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  • Starter Motor SupplierGzone ChinaStarter Motor SupplierGzone China

      Gzone China is a Manufacturer for Heavy Duty Starter, Starter Parts and OEM Machinery Parts. Our Starter can be replacement for Mitsubishi Starter, Delco Remy Starter, Denso Starter and ect.

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    • the mechanical battery  this is both a toy and an automotive inventionthe mechanical battery this is both a toy and an...

        How the device works?
        The device is a clockwork with several stages, the main problem of a several-stage clockwork is solved, that is we won’t just connect gears directly, we will discharge the battery by connecting gears step by step until we discharge all the stored energy.

        In this picture we have five big gears and four small gears the ratio between the big gear and the small one is 8:1 these gears are 1,2,3,4, and 5 , gear #5 can be considered as the car wheel which will touch ground to make it move long distance with little force, gear #1 is connected with very strong spring in this gear short-distance huge-force energy is stored , the spring used is the spiral spring to store rotational energy , spring in gear #1 is the strongest , it becomes weaker in gear #2 and the weakest spring in gear #4 , gear #5 does not have a spring , No (7) is a spring while No (9) is gear with teeth in its half part rotates by an electric motor , the reason for this gear and the spring is to make the group No (6) of gear #2 and gear #4 and other parts to move from left to right and vice versa while the gear rotates clockwise continuously . So what happens if group No (6) moves from side to side?
        First , all these gears -except gear #5- will be charged and discharged to only half their full cycles, if gears are capable to store 8 cycles, only the last 4 cycles will be used, because the first 4 cycles may store very little forces up to zero.
        When the group No (6) moves from right to left rod #10 will release gear #1 and at the same time small gear #2 will touch big gear #1, gear #1 will transfer some of its energy to weaker spring in gear #2, also at the same time small gear #4 will touch big gear #3, so that gear #3 will transfer some of its energy to weaker spring in gear #4.
        On the other hand when the group of gears #2 and #4 moves from left to right all these happen:
        1) Rod #10 stops gear #1 to save energy.
        2) Big gear #2 will touch small gear #3 to transfer some energy to it and to be stored.
        3) Big gear #4 will touch small gear #5 to transfer its energy (without being stored).
        This process happens over and over to transfer all the stored energy in gear #1 to gear #5 to move the car forward. The ordinary several-stage clockwork problem is solved because the last gear will rotate by only 8 times the first gear angular speed. We do not need much energy to rotate it at enormous speeds as in an ordinary several-stage clockwork.
        This motion is not continuous because it happens in steps, however two or more batteries of this kind will work alternately and provide continuous motion. This energy is not just for cars it can be used also to generate electricity as well. We can connect an electric motor to gear #5 to convert rotation to electricity. Gear #5 will rotate 32 cycles, gear #4 will complete 4 cycles, gear #3 0.5 cycle, gear #2 0.06 cycle, and gear #1 0.008 cycle this will happen at each step until the gear #1 releases all its energy.
        So if we put very strong carbon nano-tube spring (for their high energy density, or just steel spring for toys but with little car range say 300 m ) say 200 K.N at beginning of the four cycles and 400 K.N at maximum charging point we can obtain forces from 50 N to 25 N as output force(forces apply at gear edge for torque calculation), if the input cycles are 4 in gear #1, the output cycles would be 16484 cycles in gear #5, if the last gear #5 has diameter one meter the car can go about 50 Km with only one charge.five batteries can give 250-125 N forces at gear edges.

        spring in gear #1 can be replaced with large weights at up to 100 m height for much energy to be used as energy storage in houses or power plants.

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          Brand Name QLUCK
          Item NO.: QY011
          General NO/OEM NO.: 89544-48010//512207 right//512206 left
          Car Maker TOYOTA
          Item Name CAMRY
          Application "REAR WHEEL
          CAMRY(MCV3_, ACV3_, XV3_) 2001/08-2006/11"
          Guarantee 50000KM
          Sample YES, WE AFFORD
          Price 1~100USD
          BOX/QTY 6PCS/CTN
          MOQ 50PCS
          Delivery Time 30DAYS

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        • Hangzhou Qluck BearingHangzhou Qluck Bearing

            Founded in July, 2010, Hangzhou Qluck Bearing is located in beautiful city Xiaoshan, Hangzhou which is very near to Shanghai and Ningbo. With 3 million RMB registered capital and 2800㎡factory area, Qluck Bearing have 70 employees, 6 R&D people and 4 quality engineers, which is a professional company for HBU1, HBU2 and HBU3 car wheel producing. We had passed The TS16949 Quality System in 2011 and annual production capacity is 1.5 million set of car wheel HBU. We aim to produce reliable products and be a required company. Based upon quality and technology innovation, we manage company from system details.
            Hangzhou Qluck Bearing had cooperated with many automobile brake manufacturers, such as Mando from Korea, Zhejiang APG(Yatai), CIPE Braking Systems (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. and more of large auto parts agent at home and abroad. With honest and win-win managing principle, Hangzhou Qluck Bearing warmly welcome friends from all the world come to visit and cooperate with us!

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          • Automobile products automobile accessories LED light bar wiring harness rocker switchAutomobile products automobile accessories LED...

              MICTUNING has the professional automobile products which are good for those have off road vehicles. We have LED light bar, wiring harness, 5 pin rocker switch, TOYOTA push switch and other LED headlight, automobile accessories. Welcome to browse our website:

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            • sell brake disc for  MASSEY FERGUSONsell brake disc for MASSEY FERGUSON

                Brake Disc for MASSEY FERGUSON
                OEM NO:

                1. What’s your payment term?
                For new customers, our payment is TT30% advance and balance will be paid by TT before shipment.
                For customers who have had three times of cooperation, our payment term can be TT30% advance and balance will be paid by TT against copy of documents.
                For long time partners, after evaluation, we can accept O/A.
                2. What’s your MOQ?
                If we have stock, we have no MOQ.
                If we have don’t have stock, the MOQ is 100pcs per item normally.
                3. What’s your warranty?
                We offer 12 month or 30000KM warranty to all our customers(30 days after BL date)
                4. What’s your lead time of production?
                Within one week if we have stock.
                45days for normal orders
                90 days for newly developed products.
                5. Can you use our brand boxes or printing our logos on the products?
                Yes, we can. Free color boxes can be acceptable if the order quantity is more than 1000pcs. We can laser print logo whatever your quantity is.

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              • AAShieldAAShield

                  With high quality products developed under China’s strict guidelines, AA Shield launched their line of body armor solutions and ballistic products in 2012 and has quickly become known as a reliableand innovative supplier of manufactured ballistic protection safety gear that enables their unique clients the resources to address some of the toughest ballistic challenges in some of the most hostile environments imaginable.Their advanced ergonomic design gives their customers the best comfort and superior fit, even in the harshest environments. They know their clients demanding needs and are more than capable of ensuring those needs are met.

                  Their wide range of technologically advanced protection products improve the quality of life of their customers by offering high quality ballistic protections products and increasing the safety and security of their customers. This understanding of what is expected of them is one of the reasons their flagship products have become so successful:

                  The NIJ III-A Soft Ballistics Plate
                  The NIJ III-A Bulletproof Vest
                  The NIJ III Hard Ballistics Plate
                  The NIJ IV Hard Ballistics Plate
                  Providing personal protection products that are constructed of high quality materials that are considered by many to be the industry standard, AA Shield offers only the best:

                  Teijin Twaron = this unique material offers an ideal combination of chemical resistance, mechanical properties, thermal stability, and optimal durability.
                  DuPont Kevlar = Kevlar fibers are used for a variety of products but are most notably used for ballistics protection. Based on an equal weight basis, these innovative fibers are five-times stronger than steel.
                  UHMWPE = widely used in the production of ballistic protection, UHMWPE is a very durable fabric that is sandwiched between a thermoplastic film.
                  AA Shield stands by their commitment to not only their customers, but also to their products. Their expertise and experience enable them to continuously work towards providing more products and ensuring you have exactly what you need for mission accomplishment.

                  They have convenient online ordering as well as a dedicated sales staff that stand ready to assist you with customized service whenever you may require it and their fast delivery ensures you get your items in a timely manner. Wherever your demanding profession may lead you, you can rest assured knowing that AA Shield will help you get there and back in one piece. Are products are used by law enforcement, security personnel, and war fighters all across the globe; giving them the highest level of protection possible. With this much responsibility, and this many people take relying on us,we take our job very seriously.

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                • ToysCollectorToysCollector

                    Toys-collector main serve for toy enthusiasts and distributor,we professional to supply Transformer,Original Car Model, UAV,Autobots and so on by wholesale and retail. And freeshipping online store.If you are interesed in this kind of toys,please feel free to contact us,or log in our website to have a look first:

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