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  • Smart anti flooding check valveSmart anti flooding check valve

      Patent for sale - smart anti flooding check valve

      Advantages of the system:
      - a solution for a manholes and a rainwater gully pits overflow
      - system pauses water in a higher placed city areas
      - it splits stormwater drainage system into parts - protects the system from overpressure
      - it enables to dehydration of the lower placed city areas as a priority
      - it provides the constant water flow to the pumping station

      schematic visualisation movie:

      patent aplication:

      I have one more patent aplication which is improvement of this one.


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    • conveyor beltconveyor belt

        The conveyor belts and rubber conveyor belts series, manufactured by Shenyang Juli engineering, include cotton canvas belts, nylon (NN) belts, polyester (EP) belts, large dip (corrugated ribs) conveyor belts, skirt block belts, endless belts, patterned belts (common patterned conveyor belts include: zigzag pattern conveyor belt, splayed pattern conveyor belt, fishbone pattern conveyor belt, U-shaped pattern conveyor belt, cylindrical pattern conveyor belt, pitting pattern conveyor belt, etc., or design as per user requirements). We can provide conveyor belts with various special properties (such as: flame-retardant conveyor belt, heat-resistant conveyor belt, acid-resistant conveyor belt, alkali-resistant conveyor belt, cold-resistant conveyor belt, high temperature conveyor belt and food conveyor belt). Our company has obtained IO9001: 2000 international quality system certification. The products sell well in the industries of metallurgy, iron and steel, coal, and hydropower, and are favored by customers.
        The heat-resistant conveyor belt is made of multi-layered rubber-cotton canvas (polyester-cotton fabric) covered with high-temperature or heat-resistant rubber which are bonded together by high temperature vulcanization. It is suitable for conveying hot coke, cement, slag and hot casting below 175°C.
        1, the specification is same as the ordinary conveyor belt.
        2. The product comply with the HG2297-92 standard.
        3, heat-resistant conveyor belt can be divided into three types:
        Type I: tolerable test temperature is no more than 100 °C, the highest short-term application temperature is 150 °C, code T1.
        Type II: tolerable test temperature is no more than 125 °C, the highest short-term application temperature is 170 °C, code T2.
        Type III: tolerable test temperature is no more than 150 °C, the highest short-term application temperature is 200 °C, code T3.
        Type IV: tolerable test temperature is no more than 175 °C, the highest short-term application temperature is 230 °C, code T4.

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      • Idlers setIdlers set

          The idlers set, produced by Shenyang Juli engineering Co., Ltd., has a complete product line, a wide application range and excellent quality. Its types include troughed idler set, parallel idler set, aligning idler set, impact idler set. According to the material it can be divided into rubber idler, porcelain idler, nylon idler and insulation idler. All of them can meet the installation requirements on TD75 belt conveyor, other special sizes are available upon customer request. Troughed idlers include common type, forward-tilt type, quick change bearing type, hanging type, variable groove type, transition type, V-type, etc.; parallel idlers have common type, comb type, forward type, steel rubber type, spiral type, etc.; aligning idlers have common type, friction reversing type, reinforced type, cone type, spiral type, combination type, etc.; impact idlers include spring-plate type, buffer-ring type, reinforced type, spring-adjustable type, hanging type and so on. All kinds of idlers have advanced structure and reliable performance. The material for roller skin has been rigorously selected, and high-quality special welded pipes have been used on strict tolerance requirements. The shaft material adopts cold-drawn round steel, the bearing block is stamped by high-quality steel plate. The sealing structure adopts PDC mode with three sealing devices, so its dustproof and waterproof performance are superior to the relevant national standards. After installation, the idlers have the advantages of good strength, small radial play eccentricity, small rotation resistance, light weight, low energy consumption and long service life, generally exceeding 30,000 hours.

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        • Robotic swimming pool rescueRobotic swimming pool rescue

            Make swimming pool surrounded
            By sensors and plastic net in bottom
            Linked with hydrolic motors and screen system
            That need to enter password to active allowing
            Mode plus wireless ring with order icon for extra safety.

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          • Clockwork Storage ToolClockwork Storage Tool

              As lithium batteries won't store large scale energy This method is for storing renewable energy at large scales using Gravity :

              My machine solve several stage clockwork by avoiding connecting gears directly , however by discharging the energy in steps.

              in the picture 5 gears with spiral springs fixed to them gear #1 with no spring instead weight is used , gear #2 has the strongest spring , spring in gear #3 is weaker spring #4 is the weakest and that according to gear ratio gear #5 has no spring it is fixed to a generator

              How the machine works:

              group number 6 consisted of gear #2 and gear #4 , it moves from side to side continuously to transfer energy between the gears.When the group No (6) moves from right to left rod #8 will release gear #1 and at the same time small gear #2 will touch big gear #1, gear #1 will transfer some of its energy to weaker spring in gear #2, also at the same time small gear #4 will touch big gear #3, so that gear #3 will transfer some of its energy to weaker spring in gear #4.

              The opposite happens when the group No (6) moves from left to right:

              1) Rod #8 stops gear #1 to save energy.

              2) Big gear #2 will touch small gear #3 to transfer some energy to it and to be stored.

              3) Big gear #4 will touch small gear #5 to transfer its energy .

              As springs in the gears store limited amount of energy at each step I can use for instance 10 kilogram spring to store 300 Joules instead of 1 Kilogram , energy density of spring is 300J/Kg and that to increase maximum number of cycles before fatigue.

              methods for storing energy are weights going inside the ground or Helium balloons ; these ones go up with some lifting force to operate my clockwork, one meter cubic helium cost 3$ and can lift 1kg the good thing about helium balloons is that they can go up to very high heights making more Energy per Kilogram.

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            • Externally-mounted Motorized PulleyExternally-mounted Motorized Pulley

                For externally-mounted motorized pulley, electric motor is removed out of the ordinary motorized pulley. And the pulley still with a retarding mechanism is often referred as a retarding drum. The motor is externally connected with the retarding drum to constitute an externally-mounted motorized pulley.
                The externally-mounted motorized pulley is a kind of conveyor driving device between the traditional open-type drive mode from motor to reducer then to the drive pulley and the common motorized pulley driving mode. Because of the external motor, it enjoys good heat dissipation performance and easy repair and replacement. It takes about one-third less than the open-type drive in occupying space and manufacturing materials.
                The externally-mounted motorized pulley is the product of the current industrial requirements. From the logic diagram, the main components are still connected in series, and at least one more drive shaft is needed. From the reliability, there is no increase in reliability. However, due to its good heat dissipation in the motor, convenience installation, maintenance and inspection of the motor, as well as its superiority in occupying space and manufacturing materials to the old open-type drive, the externally-mounted motorized pulley is usually used in high-power externally-mounted motorized pulley, and it is a suitable driving device in some high-power applications.

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              • NGW Series Planetary Gear ReducerNGW Series Planetary Gear Reducer

                  NGW series reducer is an involute spur planetary gear reducer, which adopts advanced technology and novel structure. It is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, cement, lifting, transportation, textile, dyeing, chemical, light industry, etc.

                  1, Light weight, small size: compared with the common cylindrical gear reducer, its weight is reduced by more than 1/2, the volume can be reduced by 1/2-1/3
                  2, High transmission efficiency: with single-stage transmission efficiency of 0.97, double-stage up to 0.94, three-stage up to 0.9
                  3, Wide transmitted power range: from 1 kilowatt to 1300 kilowatts
                  4, Using hard tooth surface which has long service life and wide applicability

                  Applicable conditions
                  1. The maximum speed of the high-speed shaft does not exceed 1500 rpm
                  2, The peripheral speed of the gear does not exceed 10 meters / second
                  3, The working environment temperature is -40 ~ 45c
                  4, Both forward and backward rotating direction are available.
                  The company can also provide ZDY (ZLY, ZSY), DBY (DCY) series crane reducer, NGW (NGW-S, NGW-L), NAD (NBD, NCD), NAF (NBF, NCF), TX series planetary gear reducer, BW (BWY, BL, BLY), X series cycloid reducer, ZJ, ZJY series shaft-mounted reducer, TCJ series gear reducer, and TDY75, JBT (YBT, WBT, YDT, JDT)φ200 -φ1000 motorized pulley of oil-cooled, oil-immersed, exterior-mounted and rubber-coated.

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                • Vehicle Tire Track SystemVehicle Tire Track System

                    The vehicle tire system is designed to provide all non-SUV vehicles (sedans) with the required equipment to make them function as an all-wheel-drive through all soft lands, whether sand or snow. The apparatus wii generate a continuous solid tracks that protect the tires from getting into the soft land, and then hinder the vehicle from moving. For further details, the patent could be accessed at

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