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  • Intelligent Dental Surgical RobotIntelligent Dental Surgical Robot

      Dentistry is the branch of medicine that requires a lot of power for a dentist. To enhance the quality of dental services and avoid all the problems mentioned and For ease of operation such as (Anesthetic infusion, X-RAY Photography, Time Management and milling tooth and …) we have decided to design this robot to earn these benefits:
      1- Avoid touch the Dental ando system to lips and tongue
      2- Tooth milling operations by robot
      3- Dental radiography by robot
      4- Video record via robot system in 5MP resolution
      5- Anesthetic infusion To the target by robot

      6- Time management
      7- Reduce of the extra costs
      8- to avoid being exposed to infectious agents such as practitioners (HCV, HBV «hepatitis B, C», and bacterial and fungal infections)
      9- Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders as "back pain, wrist pain, headaches, shoulder pain, back pain, neck pain"
      10- Avoid visual fatigue and premature fatigue.
      11- Avoid exposure to noise pollution
      12- Abatement of exposure to the rays' ionizing or non-ionizing "
      13- prevent skin allergy, allergy
      14- avoid the risks and hazards of chemicals such as mercury dental amalgams, resins, sealers and ...
      15- Dental decay Detection intelligent devices via the piezoelectric system with 100% accuracy without any complications
      16- In deprived regions by a dentist From anywhere in the world Controlled of the Internet (Including the poor and disadvantaged countries that Not respected The oral health ،Peoples can Repair the Teeth)
      ►► GENERAL INFORMATION  Radiographic imaging (X-RAY) by robots 150DPI
       Film record via robot camera with (800*600) resolution
       Anesthetic injected into the mouth Target with adjusted 0.02mm
       Tooth operations intelligent robot with adjusted 0.02 mm

       Prevent wasted time (the robot operating time reduces to 15% )
       Prevent exposure to infectious agents such as (HCV, HBV «hepatitis B, C», and bacterial and fungal infections), 90% of patients will reduce.
       Prevent musculoskeletal disorders in dentists' pain, ankle pain, headaches, shoulder pain, back pain, neck pain, " 100% prevent this disease ".
       Prevent vision fatigue and premature fatigue ,100% prevent this disease.
       Avoid exposure to noise by up to 70% reduced.
       Prevent exposure to radiation as "ionizing and non-ionizing " 100% prevent this disease"
       Prevent skin irritation, allergies and the risk of AIDS and hepatitis, with this method, 100% of those diseases can be prevented.
       Abatement of hazards, chemical hazards, such as dental mercury amalgam, resins, sealers, etc. With this method, 70% of these illnesses can be prevented.
       Prevent physician fatigue and adverse events with up to 100% of this procedure is to prevent these diseases.
       The remote control system via Internet.
       Dental decay Detection Portable intelligent devices via The piezoelectric system with 100% accuracy without any complications

      ►►Used Technologies: Buhler Stepper motor ▬ DV camera for image process ▬ computer brain interface control system majol ▬ 7" tablet for controlling system ▬ six degree joystick- Atmega256 microcontroller etc. ▬ ABS parts for Robot assembly ▬ Brushles motors ▬ 50 M ultrasonic Sensors ▬ plaxyglass elements ▬ micro cam via 50 DPI resolution ▬ LCD monitor5" ▬ SONCEB OZ stepper motor
      ►►Working Principle: Robot electrical system Is provided By a 24 volt 12 amp power adapter that is connected to AC power. Robot performance is explained briefly below:
      1- This robot that connected to the dental unit We Help into the patient's mouth
      2- Robots are fixed in the patient's mouth
      3- Via stepper motors controller and rotational base motor ,In terms of mechanism, imaging needed and video recorder and Anesthetic infusion ,teeth milling tools, selected location desired Dentist ,Is regulated by the dentist. 4- As needed by selecting any of the items and press the button to start the robot works
      5- When we got to the final stage of tooth ra

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    • Ceramic - ceramic implant with Titanium SurfaceCeramic - ceramic implant with Titanium Surface

        Worldwide unique nanotechnological coating process for manufacturing ceramic implants with a pure titanium surface - with the potential to create new Benchmark in medical Engineering.

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      • How to Convert Many Types of Herb or Suppliment Capsules to Timed ReleaseHow to Convert Many Types of Herb or Suppliment...

          There are many herbs and OTCs that lose power in a few hours. Many people may want to have one capsule to take early and not have to take it all day or night. A pill or capsule conversion method using special outer capsules or shields that gradually release the herb or supplimen in the gi tract.

          Charles Lawson, Inventor.

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        • Child resistant closureChild resistant closure

            The invention consists in a safety cap to be used in bottles or containers having dangerous products like medicines, toxic liquids, chemical products or similar, that is more difficult to open than normal caps, especially by kids or babies. At the same time, this child resistant closure is not difficult to be opened by adults or senior people.

            In general terms, the system is based in a cap with internal and external threads, with different pitch and/or direction. The system considers also another piece, consisting in a safety ring, which locks the system when typical opening procedure is done. This ring lets the cap opening if the opening sequence and direction is met.

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              Carbon nanoparticles are obtained by burning mustard oil with the aid of wick and collected on graphite. The wick used is made of cotton mixed with synthetic fibres. This carbon nanoparticles coated graphite is then used as anode in microbial fuel cell.


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                Although different methods for synthesising carbon nanostructures are available, research is still going on for finding the cheap and easy method for commercial preparation of different carbon nanostructures with controlled moiphology and high purity. The carbon soot obtained from burning of vegetable oils and animal based oils by using traditional method is found to contain carbon nanostructures including single-walled carbon nanotubes, multi- walled carbon nanotubes and carbon nanofibers. Carbon soot obtained by burning oils has been used as 'kajal' since ancient times. Kajal is easy-to-make by traditional method of flame deposition. It has been. found to contain carbon nanomaterials. Thus, synthesis of carbon nanostructures from vegetable oil using flame deposition method is studied in detail in regard to find a cheap source and easy method.

                [PCT International Patent Application No.WO/2014/080418 - SYNTHESIS OF CARBON NANOPARTICLES FROM VEGETABLE OIL BY FLAME DEPOSITION]

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              • The subject of the offer is a group of mixed dopamine and serotonin modulatorsThe subject of the offer is a group of mixed...

                  Key facts:
                  - Lead structures classified as multimodal agents (serotonin, dopamine receptors ligands)
                  - Lead structures display anti-psychotic, pro-cognitive and pro-social efficacy; the latter suggesting favorable effects on negative symptoms of psychoses
                  - Uncomplicated synthesis
                  In vitro testing:
                  - Compounds display high affinity for dopaminergic D2 and D3 receptors and serotoninergic 5-HT1A, 5-HT2A, 5-HT6, 5-HT7 receptors; they were mostly classified as D2, 5-HT2A antagonists
                  - Compounds have no affinity for M1, H1 lowering the risk of side effects related to cholinergic-, histaminergic- activity
                  - Lead structures are brain penetrant
                  - Lead structures display acceptable CYP interaction, no toxicity (hERG)
                  In vivo testing:
                  - Favorable profile in tests predictive of anti-psychotic activity: PCP-induced hyperactivity, conditioned avoidance response (CAR), prepulse inhibition (PPI), social interaction
                  - Pro-cognitive efficacy in the novel object recognition (NOR) test, attentional set shifting (ASST), and others suggesting an enhancement of prefrontal flexibility disturbed in schizophrenia
                  - Activity was confirmed following oral administration
                  - Lead structures don’t affect ECG in guinea pigs and show lack of cardiovascular effects in rats, suggesting the lack of cardio-toxicity

                  Compounds may be regarded as drug candidates for the treatment of schizophrenia symptoms and cognitive impairment.

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                • A Cheap Cure For Obesity and Blood Sugar ProblemsA Cheap Cure For Obesity and Blood Sugar Problems

                    A cheaper cure for Type II diabetes and to reduce obesity effeciently. The American Diabetes Association recognises an operation called the Roux en y as a cure for 87% of Type II diabetes. Another operation called the gastric sleeve has the same effect of both curing Type II and also reducing obesity, as the roux en y was originally designed. It's believed the cause of diabetes is the irritation of the duodenim, the tube between the stomach and upper gi. The sleeve operation has the same effects as the roux en y; the hormones start to convert to normal in about a week, and it's believed the weight loss involved also is related to the hormones since insulin is the main fat storage hormone. The roux en y is out of reach of most with diabetes due to its higher risk than the duodenum operation which is less invasive. But the duodenal sleeve operation costs about three thousand dollars. My invention is a small cheap robot pill, that works by changing the duodenum. The pill is biodegradable so it's completely safe, and a 20 dollar OTC that may cure both Type II and obesity.

                    Art Orbiting Candy Copyright 2013 By charles L

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