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  • Therapeutic Peptide for Allergic DiseasesTherapeutic Peptide for Allergic Diseases

      The inventor has newly developed an inhibitory peptide of human mast cell activation for the treatment of allergic diseases. There are increasing evidences that mast cells from different species are functionally heterogeneous so that the known anti-allergic agents such as SCG and NS have much less effect on human mast cells compared to murine mast cells. Therefore, the proposed peptide which targets human IgE receptor (FceRIbeta) expressed on human mast cells can be a promising drug for the treatment of allergic diseases. Furthermore, the FceRIbeta is expressed exclusively on the surface of mast cells and basophils, suggesting the peptide has no potential side effect. Also, the cost is much lower than anti-IgE recombinant humanized monoclonal antibody, which is only drug that inhibits human mast cell activation but pretty expensive.

      Features and Advantages
      * 25-amino acid peptides (can be shortened to 17 amino acids)
      * Recombinant cell-penetrating form of phosphorylated FcERI beta ITAM
      * Inhibits IgE-dependent human mast cell activation by disturbing the interaction between a Src kinase Lyn and phosphorylated endogenous FceR1 beta ITAM
      * Significantly inhibited IgE-dependent human mast cell activation in vitro
      * Effectively inhibited hypersensitivity reactions in murine models in vivo
      * PCT application filed

      Possible Applications
      * Human allergic diseases
      - Allergic brochial asthma, atopic dermatitis, acute and chronic urticeria
      - Food allergy, anaphylaxis, allergic rhinitis, vernal keratoconjunctivitis

      The pdf file with more detailed information is available at

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    • Peptide Tag for Stabilizing Protein in the CellPeptide Tag for Stabilizing Protein in the Cell

        The proposed technology is a protein motif that enables the stabilization of proteins in the cell. The motif is composed of 16 amino acids mainly consisting of acidic amino acids. This motif provides proteolysis resistance to the fused protein, so that the expression level is highly improved by approximately 2-20 times. By employing this motif as a tag of the expression plasmid, it is possible to provide an expression system that can raises the expression of proteins which are normally expressed at a low level. Furthermore, as the other application, applying this motif to cell-permeable proteins used for protein therapies would result in the improvement of the effectiveness of the therapies, since the protein therapies generally face the problems of the protein degradation.

        Features and Advantages
        * Motif derived from transcription factor DP-1, and named as DP-1 Stabilon
        - Provides proteolysis resistance by inhibiting proteasome and serine protease
        - Composed of 16 amino acids mainly consisting of acidic ones (EDDEEDDDFNENDEDD)
        - Can be shortened to 5 acidic amino acids (EDDEE)
        - Has effect in both positions of N-terminus and C-terminus to be selected
        * The expression of many proteins increased (approx. 2-20 times)
        - eg. Sox2, PARalpha, Foxp3, Oct4, Klf4, Glis1, NFYC, HSPA14 and RhoA
        * PCT application filed

        Possible Applications
        * Tag for plasmid systems to improve protein expression
        * Stabilization of therapeutic proteins, therapeutic antibodies

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      • Novel Mouse Model for Rheumatoid ArthritisNovel Mouse Model for Rheumatoid Arthritis

          Provided is a new animal model for human rheumatoid arthritis (RA), which is produced by inoculating Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). A number of observations have suggested the involvement of EBV in the pathogenesis of RA. However, there have been no appropriate animal models for EBV infection to examine a causal relationship between EBV and RA, because EBV can infect only limited primate species and does not infect normal mice. By employing the NOD/Shi-scid/IL-2Rynull (NOG) mouse strain, the inventor has successfully developed humanized mouse model of EBV infection. This newly developed animal model shows erosive arthritis with many features resembling those of RA so that be useful for pathological elucidation and drug evaluation of RA. Furthermore, this animal model has advantages over conventional RA animal models in that it can be produced easily with low cost and suitable for examining development and progress of inflammation.

          Features and Advantages
          * Human immune system components are reconstituted in NOG mice
          - CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells isolated from cord blood is transplanted in NOG mice
          * Erosive arthritis is accompanied by many features resembling RA
          - Pannus formation, synovial membrane proliferation,
          - Inflammatory cell infiltration to the synovium, and bone marrow edema
          * Slow development and progression of inflammation like those of human RA
          - Suitable for pathological elucidation and drug evaluation
          * Simple and low-cost production method
          * PCT application filed

          Possible Applications
          * Animal experiment for drug development and pathological elucidation of RA

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        • Bone marrow-directing drug delivery materialsBone marrow-directing drug delivery materials

            The bone marrow play an important role as a hematopoietic organ, and bone diseases such as osteomyelitis and myeloma cause severe morbidity. Since the bone marrow is not an organ to which surgical therapy is an option, the bone marrow diseases are mainly subject to medical treatment, such as by chemotherapy. There is a great need for drug delivery systems that have the ability to effectively deliver therapeutic agents to the bones or bone marrows. The inventors have identified novel drug delivery materials that have the ability to target therapeutic agents to the bones with high specificity. These agents also have the ability to result in accumulation of therapeutic agents in bones or bone marrow. This is based on the fact that the vesicles were intravenously administered to a living body and the distribution of the vesicles in the organs in the body was quantitatively analyzed. The experiments have been conducted using rabbit and monkeys.

            Features and Advantages:
            * Nano-sized lipid vesicles (liposome technology)
            * Surface modification of the vesicles with carboxylic acids (SA) and polyethylene glycol (PEG) chains
            * Bone marrow-directing drug delivery material (Intravenous infusion)
            * Site-specific drug delivery system targeting bone marrow for various drugs
            * High blood compatibility and biodegradability

            Possible Applications:
            Drug delivery material which may be used in various applications such as diagnosis, treatment of prevention of diseases of bone, bone marrow, cartilage, and joint

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          • Apoptosis-Inducing Peptide for Cancer Gene TherapyApoptosis-Inducing Peptide for Cancer Gene Therapy

              Provided is a multifunctional peptide which can induce apoptosis, increase of transfection efficiency with non-viral vectors, and increase of deposition of other proteins in extracellular matrix and therefore resulting in high local concentration of target proteins. The combination of these functions is ideal for improvement of apoptosis-based therapies for cancers. Currently, the inventor has been developing the combinational use of the proposed peptide and Fas-ligand (FasL) for gene therapy of oral and neck tumors. In vivo study using model mice with explanted tumors has shown that this peptide fragment can substantially improve the efficiency of cancer gene therapy using FasL. In fact, some tumors treated by the fused protein of FasL and this peptide completely disappeared.

              Features and Advantages
              * E3 and C1 domains of Del1, extracellular matrix (ECM) protein
              - Proteins fused to the E3 and C1 domains are deposited in the ECM
              - E3 also increases the endocytosis of transfected genes
              - E3 induces apoptosis at high concentration
              * Fusion protein of FasL and E3C1 can be used for improved cancer gene therapy
              - Local injection of the fusion protein using non-viral vectors
              - Injected protein is locally concentrated and retained due to its deposition activity
              - Safer and more economical than therapy by viral vector

              Possible Applications
              * Cancer gene therapy

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            • Disposable Skin and Cuff ProtectorDisposable Skin and Cuff Protector

                A single use, protective barrier made of surgical material that wraps around a patients upper bicep, to prevent contact when the patients blood pressure is being taken. there is nothing like this on the market and it will be packaged like a kleenex tissue where one is removed and the next is ready and available for use. please contact me to get this product in todays market as it has potential to be available nationwide in every hospital and medical facility . im in the middle of making the website but if i had a business partner who could guide the company it would make things alot faster

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              • SIP-CORE: An innovative hydration systemSIP-CORE: An innovative hydration system

                  SIP-CORE is an innovative hydration system with which all kinds of liquids can be absorbed without spilling. When using SIP-CORE you don´t even need your hands.

                  There are some situations where drinking can be very circumstantial. While driving a car, doing sports or when you are sick, have a disability or lying in hospital. If you don´t be careful in no matter of time the liquid is spilled.

                  SIP-CORE can be screwed onto any standard bottle. In combination with a flexible liquid container (pouch), with and without hose connection, SIP-CORE is a very safe and versatile system for easy, hand-free drinking. It can be used in the geriatric care, for children, on trips, while driving a car, riding a motorbike or doing sports,even to supply military troops.

                  Since the SIP-CORE hydration system can be produced from biodegradable materials, it provides a significant ecological advantage. Furthermore the liquid absorption in small sips prevents from dehydration and improves concentration and performance.

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                • Silver-Skin - Medical Textiles for the Whole FamilySilver-Skin - Medical Textiles for the Whole...

                    The Silver-Skin® textile offers a unique combination of natural features and is based on entirely pure components, providing functionality in a new design and style. The Silver-Skin® textile is based on the innovative combination of silver and cotton, as silver provides a number of outstanding natural properties:
                    • High electrical conductivity
                    • Excellent thermal conductivity
                    • Strong optical reflectivity
                    • Antibacterial protection

                    A number of studies have proven that due to the textile’s natural properties, the SilverSkin® products offer an outstanding combination of medical applications:

                    • Treatment of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis
                    • Prevention and treatment of allergies
                    • Provides up to 99% of electromagnetic radiation protection
                    • Antibacterial protection
                    • Soothing and anti-itching effect
                    • Electro smog protection
                    • Ultimate factor of sun protection UPF 50+

                    Extra flat seams on the outside of the garment as well as labels on the outside ensure perfect wearing comfort without irritating the skin. On account of the high silver content this shirt has a calming effect on inflamed skin. The silver has an antibacterial effect and, hence, reduces skin itching (pruritus).

                    • Medical product (CE standard)
                    • 75 % organic cotton (Oeco-tex standard 100)
                    • 25 % silver-coated polyamide yarn (100 % on the skin)
                    • No nano-silver
                    • Excellent wearing comfort
                    • Outside seams, no side seams, no labels on the inside


                    75% pure cotton (Öko-tex standard 100), 25% silver fiber (patent protected silver-coated polyamide core)
                    The material is a combination the finest cotton fibers, processed as high-tech threads to create a combination with the silver fibers. This accomplishment was a result of extensive functional and determinative research.
                    Along with its high protective properties, this new textile is also perfectly suitable for the everyday life, providing a previously unknown multi-functionality, protection and comfort

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