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  • 4 phase electric generator4 phase electric generator

      A 4 phase electric generator. It has the principle of a three phase generator but with a fourth inductor added. It can produce more energy in the same amount of time.

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        Headphones have become ubiquitous within the modern world; and for good reason, people love their music. Understandably, people hate when something comes between them and their music. Unfortunately, headphones often become a vexing obstacle between the user and their music. Anybody who uses headphones will tell you that one of the most aggravating situations is when their all set to listen to their music, they get their media device out only to find the cables in a tangled mess.
        Although untangling the headphones only takes a few minutes this is an inconvenience the user would rather not deal with. Enthusiasts and headphone producers have long recognized the problems associated with tangled cables, spending millions of dollars in research and development. Unfortunately, the result of this research has created subpar products that are either too inconvenient to use or are ineffective at improving the users experience. It has been proven many times that users are unhappy with the current headphones design and their poor tangle resistance. Moreover, there is a proven market for solutions. For example, one of many market proven products includes the Kickstarter Project CordCruncher, the project raised over $66,000 in just 30 days ( There are many other Kickstarter Projects that have raised over $600,000 for cable solutions.
        Our solution has the same functionality as the Cord Cruncher Headphones, and more. The product would be cheaper, more versatile, and convenient to use; solving the annoying problems associated with tangled, damaged, strained, or knotted headphone cables while opening up possibilities for more creative uses of headphones. The solutions functions by using a special wire integrated into the headphone cable, the wire is commonly known as memory metal and has riveting properties. The memory metal allows the user to use the headphones, as they normally would, however in order to conveniently wrap the cables up for storage the user may press a button that causes the memory metal to return to a predefined shape. Useful predefined shapes may be a tidy coil, compact winding that contours to an electronic device, or even an Apple Logo! The possible shapes, sizes, and configurations are endless; any shape that cables can be wound into can be achieved automatically by using integrated memory metal. Custom designs may include the user name, a word, or customer design.

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      • New sources of energyNew sources of energy

          new energy sources.
          Use gravity (gravity), geothermal effect (warm ground), solar energy, power flows of rivers, the wind.
          Maximum security.
          For the staff, (for maintenance), environment (ecology), for the state (strategic security).
          High efficiency. High power (from 1KVt to 1000 MVt and more). Universal application.
          The minimum cost price of electricity.

          1 - power converter steam (air), low pressure. Patent RF 2215183.
          When small amounts has enormous potential power. No competition. Able to replace nuclear
          power, hydropower, thermal power plants.

          2 - inverter air flow (of water). Patent RF 2219369.
          more efficient than traditional turbines. When used in water can replace the hydroelectric power station.

          3 - know-how. Super battery. The new principle of accumulation of electricity.
          Able to replace hundreds of conventional batteries

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        • Coupling device for assembly of panels or frames eg. furniture, box elements, etcCoupling device for assembly of panels or frames...

            A coupling device comprising male and female corresponding parts, which can be activated by thumb or finger press, and which remains flush with the panel or frame surface. The coupling device can remain lodged within the panel or frame even when the latter are disassembled, which avoids having to worry about losing the coupling device during transport and will not stick out beyond the surface of the panel or frame. Ideal for mounting furniture elements sold as kits, such as cupboards, shelves, wardrobes, etc, but can also be used to assemble frameworks. The system is designed so that the coupling device can be locked and unlocked by simply pressing on a part of the coupling device with the thumb or any finger capable of exerting a push action. The coupling device can be made of metal or any suitable plastic material or a combination thereof.

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              • To which technical area is my idea related?
              SINGLE-MACHINE ELECTROMECHANICAL TRANSMISSION (S-MEMT) belongs to the area of electrical engineering and electrical machinery and can be employed as an electromechanical transmission of rotational mechanical energy, including hybrid power units.
              • Which technical problem does my idea solve?
              S-MEMT is allows to convert the rotational energy of the drive motor to the rotational energy of the actuating mechanism with stepless alteration of the torque and angular velocity using only one electrical machine and can be employed as an hybrid power units.
              • Which other solutions are known today to solve the same technical problem?
              1) Electric Continuously Variable Transmission(ECVT) developed by Global Hybrid Cooperation
              2) Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) developed by Toyota
              • What are the drawbacks of the solutions known today?
              Known solutions have difficult structure of electromechanical conversions, using several mechanical planetary gearsets and several electrical machines
              • What are the advantages of my idea compared to the other known solutions?
              The proposed S-MEMT has a simple structure of electromechanical conversions using only one electric machine

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            • Develop software about calculate and selection ball bearing  roller bearing by computer  hadi omidinasab from National Petrochemical Company of I.R of IRANDevelop software about calculate and selection...

                In this invention we accustom software for designing rolling-contact bearing with the name CASBYC. For designing this software we use many programming languages like visual basic, C and MATLAB. For the advantage of this software we can mention on the data bank. Because many company exiting which produce rolling-contact bearing and all of them had their own standard for designing ,We use information from SKF company which is the biggest company in world, even we can found information about special roll bearing and ball bearing .Further more using of the latest information from SKF (published 2009) make its data bank more complete . The other advantages of this software is simple environment which can be simple and can use it for a wide range of users include students, professors, designers and craftsmen .More over this software can taking initial data from users like ball bearing or roll bearing force .it can compute requirement life, inside diameter and then advise it to users with all detail. On the other hand this software is having a rapid and accurate compute which is cause improvement of quality of designing and decrease factor of safety.

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              • Rollset - retractable handsfree set in the size of a coinRollset - retractable handsfree set in the size...

                  Flat cable cord (0.4 mm thick rectangular cable with total cable length 100cm) is rolled up on a button sized cable reel from both sides with different length. 1/3 of the total cable length distance is between device and earphones and 2/3 of the cable length is between device and plug for mobile phones (3.5mm phone jack, for any smartphone). The device is therefore located on the upper chest during use.

                  In the centre-point of the cable reel where the cable is rolled up from both sides a microphone and a button to take/stop phone calls are placed. Thus, the cable is rolled up around the micro and the micro (respectively housing) is placed on the upper chest during use and is therefore in the ideal speaking position (distance earphones - housing/micro (upper chest) = 33 cm; distance phone jack - housing/micro (upper chest) = 67 cm).

                  Cable is rolled up synchronously from both sides with different length and different speed in an elegant way. The whole device has a diameter of 26mm and a height of 10mm and therefore looks like a button (fixed with a steel clip). The mechanism is patented (PCT) and the name Rollset trademark protected.

                  Rollset's main features:
                  - High quality in technique and design
                  - No radiation
                  - Handy and easy to use

                  Target audience:
                  Anybody – but mainly focussing on young, urban professionals and anybody who appreciates innovation, good design and quality.

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                • Internal Combustion Engine - Hybrid Engine - Stirling EngineInternal Combustion Engine - Hybrid Engine -...

                    A Hellenic (Greek) Laboratory, specialized in Pure Mechanical Systems, has developed a Transmission Mechanism with many important Applications, being a Hardware which can run any corresponding Software (Operating Cycle).
                    In collaboration with several Industries and Universities, a large Programme ("THE DOT project") is in operation in order to search thoroughly any possible Application.
                    This Mechanism and some of its Applications have until now two International Patent Applications, both with excellent Search Reports:
                    Any publishable detail until now for the whole "THE DOT project" is at:
                    One of the most important Applications is a breakthrough in Engine Technology, having these major versions:
                    - Advanced Internal Combustion Engine,
                    - Advanced Stirling Engine,
                    - Advanced Hybrid Engine.
                    A version of this Stirling Engine operates with Solar or Geothermal Energy, so it is most promising in poor Countries with broad sunshine or with volcanic or geothermal activity.
                    There are, currently, under further development these versions:
                    - Internal Combustion Engines (Classic Otto/Classic Diesel),
                    - Internal Combustion Engines (Isovolumic Otto/Atkinson/Isobaric Diesel),
                    - Internal Combustion & Electric Hybrid Engine,
                    - External Combustion Stirling Engines (Multi-Fuel),
                    - External Combustion Stirling Engine (Liquid Oxygen),
                    - External Combustion & Electric Hybrid Engine,
                    - Steam Engine (High Efficiency),
                    - Solar & Geothermal Stirling Engines (High Efficiency),
                    - Solar & Geothermal Stirling Engines (Low Cost Construction & Maintenance Free),
                    - Domestic Heating & Stirling Hybrid Engine.
                    A Consortium under formation is looking for more Partners for the Production of the Mechanism or its Applications, who must be strong enough in their Commercial field in order to achieve a successful penetration in the Market.

                    The Asking Price of 12,000,000 E corresponds to 100% of Rights for All Countries of Protection.
                    Currently there is an Offer: 1,000,000 USD for 45% of Rights for USA only.
                    The aforementioned Prices could be negotiated, depending on the Market Potential of the prospective Buyer (for example: the Offer is modified to simply 0,00 E OR 0,00 USD AND 1% of the Rights, when the Buyer is a big Automotive Industry).

                    A Hellenic (Greek) Laboratory, highly specialized in Pure Mechanical Systems, has developed an Innovative Transmission Mechanism with many significant Applications and is looking for license agreement and/or technical cooperation agreement and/or Partners involved in the production of the Mechanism and/or its Applications.
                    This Transmission Mechanism (DOT: Distributive Oscillating Transmission) interconnects, in the most effective way, a plurality of Elements with a main Shaft, said Elements and Shaft rotating coaxially around a common axis with different but completely programmable angular velocities.
                    This interconnection is achieved via planetary systems with some non-circular gears which have almost the same mechanical efficiency as the standard ones.
                    The aforementioned Transmission Mechanism can perform literally any desired Cycle, Thermodynamic or not, even one with an odd number of asymmetrical strokes, with the greatest possible degree of mechanical efficiency in both directions.
                    One major application of this Transmission Mechanism is an Advanced Internal Combustion Engine (THE: Toroidal Hermetic Engine) with Three Rotating Toroidal Pistons, performing in the simplest possible way an almost Ideal Thermodynamic Cycle:
                    - Intake (of pure air-fuel mixture or mixed with exhaust gas, if necessary),
                    - Compression (up to any desired Compression Ratio),
                    - Combustion (Isochoric, for any desired Period, almost exactly or exactly, if necessary),
                    - Expansion (for any desired Period,..

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