In Winter 2011 SwissFries will be available also for people out of Laax and Swiss.

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              • Gift idea Infuser-decocter for herbal teasGift idea Infuser-decocter for herbal teas

                  The filter allows the preparation and serving a cup of infusion or decoction, only using the elegant Inox Neapolitan coffee pot, (without resorting to pots, covers and strainers).
                  The filter for infusions and decoctions with the Neapolitan coffee pot is simple to use: Put the cut herbs in the small basket at the one end of the tubular filter. To prepare an infusion, insert the entire filter into the Neapolitan coffee pot so that the herbs remain at the top, i.e., they are not immersed in the water. Remove from the heat, turn the infuser/decocter upside down and the boiling water will cover the herbs. Wait for the time it takes to infuse and serve by pouring with the Neapolitan coffee pot. It is better than using a coffee plunger or french press and very good for ROASTED BARLEY TEA.
                  For a decoction the filter is placed at the opposite end so that the herbs remain immersed in the water while it is simmered on a low heat for the required length of time. To serve, simply turn it upside down. For Italian companies Ilsa and Stella make the filter in stainless steel to add to their Neapolitan coffee maker.

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