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  • Intelligent systems alternative to anesthetic treatment of dental and medical procedures Without the injection of any Anesthetic and Only using a special fixture For surgery and Dental surgeryIntelligent systems alternative to anesthetic...

      ** Specific objectives of the project:

      • Non-use of anesthetics in dentistry and in the next step for surgery of human organs
      • Measuring the actual rate of pain and fixing it and applying anti-acne in the form of nano-electric shocks

      ** Applied Schemes:

      • Possibility of dental surgery without any pain or stress that is present in all patients referred to the doctor)
      Facilitate dental operations Because of no pain (In most cases, despite the numbness in the intensity is palpable)
      • Not having any side effects for humans in the short or long term
      • Persuading people To provide health for oral and dental health and Increasing social health
      • No pain will be touched by the patient And will not touch any sensation of electrical shock

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    • intelligent robotic wheelchairintelligent robotic wheelchair

        Intelligent Wheelchair Benefits :

        1- stair climbing to be quite intelligent image processing system to a height of 25 cm
        2- Crossing the hols and pits or raceway with intelligent image processing system

        3- Raising a disabled wheelchair seat height to the height of about one meter every time a disabled person wants to move in the same state
        4-The final speed of 27 kilometers per hour (as a vehicle for disabled people )

        5- Handling very easy ( the wheelchair for easy disassembly and separate into 8 pieces and includes a removable passenger car
        6- wheelchair batteries charged by solar batteries

        7-Control system via manual control system and image process auto controlling and computer brain interface system

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      • Jiang Xi JiaHuaMei Shell development Co LTDJiang Xi JiaHuaMei Shell development Co LTD

          Jiang Xi JiaHuaMei Shell development Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of natural, environmental protection, pollution-free green products, mainly hand craftsmanship and modern technology, manufacturing tools jewel-level processing methods combined with the variety of high-quality natural mother of pearl natural color and texture characteristics of the body, so that shell pearl, color demonstrated most vividly, the company has developed into a research and development, production, sales as one of the private manufacturers.
          The main products are various shell mosaic, shell decorative boards, shell tiles, shell puzzles, shell crafts,Tiger's Eye Stone ,Agate Slab,Marble Mosaic,Mixed Mosaic etc.The products are widely used in clubs, bars, hotels, villas, lighting, furniture and home decoration.
          We commits to provide finest products and best customer service the worldwide market, so that more people can enjoy the great visual of our products .Our customers are from all around the world,we only offer the best for our customer !
          Trust us , choose us,you will get the best !

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        • Bopp filmBopp film

            Biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) has been developed over the last 35 years and is now widely used in place of cellophane, waxed paper, and aluminum foil. The polymer used in its manufacture, polypropylene, is derived from petroleum and consists only of carbon and hydrogen atoms. The production of polypropylene is safe and energy efficient, and the product is easily and cleanly handled.
            "Biaxially oriented" means that the film is stretched in two different directions. Orientation brings about several changes in the film, such as lower elongation (harder to stretch), higher tensile strength for a given thickness, greater stiffness, improved optical properties, and improved barrier to water/gases. When barrier and sealing properties are required, they can be obtained by using either of two methods: coating the film, or co-extruding layers of different materials. We use the co-extrusion process because it makes the film totally recyclable. It is also a more efficient process.
            There are four general steps that are taken to produce ready-to-ship BOPP film.
            • Co-extrusion process
            • Orientation of the film in two directions
            • Primary slitting of the BOPP film
            • Secondary slitting or Metallization
            Plastic waste, including BOPP film, can be recycled and reprocessed into products for many different applications. When incinerated, only carbon dioxide and water vapor are produced, with no pollution. The resulting energy released is twice the heat of coal. However, unlike paper and cellulose products, co-extruded BOPP is not biodegradable. But when used in landfill sites, plastics waste has the positive benefit of stabilizing the ground without producing unpleasant or harmful by-products.
            BOPP film demonstrates excellent use of the Earth's resources. It has effective moisture barrier properties that are achieved without coatings. Because of its superior strength at low gauges, flatness, clarity, light weight and excellent printability, it has become an indispensable packaging material for a wide variety of consumer products including foods, garments, textiles, and stationary. The co-extrusion process also provides superb sealing characteristics for secure packs and good shelf life, avoiding product spoilage and waste.

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          • ToysCollectorToysCollector

              Toys-collector main serve for toy enthusiasts and distributor,we professional to supply Transformer,Original Car Model, UAV,Autobots and so on by wholesale and retail. And freeshipping online store.If you are interesed in this kind of toys,please feel free to contact us,or log in our website to have a look first:

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            • Energy Storage Expandable Composite TanksEnergy Storage Expandable Composite Tanks

                QFX001 holds a patent for a new method to create a super light weight composite to be used for gas storage tanks including energy storage, gas cylinders, air compressors, safety tanks(anti explosion garbage cans) and alternative energy vehicle tanks.

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              • The modified MC nylon pipePatent2005100891670The modified MC nylon pipePatent2005100891670

                  Its material properties are high strength, light weight, abrasion resiatance, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance and anti-aging, which are far better than the general-purpose plastics like UPVC, HDPE, PP,etc., and of large value in engineering.
                  More different modified materials added in MC nylon might produce various modified MC nylons, such as reinforced MC nylon, oil-bearing MC nylon, abrasion-resistant MC nylon,etc., which have more wider applications with superior properties.
                  The specifications: its diameters range from 200mm to 3000mm; lengths range from 6000mm to 8000mm.
                  It can be applied in the construction and restoration of following industies' pipelines:
                  Municipal engineering: water-supply pipeline, gas-supply pipeline and heating pipeline. The application in the construction and restoration of heating pipeline has predominent advantages.
                  River dredging: slurry transportation pipeline
                  Thermal power: fly-ash transportation pipeline
                  Petroleum exploitation: the transportation pipelines of liquid mixture, sewage, petroleum, gas,etc.;
                  Chemical industry: corrosive medium transportation pipeline
                  Metallurgical mine: mineral powder and tailings transportation pipeline;
                  Building materials: concrete slurry transportation pipeline and cement collecting pipeline;
                  Coal industry: drainage and water pipeline; ventilation duct; guniting pipe; gas pipeline of negative pressure drainage; pulverized coal transportation pipeline;
                  Machinery industry: machine shell of screw conveyor.
                  The production techniques: centrifugal casting and reactive molding. Cast the activated materials of modified MC nylon into high-speed rotating mould. Then materials will adhere to the inner wall of the mould and set off chemical reaction. This reaction is synchronized with the molding process without any pressure, which avoids the sticky problem of uneven heating. In this way, the efficiency is higher than the extrusion technique, and the scale of production can be easily enlarged.
                  The material strength and temperature resistance of modified MC nylon are far better than plastics like UPVC, HDPE and PP. And therefore, its specifications and applications far outweigh all kinds of existing plastic pipelines.

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                • Bamboo-plastic composite pipe Patent200510089165Bamboo-plastic composite pipe Patent200510089165

                    As is known to all, China has rich bamboo resources and bamboo has excellent material performance and cheap price. When it recombines with all sorts of plastics, the made composite (also named bamboo-plastic composites) possesses much better performances, like than general plastics like UPVC, HDPE, PP, etc. or engineering plastics like PA, ABS, etc. The composite is characterized by high-strength, light-weight, anti-abrasion, anti-corrosion, temperature resistance and anti-aging, and of great value in engineering.
                    The bamboo-plastic composite pipe is produced by coiling molding technique. The available specifications are: diameters range from 300mm to 3000mm, lengths range from 6000mm to 9000mm.
                    The composite pipe can be used in high, medium and low pressure transport of all sorts of liquid and solid slurry. It also has great market in municipal engineering, water conservancy irrigation, petrochemicals, metallurgical mining, thermal power, building construction, and other industries.
                    Technical innovations:
                    Using bamboo as reinforcing material:
                    The bamboo resources are rich and the prices are cheap, only 7% that of HDPE. The performance is excellent, and its tensile strength is 7~20 times that of HDPE. So the made bamboo-plastic composite pipe is more competitive.
                    Coiling molding: wide fabic (bamboo mat) coiling and reactive molding
                    First coat matrix material on the mat. Then coil into pipe over internal model. And both the inside and outside surface of pipe can use other fabrics to improve appearances. During the process of coiling molding, matrix material begins to polymerize or solidify, which is synchronized with the molding and is handled without pressure. Besides, this molding process is high efficient and the size of products is more easier to extend.
                    Long fiber reinforcement:
                    The bamboo-plastic composite pipe is a type of long fiber reinforced composite, and its performance is far better than the existing short fiber reinforced composite pipe made by centrifugal casting.
                    Multiple composite pipes can be produced in the same production system:
                    Different composite pipes can be produced by adjusting matrix material and the content of bamboo in accordance with different product requirements. And each processing parameter is set up on the basis of types of the composite. After setting, it can be automatically controlled.
                    Broad market prospect in the following industries:
                    Municipal Engineering: urban diversion, supply and drainage pipeline.
                    Diversion pipeline: from water sources to waterworks.
                    Supply pipeline: from waterworks to users.
                    Drainage pipeline: from users to sewage treatment plants or rivers.
                    Water Conservancy Irrigation.

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