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      Although different methods for synthesising carbon nanostructures are available, research is still going on for finding the cheap and easy method for commercial preparation of different carbon nanostructures with controlled moiphology and high purity. The carbon soot obtained from burning of vegetable oils and animal based oils by using traditional method is found to contain carbon nanostructures including single-walled carbon nanotubes, multi- walled carbon nanotubes and carbon nanofibers. Carbon soot obtained by burning oils has been used as 'kajal' since ancient times. Kajal is easy-to-make by traditional method of flame deposition. It has been. found to contain carbon nanomaterials. Thus, synthesis of carbon nanostructures from vegetable oil using flame deposition method is studied in detail in regard to find a cheap source and easy method.


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    • Photovoltaic CellPhotovoltaic Cell

        The object of the present invention is a photovoltaic cell made of silver nitrate and rochelle salt (potassium sodium tartrate), which provides a higher efficiency that the commercial ones due to driving the piezoelectric effect and the properties materials, these ones also making it cheaper because is not made of silicon.
        Currently there are photovoltaic/solar cells, to capture solar energy and transform it into electrical energy. One of the materials currently used is silicon, therefore the end the object of this invention is to create a cell capable of producing up to 3 times the energy of existing cells, making it flexible and easy to manufacture, since it does not require vacuum systems and can be manufactured in different shapes and dimensions. With far more advantages than conventionals.

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      • Bio-functional clothing greatly helping eczema sufferersBio-functional clothing greatly helping eczema...

          The skintoskin project was launched in collaboration with EU member states to explore alternate methods and natural substances, using knowledge and expertise from many sources in an effort to find new and effective treatments.

          The funding for the skintoskin® project came from the Portuguese government via O Novo Norte - North Portugal Regional Operational Programme 2007/2013. This is a financial instrument which supports regional development in the north of Portugal. It forms part of the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2007/2013 for research and development.

          The technology and expertise used in skintoskin has been developed through collaboration with many centres of excellence.

          Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (USA)
          Cambridge University material sciences. (UK)
          University of Minho. (Portugal)

          Medical institutions
          Hospital De Sao Marco Braga. Leading dermatologist Dr A. Sousa Basto. (Portugal)
          The National Health Service. (UK)
          Clinical evidence and medical studies
          Invivo and Invitro studies. Department of Dermatology, Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena, (Germany)
          Clinical trial. JAS Farma® (Portugal)
          Clinical trial. Servico De Dermatologica e Venereologica Hospital De Sao Marco Braga Portugal.

          Private sector
          Smartfiber AG (Germany)
          New Textiles Lda (Portugal)
          Effjey Group Ltd (UK)

          Regulatory affairs and conformity/safety.
          Phagecon – Pharmaceutical Services and Consulting, Ltd. (Portugal).
          Infarmed Lda. EU Regulation Notification body (Europe)
          Regulatory Affairs department National Health Service (UK)
          Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency MHRA (UK)
          Okeo Tex (Standard 100) accreditation. (Europe)

          Skintoskin fabric is made from 3 naturally occurring ingredients,
          70% cotton, 20% Seaweed extract and 10% Silver ions.

          As our clothing and textiles in general are in contact with our skin on a daily basis there is no doubt textiles can have an adverse effect on chronic skin conditions. Applications to the skin tends to wear away or be removed by our clothing as well as our busy day to day lives and routines. This began a train of thought, if our clothing, the very thing we all have in direct contact with our skin on a daily basis could deliver therapeutic effects it would allow that effect to be in place for a far greater time, with excellent therapeutic effect and with great ease in our daily lives.

          The concept of Bio-functional clothing was born.

          Cotton was chosen as the basis for skintoskin as it is generally regarded as being one of the most tolerable fabrics when placed next to eczematous skin. Cotton is readily available; it is durable, renewable, natural and widely accepted. Cotton is also suited due to its structure to modern manufacturing techniques.

          Seaweed extract is already widely used in health organisations. The natural anti-inflammatory effects are well documented. Dressings and creams containing seaweed extract have given excellent results when used on burns victims for example giving good irritation relief and assisting in the healing process. The seaweed extract used in skintoskin is derived from Aschophyluum Nodosum seaweed.

          Why silver? Bacteria infection is a serious problem with a condition like eczema which can present with an open wound. The irritation caused by the condition leads to an itch scratch cycle with the sufferer causing further opening the skin. The infection level if needed can be controlled by the application of anti-biotic creams or oral anti-biotic dosing. Silver is fast acting and highly effective against Gram + and Gram – bacteria, as well as for several fungal infections, especially those of the Candida strain,

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        • Low Cost High Strength Steel for Auto IndustryLow Cost High Strength Steel for Auto Industry

            Grade I. High strength carburized steel with ultimate tensile strength of 220-230 ksi for a variety of medium strength applications including gears, camshafts, fasteners, and chains/chain pins.

            Grade II. High strength steel with ultimate tensile strength of 285-300 ksi for gears, shafts, body structure components, chassis, suspensions, and fasteners.

            Grade III. Super high strength steel with ultimate tensile strength of 325-335ksi for springs, suspensions, fasteners, and tools.

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          • The DuplicatorThe Duplicator

              This gadjet copies images, pictures, grafiks and patterns of any kind on to a piece of paper, wood, or actually any surface for that matter.
              You just place the source on one side, the target on the other, you then, well let me say work the duplicator, then walla a few minutes later you have the ducplicate on B which is the target material. Nomatter how complex the source image is. It is very handy for, anyone who needs a quick copy of anything while not having a computer with printer, or formemost for artists, painters and airbrushers, even kids who need to spontaneously transfer an image onto a surface like paper, wood, metal sheet, or any surface without any transfer steps that wold be usually required like, plotting it on sticky paper first and printing it out etc..
              This gadjet comes in two different types. This one makes a copy and the second one makes a mirrored copy which means the opposite.
              In other words either you want to copy the source 1 to 1, or you need the exact copy but the other way round maybe, for instance for a bike tank or anything which needs two opposite but same patterns or grafiks etc.. both can be handled.
              Please note that we are talking a about a piece of analogue equipment that can be folded and stashed away for transport and weighs no more than a kilo.
              No computer required, no printer or plotter required, the pattern is already there where you wanted it without any further ado with transfer foil or sticky masking and so forth. It makes artists out of anyone who sees something they wanted to copy, bearing in mind of course that its a copy and not the original which was made by a real artist, we should respect that. :-)
              More info to come, dont want to give away too much though before the patent is through.
              Bye Ali Abbas /alias Alan-Lee (Please check out my other inventions too)

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            • eletric Guneletric Gun

                this patent for sale is for a gun that can shot contintrted beams of electic plasma and has the ablity to shot down a plane the size of a building and not blow it up i am offering a agrement to sale this to a milatery or a compeny that deals with exporting and importing of weapons this is made possabal becouse of the vacome rubber enged tip tubs that are fitted to be like a bullet but when pulled the trigger it has a magnetic pull on the beams of electic and then it dispreses it in the dir you are aiming this is a vary seriues weapon it can under the right cond like a occean it can kill with in 30 miles from the point it was amied at so i will be wiling to anser iney QST you have my contact numbers are 949-241-0483 and my skype id is jody.williams68 573-270-1555 573-837-4579 all numbers are active and ready to get calls you can call me iney time of the day or nite i travel the globe so i am used to getting calls thanks for takeing the time to read this

                Economic and financial information

                markets milatery defence and forein milatery defence also a back up to a convention weapon so it can bring in qiute a bit of money also if you are a weapons freak like me then this is for you and i can be reached at the numbers in the DEC area on this page have a great day,
                [9:51:02 AM] jody williams williams williams: 949-241-0483

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                  So far we have been familiar with different solutions of vehicles that have classic drive unit by fossil fuels, hybrid vehicles and purely electric vehicles.
                  Our product is an electric vehicle, which connects to powered vehicle and by its motor power starts composition made of these two types of vehicles.
                  To a classic vehicle, it provides abilities such as

                  1) drive unit on electricity
                  Significantly lower electrical energy price comparing the price of fossil fuels even up to 75%. This price is even lower if the consumer has its own electrical energy producer

                  2) Carbon monoxide emission amounts 0%, the vehicle does not produce neither exhaust gases nor any other detrimental products.

                  3) Level of noise is lower per 90% comparing vehicles with classic drive units.

                  4) Vibrations made due to engine operations are also lower as comparing the piston engine it works with less motion of movable parts and less friction.

                  5) Energy utilization of energy consumed is up to 90%. Energy consumed that motor converts into mechanical energy has high degree of utilization comparing the engine with internal combustion, which high percentage of energy made by derivatives combustion – thermal expansive energy, releases without the possibility to use it and that energy efficiency level in fossil fuel vehicles is maximum up to 35%.

                  6) Vehicle has two driving axles that can work at the same time or by turning on only one of them at the time getting this way characteristic of vehicle for off-road driving.

                  7) Vehicle can easily be connected with mechanical connection with other types of vehicles such as semi-trailer achieving its compatibility - same drive unit for different means of transportation.

                  8) Vehicle provides higher vitality in traffic to a consumer as it has two separate drive units.

                  9) Vehicle provides additional trunk solving the problem of lack of conveying space in case of vehicles with small trunks.

                  10) Greater maneuverability of vehicle when having difficulty with parking and traffic jams, as the wheels are steered by direction

                  11) Better distribution of masses as external electromotive drive unit gives the role of stabilizer by its mass and prevents skidding by direction in case of sharp maneuvers.

                  12) Greater passive security of passengers in case of blow from the backside of vehicle, as in this case electromotive drive unit has the role of amortization area, which will receive greater part of blow energy.

                  13) Vehicle has the ability to produce electric energy and supply external consumers when it is in parking position.

                  14) Additional self-charging of batteries by solar photovoltaic cells when it is in parking position that can be blinds like pulled out and cover the roof of the trunk of motor vehicle and upper surface of powered vehicle, making batteries self-charging and giving the vehicle protection from strong sun or other atmosphere changes that can damage the car.

                  15) Three working modes:

                   Electro mod when the vehicle is moved by power of electromotor, which is supplied by electric energy from battery cells.

                   Hybrid mod, when electromotor of motor vehicle and motor of powered vehicle work together, vehicle in this situation has sum of power of these two motors, and also in this mod self-charging of batteries of motor vehicle over the electricity generator is realized.

                   Mod when powered vehicle starts its own engine on fossil fuels and the engine of motor vehicle is not active; this the situation battery cells are also self-charging by electricity generator, which is placed in the last vehicle on the picture.

                  16) Easy access to the components of vehicle in case of service or repair.

                  17) The possibility for vehicle theft is difficult as beside the regular barriers against theft it is necessary to decode control interface from the back motor vehicle.

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                • Fabrication and Material Design of Transparent Solar Cell WindowFabrication and Material Design of Transparent...

                    A transparent solar cell using NiO has been fabricated. This solar cell absorbs only UV light for generating energy and let the visible light pass through so that looks transparent. Such transparent solar cell can extend the applicability of solar cells to variuos areas, such as house window, car front window, mobile electric devices and etc. The present technology will bring this promising concept to realization. In addition, the Ni material, which is used in this technology, cost much less and non- toxic, compared with Si and other materials used in the existing solar cells. This advantage would help much for mass production.

                    Technology Benefits:
                    •Lower cost than Si and other materials such as In Ga.
                    •Safe (non-toxic) and eco-friendly
                    •Transparent: Absorbs only UV radiation for power generation

                    Possible Applications:
                    Home window, High-rise building window, Car front window, Layered over the existing solar cell systems

                    Possible Collaborations:
                    Collaborative research, License

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