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  • Personal transferable alarm system prevents theft and forgetfulnessPersonal transferable alarm system prevents theft...

      For pocketbooks,briefcases,backpacks,wallets, coats,cellphones,bicycles, Pets children etc.
      This small device will remind you if you forget your pocketbook etc. place the alarm exp. in pocketbook and on yourself either as a bracelet or in your pocket, when you walk out of range, your pocketbooks alarm will go off,as well as the one you have on you! For an upgrade you can have GPS added as well to all the above systems. If someone takes your pocketbook the alarm will go off!!, I'm sure the thief will skip that idea ,as it will get everyone's attention! If your shopping in the store and are distracted and someone grabs your bag the alarm will go off, or if they reach in your bag,the alarm will sound. If your home and your child goes in your pocketbook the alarm will sound and this will prevent your prescriptions from being ingested. ,etc. bicycle alarm comes with a magnet that attached to the bottom frame,if you run in a store to shop and someone goes to take your bike, the alarm on the bike will go off ,as well as the one on you!!! You can go in your pocketbook uninterrupted !!! If your child goes out of range, your alarm will go off!!! No more lost,stolen or forgotten personal items!!! ( peace of mind! )

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    • Why need Apron FeederWhy need Apron Feeder

        The Working Principle:
        Apron feeder is a kind of conveyor, which uses the link chain as the traction. The trough plate loading materials is set on the link chain. The sprocket wheel is set on the transmission shaft. The transmission shaft and hollow shaft of reducer are linked together through the locking disk. The sprocket wheel is forced to run when the apron feeder operates. In general, the apron feeder is installed under the storage silo. When the link plate is running, the materials will continuously move to the trough plate of link chain. The purpose of conveying materials could be realized.
        General Introduction:
        The apron feeder is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, coal and chemical industry. The apron feeder has three series: heavy series, middle series, and light series. According to the strength of materials, working capacity of machine, the pressure of storage silo, and volume-weight of materials, we would choose the different series of apron feeder. In this way, the materials with multi-granularity and volume-weight could be transported to various receiving device. The main structures of apron feeder consists of actuating device, transmission shaft device, tensioning shaft device, thrust wheel, chain plate device and machine frame.
        Working Capacity: 60-1100t/h
        Feeding Granularity:500-1500mm
        Motor Power:11-45KW

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      • intelligent robotic wheelchairintelligent robotic wheelchair

          Intelligent Wheelchair Benefits :

          1- stair climbing to be quite intelligent image processing system to a height of 25 cm
          2- Crossing the hols and pits or raceway with intelligent image processing system

          3- Raising a disabled wheelchair seat height to the height of about one meter every time a disabled person wants to move in the same state
          4-The final speed of 27 kilometers per hour (as a vehicle for disabled people )

          5- Handling very easy ( the wheelchair for easy disassembly and separate into 8 pieces and includes a removable passenger car
          6- wheelchair batteries charged by solar batteries

          7-Control system via manual control system and image process auto controlling and computer brain interface system

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        • Straight Aluminum Trim For Floor EdgingsStraight Aluminum Trim For Floor Edgings

            For residential & commercial ceramic tile installations
            Durable aluminum profiles to protect edges and corners of tiles
            Durable finish that withstand scuffs and is easy to be cleaned
            Various surface colors for your options
            This Aluminum Trim has pre-punched holes for fixed installation

            Material Aluminum Alloy 6063 / 6463
            Temper T5 / T6
            Length 2.44m / 2.5m / 2.7m / 3.0m / customized
            Height 8mm / 10mm / 12mm / customized
            Thickness Of Profile 0.8mm / 1.0mm / customized
            Color Silver, Gold, White, Brown, Champagne etc.
            Finish Anodized, Powder Coated, Electrophoresis, Matt, Brushed Finish, Polishing and so on.
            Tensile Strength ≥160 MPa
            Yield strength: ≥110 MPa
            Extensibility ≥8%
            Hardness (HW) ≥8

            Every single piece of Aluminum Trim wrapped up with shrink film, and 40 pieces are packed with PE foam inside and carton outside. As customers’ request, several packages can be put in a wooden case and strengthened with metal strip.

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          • Conveyor ComponentConveyor PulleyDrum PulleyConveyor ComponentConveyor PulleyDrum Pulley

              The Conveyor pulley uses multi-metal wear-resisting material that is coherent to the surface of pulley instead of the conventional rubber layer. Standard life span can reach more than 50000 hours (6years). As per GB/T 10595-2009 (equivalent to ISO-5048), life span of pulley bearing shall be more than 50000 hours which means clients can maintain the bearing and pulley surface at the same time. Max life span can be more than 30 years.
              The surface and internal structure of multi-mental wear-resisting material is porous. The groove on the surface will increase the resistance coefficient and slip resistance. Conveyor pulley has a performance in heat dissipation especially in high temperature condition. Decay resistance is another advantage of drum pulley. It can also achieve a good performance at the seaside or some other complex condition. High hardness of the surface will prevent the foreign body(scrap iron) from inserting into the pulley, protecting the belt thereby.

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            • Jiang Xi JiaHuaMei Shell development Co LTDJiang Xi JiaHuaMei Shell development Co LTD

                Jiang Xi JiaHuaMei Shell development Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of natural, environmental protection, pollution-free green products, mainly hand craftsmanship and modern technology, manufacturing tools jewel-level processing methods combined with the variety of high-quality natural mother of pearl natural color and texture characteristics of the body, so that shell pearl, color demonstrated most vividly, the company has developed into a research and development, production, sales as one of the private manufacturers.
                The main products are various shell mosaic, shell decorative boards, shell tiles, shell puzzles, shell crafts,Tiger's Eye Stone ,Agate Slab,Marble Mosaic,Mixed Mosaic etc.The products are widely used in clubs, bars, hotels, villas, lighting, furniture and home decoration.
                We commits to provide finest products and best customer service the worldwide market, so that more people can enjoy the great visual of our products .Our customers are from all around the world,we only offer the best for our customer !
                Trust us , choose us,you will get the best !

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              • Professional Mobile House Manufacturer-HL Steel StructureProfessional Mobile House Manufacturer-HL Steel...

                  The mobile house is a kind of movable house. However, it is not transformed from the real containers. It is produced according to the specification and dimension of containers. The mobile house has features of firm structure and convenient transportation. As one of the famous mobile home manufacturers, HL is a professional manufacturer in China.
                  The mobile house integrates functions of traditional houses. The steel structure is adopted as house framework. The sound insulating materials are adopted in the wall. The other parts(such as floor, door and window) are set according to the preferences of users under this premise of feasibility. There are no fixed water or electrical input. The users could install solar photovoltaic panels or power generator to supply the indoor electricity. And the solar water heater could supply heating and water. Wastewater treatment systems could purify the domestic water to be used again.
                  The features of mobile house include professional design, standardization, modularization, easy removal, convenient and fast installation, easy transportation. It could be used as the permanent house or temporary house.
                  If the clients choose the products of our company, some parameters including house application, site area, terrain, local natural conditions, the supply conditions of water and electricity should be offered to us. Then our company will provide the professional design schemes for users' choice. If necessary, our company will provide the effect picture of the indoor and the outdoor. Besides, our company could supply all the decorative materials, furniture, electric appliances if the users need related service. HL is one of the professional mobile home manufacturers in China with unique design and known reputation.

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                • Animatronic Dinosaur Top ManufacturerAnimatronic Dinosaur Top Manufacturer

                    Customize animatronic dinosaur , animatronic animals , dinosaur costume , dinosaur skeleton , character statues , lantern festival etc. high quality art crafts by top manufacturer, dinosaur maker, Pestylelivedino.
                    Our quality products are popular in theme park, amusement park, museum, entertainment events party exhibition, shopping mall and restaurant decoration etc.
                    Whatever your type, we customize for you to make

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