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  • 100 Cotton Absorbent Gauze Roll with High Quality and Good Price100 Cotton Absorbent Gauze Roll with High Quality...

      Product Details:


      100% pure virgin bleached cotton fabric


      high absorbency,   soft, 100% natural, no fluorescence


      BP, USP, CE,   ISO13485


      reel type/ zigzag   type

      with or without X-ray detectable thread

      Main specification

      gauze roll :   36”x 50y/100y/100m/1000m

      gauze in piece: 36”x 100y/100m

      Main Yarn & Mesh

      32S/40S, 12x8/20x12/19x15/26x18/30x20/28x24


      each roll wrapped in blue craft paper or polybag


      stored   in dry, humidity below 80%, ventilated, non-corrosive gases storehouse


      material   or other specifications can be according to customers' requirements;

      customized   Logo/brand printed;

      customized   packaging available.


      usually   within 30days after receipt of deposit

      Terms of payment

      T/T,   L/C, Western Union, Moneygram



      Standard BP   88 Specifications:
      Type No.
      Count   Threads
        per sq. inch
      Count   Threads per 250px
      19 x 15
      69 - 77
      53 - 61
      26 x 18
      95 - 105
      66 - 74
      30 x 20
      114 - 126
      75 - 85



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    • Colorful Various of PE Cartoon First Aid Bandage with Good PriceColorful Various of PE Cartoon First Aid Bandage...

        Colorful Various of PE Cartoon First Aid Bandage with Good Price

         We produce many different fabric for wound adhesive bandages with very competitive prices, OEM service is welcome.








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      • High Quality Adhesive Surgical Tapes with Good PriceHigh Quality Adhesive Surgical Tapes with Good...

          Material: PE/silk/nonwoven with hypoallergenic glue

          Breathable soft and comfortable

          High tensile strength, non-slip

          Remove easily, non-sticky to skin or hair, no degumming, no residue

          Various packing as customized: simple packing, plastic shell packing, with cutter dispenser

          Size: 1.25cmX5m, 2.5cmX5m, 5cmX5m, 7.5cmX5m, 10cmX5m, different sizes are available

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        • High quality High Elastic Kinesiology Tapes with Good Price in Hot SaleHigh quality High Elastic Kinesiology Tapes with...

            Material: high quality cotton stretch fabric and medical pressure-sensitive glue

            Features: enhance sports performance, relieve pain, improve circulation, reduce swelling, promote healing, support soft tissue, relax soft tissue, training soft tissue, correct posture, improve action morphology.

            The flexibility of muscle can reach 140%. It is equivalent to an extra muscle on the skin to help muscle contraction, so that it can reduce the burden of muscle without restricting the activities of joints and muscle.

            Application: suitable for different joints without drug. Just stick the bandage on the skin when using. By pulling the skin, which administer to circulation of blood and circulation of lymph, balance the uncoordinated muscle. In this way, it can relax the muscle and prevent the muscle pull.

            Size: 2.5cmX10m, 5cmX10m, 10cmX10m,etc 

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          • SoftAlcohol Free and Hypo-allergenic Baby Wipes with Good PriceSoftAlcohol Free and Hypo-allergenic Baby Wipes...


              spunlace baby wet wipes
              tender and comfortable formula specially for baby skin,alcohol free
              1. Base sheet: Spunlace, thermal bond and needle punch nonwoven for your choice.
              2. Base sheet weight: 35-120gsm for your choice
              3. Size: 15x20cm or 12x18cm or 18x22cm can be customized.
              4. Wipes count:  10pcs,72pcs,80pcs, 1 to 200pcs for your choice.
              5. Packaging type:  flow wrap film, plastic canister(tub) and plastic box for your choice.
              6. Formula: Gentle and safe,  Alcohol Free ,Moisturizing, all kinds of fragrance for your choice.
              7. Function extracts for your choice, such as Aloe Vera & Vitamin E and so on. 
              More details:
              1.High quality contral, with ISO22716(GMPc), ISO9001,ISO13485 certificated.
              2.The wipes producing in GMPc workshop with 100,000 degree purified.
              3.Competitive and reasonable price.

              Primary Competitive Advantages :
              . Excellent and High Quality Control
              . Customer's Designs and Logos are Welcome
              . Competitive Price
              . In a Variety of Designs
              . Small Order Accepted
              . OEM, ODM Accepted

              Our series of wet wipes covers household surface cleaning wipes, such as floor wipes, furniture wipes, kitchen wipes, leather wipes, and baby wipes, antibacterial wipes, pet wipes; industrial wipes, facial & skincare wipes, multi-purpose wipes and so on.
              Different pack and size is available, we supply single pack, 5's/pack, 10's/pack, 15's/pack, 20's/pack, 80's/pack,100's/pack in plastic container, canister or resealable pack.
              Ingredient: with or without alcohol.
              Fragrance: Lemon, lavender, rose, tea tree, camellia etc., various kinds of fragrances available.
              Customer requested specification is welcomed .

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            • High Quality Capsicum Plaster with Competitive Price in hot saleHigh Quality Capsicum Plaster with Competitive...

                Material: fabric, capsicum, menthol, crystals, ginger, borneol etc
                Application: relieve rheumatism & muscle pain like lumbago, chest, headache, toothache

                Good quality with competitive price, CE & ISO

                Capsicum plaster:
                1. Ingredients: capsicum, menthol crystals and borneol
                2. Description: capsicum plaster is a medicated plaster with a skin color cloth base which contains extract of capsicum and extract of ginger
                Both ingredients are effective in relieving rheumatism, also effective for other muscular pain like lumbago, chest and lung complaints, headache, toothache
                The plaster could be perforated to allow free passage of air and to improve adhesion to the skin
                Plaster also contains camphora and borneol which act as a rubefacient and mild analgesic
                Plaster is cut to suitable size which is very handy and easy to apply
                3. Size: 4x6.4cm, 10x18cm, 12x18cm (according to customer's requirement)
                4. Structures: this plaster is composed of far-infrared nano-powder, rare-earth magnetic powder, matrix, anti-sticking layer, nonwoven fabric or polyester-cotton fabric
                5. Packing detail: 20pcs/24pcs/50pcs /box
                6. Indications: apply to the adjuvant treatment of cervical pain, periarthritis of shoulder, Lumbar sprain , strain of lumbar muscles and legs or feet pain symptoms
                7. Directions: for external use only, peel off the anti-sticking layer and apply the plaster on the affected area(s) flatly, remove one sheet every 24 hours for replacement and 10 days for one course of treatment
                8. Cautions:
                a. Avoid if you are allergic to plaster, if severe hyper sensitiveness or reaction happens, you should go to hospital
                b. Avoid using it for broken skin (forbidden for non-healing surface of wound)
                c. Pregnant women or women in breast feeding should not use it
                d. Children should use it under under the guidance of physician
                e. Storage sealed, put it in shady place, not exceeding 20°C, avoid using it when the character has changed.









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              • CE Quality HCG Pregnancy Test Kit Strip Cassette and Midstream with High AccuracyCE Quality HCG Pregnancy Test Kit Strip Cassette...

                  Product principle:

                  Human chorionic gonadotropin(HCG) quantitative test kit(colloidal gold)adopts highly specific antigen-antibody reaction and colloidal gold immune chromatography to detect HCG. In a specific wavelength, the amount of colloidal gold particles is associated with the absorption and scattering to light. By using the photoelectric sensor to detect the absorption and scattering of colloidal gold particles to the light, the amount of antigen to be determined can be obtained.

                  Indicators of product technical characteristics:

                  1)Meeting the “human chorionic gonadotropin(HCG)quantitative test kit(colloidal gold) registered product standard” requirement.

                  2)The accordance rate of negative reference material: the concentration should be fully detected as 0 mIU/ml after the determination of 20 negative serum samples.

                  3)Accuracy: the HCG serum with the specified value is used for the determination. Each of the concentration is taken its mean for five times and the mean deviation of its respective concentration is not more than 10%.

                  4)Linear correlation coefficient: r≥0.99

                  5)Minimum detectable amount: the concentration is not higher than 25mIU/ml.

                  6)Sensitivity: the measured concentration of reagent whiteboard is 0 mIU/ml.

                  7)Precision: the repeatable requirement of intra-and inter-regent is not more than 10%.

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                • CE Quality Luer Slip and Luer Lock Disposable SyringeCE Quality Luer Slip and Luer Lock Disposable...

                    Size:1ml, 2.5ml.3ml,5ml,10ml,20ml,30ml,50ml,60ml

                    Type: luer slip, luer lock, with or without needle

                    Packing: sterile,1's/PE bag or 1's/blister pouch, 100's/box

                    1.  Sterilized by EO gas, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, single use only.
                    2.  Luer Lock cone for better security or luer slip cone
                    3.  Sufficiently transparent barrel allows easy measurement of the volume contained in the syringe and detection of air bubble.

                    4.  Graduated scale on the barrel is easy to read. Graduation is printed by indelible ink.
                    5.  The plunger fits the inside of barrel very well to allow for free and smooth movement.
                    6.  Material for barrel and plunger: Medical grade PP(polypropylene).
                    7.  Material for gasket: Natural latex / Synthetic rubber(latex free).
                    8.  With needle or without needle
                    9.  Individual pack: Blister pack / Polybag / Hard blister.
                    10. Available size:1ml, 2.5ml.3ml,5ml,10ml,20ml,30ml,50ml,60ml

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