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  • The throttle device specification-SIKEThe throttle device specification-SIKE

      The differential pressure flowmeter that consists of the throttling device and differential pressure gauge or differential pressure transmitter is most widely used for the measurement, control and regulation of liquid, gas and steam flows under single-phase conditions, as it features a simple structure, easy maintenance, reliable use, low cost, high accuracy, etc.

      Ours is a specialized manufacturer of throttling devices and we manufacture various types of throttling devices that meet the GB/T2624-93 national standard and ISO5167-91 international standard as well as special ones being widely used at present, for example, the 1/4 round nozzle,two-tier orifice plate, segmental orifice plate, etc.

      The technical conditions of the complete sets of corner, flange and D—D/2 tappings orifice plate, ISA1932 nozzle, long radius nozzle and venturi tube provided by our company meet the stipulations of the P.R.C. standard GB/T2624-93 and international standard ISO5167-91 , do not need to be calibrated individually. Special throttling devices other than the above complete sets of throttling devices should undergo individual calibration when there is a high demand for accuracy.

      Besides providing complete sets of throttling devices for the users, we can also separately supply various independent throttling devices and pressure-tapping devices based on the users’needs.

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    • Electromagnetic flowmeter-SIKEElectromagnetic flowmeter-SIKE

        SKLD type electromagnetic flowmeter is the intelligent electromagnetic with research and development, which adopts domestic and foreign advanced technology. Electromagnetic transducer with high-speed central processing unit (CPU) and the features of rapid computing speed and high precision, reliable performance measurement are in both Chinese and English menu.
        Sensor uses non-uniform magnetic field technology and special magnetic circuit structure. Magnetic field is stable and reliable, and the circuit structure reduces the volume, The sensor can reflect the traffic change timely and effectively, and have a stable value of measuring water, sewage, slurry, pulp, acid, alkali, salt slurry liquid and food, etc. There are lots of wide applications in the petroleum chemical industry, metallurgy, coal, water conservancy project of water supply and drainage, sewage treatment etc. The electromagnetic flowmeter has two types: the compact and the sensor for remote transmitter

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      • 800Watt very high power prison jammer with cooling fan system for 3g4GGPSAMPSCPJ6022800Watt very high power prison jammer with...

          800Watt very high power prison jammer with cooling fan system for 3g/4G/GPS/AMPS,CPJ6022

          1)Use stronger and longer External Omni-directional antennas,all the TX frequency covered down link only
          2)The latest design and Good cooling system with cooling fan inside
          3)365 days non-stopped Work
          4)Good quality 4-7 bands high power prison Jammer, Jamming for all mobile phone 2G,3G,4G signal and VHF/UHF Walkie-Talkie,WIFI,GPS bands.etc.
          5)VSWR circuit protection to ensure system will not burn out should there be antenna short circuiting or disconnection
          6)Outdoor waterproof metal alloy case design avoiding the sabotage,
          1.antennas: external omini-directional or high gain directional panel antenna
          2.Jamming range:up to radius 400meter @ -75dBm depending on the mobile service provider s network condition);
          3.Total output power:: 75-250W select any 4-7 bands 15-50Watt per band for your require, 4.Power supply :(1)AC110-240V (2)DC27V
          5.Signal source: Synthesized Operation
          6.Temperature: -10 to +508.Humidity: 5% to 80%
          Package information :
          Device Size: 52X30X19cm not including antenna
          Net Weight:18kg not including antennaCarton
          Size: 47x27x60cm/1PCS
          Gross Weight:25KG
          Output port :4-7 ports optional Frequency for select :1:CDMA851-894MHz,2:GSM925-960MHz,3:DCS&PCS1805-1990MHz,4:3G 2110-2170MHz,5:VHF135-174MHz,6:UHF400-470MHz,7:4G1LTE725-770MHz,8:4GWimax2300-2400MHz OR 2500-2690MHz,9:WIFI2400-2483MHz,10:GPS1570-1580MHz,11:433MHz 12:315Mhz,13:LOJACK167-175MHz,14:4G1700,15:GPSL2L5:1170-1280 ,16:GPSL3L4:1370-1390 etc.

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        • ceramic foam filter distributorceramic foam filter distributor

            Product Description
            Ceramic foam filter is a new industrial ceramic products with low bulk density (0.25 ~ 0.65) g/cm3, high porosity (60% ~ 90%), and three-dimensional reticulated structure. As ceramic foam filter has excellent properties such like: high temperature resistance, strong chemical corrosion resistance, and large surface area as a result of high porosity, it is widely used in molten metal filtration to remove undesirable nonmetallic inclusions in the melt.
            Product Feature
            - Reduce gas and inclusions that are contained in the casting, reduce the turbulence level of molten metal when filling the mold, reduce surface defects in castings, and significantly reduce the rejection rate of casting
            - Increase the compressive sealing of casting, increase elongation and tensile strength of casting, improved surface finish of casting, improve the mobility of molten metal, increase the filling capacity and the feeding capacity of melt.
            - Simplify the casting system, reduce the length of the lateral flow channel, improve casting yield.
            - Reduce the processing time and tool abrasion, improve surface quality of casting.
            - Ceramic foam possesses high mechanical strength, chemical stability, high resistance to thermal shock and liquid metal flow shock even under high temperature environment. No slag or broken in working process, to ensure the quality and stable chemical composition of the molten metal.
            - Has a large and stable metal flow, even if the high content of inclusions in molten metals, ceramic foam filter will not be plugged.ery high dimensional accuracy, can be automatically placed in production line.
            it is widely used in molten metal filtration to remove undesirable nonmetallic inclusions in the melt.
            T/T,L/C,Paypal,West Union...
            Minimum Order
            standard export packing

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          • Testosterone Enanthate Bodybuilding Steroid PowderTestosterone Enanthate Bodybuilding Steroid Powder

              Primoteston is one of the most popular used products on the market today.It is very effective in building muscle, burning fat and gaining strength.It is also cheap and easy to obtain. the male sex hormone responsible for many of the physical and emotional traits of men.It creates the deeper voices, sex drive, aggression and, of coarse, larger muscles in men.the muscles retain more nitrogen, which in turn makes the muscle synthesize proteins better, producing larger muscles.The downside to steroids is that they aromatize, or turn into estrogen, in the body.When the body has too much estrogen it begins to take on female characteristics gynocomastia, water retention, fat gain, loss of sex drive and testicular shrinkage are all most certain side effects of taking  letting it aromatize in the body.powerful hormone with notably prominent side effects.Much of which stem from the fact that exhibits a high tendency to convert into estrogen.Related side effects may therefore become a problem during a cycle.

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            • ToysCollectorToysCollector

                Toys-collector main serve for toy enthusiasts and distributor,we professional to supply Transformer,Original Car Model, UAV,Autobots and so on by wholesale and retail. And freeshipping online store.If you are interesed in this kind of toys,please feel free to contact us,or log in our website to have a look first:

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              • OEM castings  investment casting and low wax casting   foundryOEM castings investment casting and low wax...

                  Adopting of advanced sol-wide investment casting process, we produces castings of various kinds of carbon steel, alloy steel wear-resistant alloy steel, heat-resistant alloy steel and all kinds of stainless steel& its developed products, with an annual output of 600 tons of investment castings production capacity. We always manufacture high quality precision castings for different industries .
                  We do OEM manufacturing as per customer’s drawing and sample. We not only provide rough casting but can also do&nbs…

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                • GPS Tracker OCT800-DGPS Tracker OCT800-D

                    OCT800 is the newest Mini Waterproof GPS tracking device, with 4 I/O port , support to customize any feature as you want, uses the imported GPS chips and GSM module, support more function extensions like Fuel Monitoring, Voice Monotoring, Speed Limitation and etc.
                    This device is highly recommended to use in fleet and logistic, security, car rental company and so on.


                    Tracking via SMS or GPRS (TCP/UDP)
                    Living location report
                    Tracking by time interval / distance
                    Geo-fencing contrct106ol and alarm
                    Speeding alert
                    Get detail address via SMS directly
                    External power cut alert
                    GOOGLE MAP link for location via SMS & Call
                    Remote engine / fuel cut
                    ACC detection
                    SOS panic button, emergency alarm
                    Mileage calculation report
                    Firmware updating OTA
                    LBS Tracking mode
                    External power status detecting
                    Power saving mode (option)
                    Fuel monitoring (option)
                    Data recording (SD card, option)


                    Power supply +6V - +35V / 1.5A
                    Backup Battery 76mm x 50mm x 24mm
                    Weight 76g
                    Operating temperature -20° to 55° C
                    Humidity 5% to 95% (Non-condensing)
                    Frequency GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
                    GPS Chipset latest GPS SIRF-Star III chipset
                    GPS Sensitivity -159Db
                    GPS Frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz
                    C/A Code 1.023 MHz chip rate
                    Channels 20 channels all-in-view tracking
                    Position Accuracy 10 m, 2D RMS
                    Velocity Accuracy 0.1 m/s
                    Time Accuracy 1 us synchronized to GPS time
                    Default datum WGS-84
                    Reacquisition 0.1 sec., average
                    Hot start

                    Company profile

                    A professional electronic company in Guang zhou, Guang Dong,China, and it was founded in 2005. It focuses on enterprise information construction and integrated of global positioning satellite (GPS), wireless mobile communication (GSM / GPRS).

                    Oner is a leading GPS real time tracking solutions provider. What Oner can provide is high quality produce and the information technology integrity solution. It includes GPS vehicle trackers, fleet tracking and management system,GPS car rental solutions, GPS school bus and student management system, personal tracking for elders,children, etc. As a responsible electronics technology company, Oner adheres to the core value of innovation, practicality and cooperation. The company dedicates to customer oriented as well. Oner commits to creating maximum value for customers by providing competitive solution and services, dedicated procurement team ensure raw material source; in-house manufacturing produces products with high quality ; R&D team with extensive experience in GPS offers superior and innovative Tracking solution,OEM&ODM service is available.

                    The products and solutions have been deployed in over 100 countries, serving more than one third of the world’s population, and have over 1000 partners with long term bushiness relationship around the world.

                    Company: Oner Electronics Technology Limited

                    Address: Room 618,The main building,Tian Ping Jia Decoration Materials City,No.512,Guangzhou Da Dao Bei,TianHe District,Guangzhou City. Guangzhou, China

                    TEL: 86-020-87633569


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