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  • The Flying Car, Technology 2011The Flying Car, Technology 2011

      It is a new technology that I have been working on , which is the new flying car design , it is designed on maya 3D by me , the idea is having a plane and a car in one , it's a car like any normal car but , the different is ... you can use it to fly from a point to another , like would say from a city to another , or it might be enough for traveling out the country , at the same time , the car shape doesn't need to change , and it's not going to change the car function either , the speed is the same as the Jet plane , at the same time the car can be on the ground , drivable as a normal car...

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    • The concept of motor biofuels powderThe concept of motor biofuels powder

        Powder biofuel is readily free-flowing powder of microcrystalline cellulose. Cellulose carbohydrate polymer, a core component fiber and dry weight of plants.
        In the manufacture of powdered microcrystalline cellulose biofuels takes the form of spherical micro beads, which makes the powder flowability and high density "Pseudo fluidity."
        High turnover of biofuel powder can fill it in tanks and pumps to pump the fuel line through the pipes like a liquid fuel.
        To adapt the production of internal combustion engines to fuel the powder needs a special powder fuel system.
        The main element of the fuel system with powder pump dispenser, with a fundamentally new - "Gas jet fuel sputtering system." Gas jet fuel supply method allows the file to the cylinders, spray and powder to ignite fuel, as well as any liquid fuel. One advantage of the gas jet system in the multi-fuel capability and simplicity to the fuel consumption. Gas-jet spray system allows you to create a flex-fuel vehicles capable of consuming any fuel oil, gasoline, alcohol, diesel fuel, vegetable oil, crude oil, and still operate with equal efficiency regardless of the pressure in the cylinders. This engine combines the benefits of gasoline and diesel, but more is unpretentious in the choice of fuel.
        Powder fuel system is compact and easy to use, much like a traditional liquid.
        Feed powder directly into the engine cylinders can spend a solid fuel is more economical than the pre-gasification. Car gasifiers major potential competitors of the concept of powdered fuel, but they consume more fuel, have large dimensions and weight. Gasifiers poorly fit into the design of modern cars, but they can be used for multi-purpose light vehicles in the countryside, while the powder compact fuel systems are more convenient for the cities.
        Powder biofuel combines the main advantages of solid and liquid biofuels. It's cheap and resources for its production are widely distributed and available, it is also environmentally friendly as vegetable fibers of which it is produced. But biofuels powder can be consumed by automobile engines, replacing the expensive and not eco-friendly fuel oil. Plant biomass in the form of fine powder is more convenient for transportation and processing than the traditional solid biofuel. In the chemical modification of micro crystalline cellulose can get cheap, "Green Polymers" and other products of industrial chemistry. Cellulose powder can serve as a filler in the manufacture of plastics, concrete, construction and finishing materials.
        Characteristics of cellulose powder allow it to compete with oil, assuming the role of renewable natural hydrocarbon resources.
        Biofuel potential of the powder allows it to be the new direction of the biofuel industry. I openly publish materials on the powder in the form of biofuel concepts, the technical details I will reveal to investors or partners, my goal as a consultant in one of the auto companies or conducting experimental work on the technical basis for subsequent licensing partners on mutually beneficial terms.
        I'm not against the publication of my material in the media, it will help promote the author, perhaps I will reveal some technical details in the publications, but only on condition that they are guaranteed to be made public and will receive wide publicity.
        Nikolay Agapov.

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          (General Electric in TORQUE RESISTANT LOW)

          The new type of General Electric, has some REMARKABLE PERFORMANCE (superior current generators) in that it is based on a completely new operating principle, innovative and revolutionary technology, electromagnetic induction, with the following advantages:

          - 1) RESISTANT mechanical torque (the shaft) is independent of electric charge - which involves:

          - Mechanical energy is consumed in the same goal and task;

          - Over a certain electric power generated, mechanical strength is required to la70% less (compared to the overall performance met);

          - 2) Due to the special mode of construction, against known generators are relevant CONSTRUCTIVE avanataje we have the following:

          - Maximum reliability - no carbon brushes both for stator and rotor

          - Rotor mass is only 20% of the generator;

          - Inductor and armature windings are stationary;

          - Universal applicability - can be used (design for any power and speed) in:


          - Automotive, motorcycle, naval, air, military;

          - Stationary or mobile sets;

          - Is ideal for submersible applications or explosive atmosphere.

          Worldwide Independent Inventors Association - Office Romania -

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        • Pollution-free motorPollution-free motor

            A new technology is out that has NOT gotten the attention it deserves! My name is Dan Williamson - manufacturing specialist. I am seeking financial backing to build (and start installing) a universal “fuel-free motor” that can replace all fossil fuel motors within our lifetimes!
            This motor exists and runs WITHOUT fuel!
            It's called a "Magnet Motor" and "YES!" they DO work!
            To see a simple version of this technology go to:

            Magnet motor advantages:
            1) Runs indefinitely - WITHOUT FUEL!
            2) Emits "Zero" air pollution.
            3) Very few moving parts.
            4) Mega-Torque - out the Kazoo!
            5) Runs under or over water.
            6) Needs no air to function.
            7) Needs no cooling system.
            8) Starting/running not affected by weather.
            9) It's the closest thing you'll get to "perpetual motion".
            10) Uses less room and weighs less than fossil fuel motors.

            Here’s the principal that makes it work (Try it yourself!):
            Use 2 similar magnets - .5" dia. x .5" thick

            1) Try PREVENTING the magnets from contacting as you move them closer together (by hand) - with ATTRACTING poles FACING each other.
            2) Try FORCING the magnets together - with OPPOSING poles FACING each other.
            3) Now try this using two magnets the size of hockey pucks!

            When we build a motor with properly spaced magnets and manually start it rotating - it continues to do so on its own - indefinitely!
            The simple fact is this: a smaller, tougher magnet motor CAN replace ANY/ALL fossil-fuel-burning motors - practically overnight - IF we choose to make it a priority!



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          • Carven MotorCarven Motor

              the Carven rotary motion device improves the usual features of a cylinder-piston rod-crankshaft scheme for many kinds of applications in internal combustion, hydraulic or pneumatic engines and other devices as compressors, actuators, etc…

              This invention main feature is producing rotary motion from a pressure fluid or vice versa, achieved with only two moving parts in a fixed cylinder.

              Due to it’s special shape, allows more compact engines and they remain scalable to meet the power and torque requirements of each application.

              Construction rests on a fix cylinder with a fixed separation segment placed on the inside upper part. Hosted on the main shaft, a moving separation segment shaped as a half moon. Both segments divide the main chamber into two parts, the working chamber and the exhaust chamber.

              The moving segment allows a change in orientation reffered to the fixed segment that separates the intake and exhaust. Through its particular movement, it allows to pass from one side to the other of the fixed separation in each revolution. Thus, it is not necessary the standard reciprocating movement of the conventional pistons.

              In each revolution, the previous exhaust phase overlaps with the next work phase cycle so the actual working phase per revolution is nearly all the rotation of the shaft loosing only a small dead angle at the top.

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            • the holey railthe holey rail

                The core product to my business. U.S. patent granted in 2010. Garage organizer. Billion dollar industry in the US. Based on peghook technology, providing an affordable solution to a growing market. Proven sales. Additional patent pending products currently in development. Seeking to finance a national product launch. Distributors have presented themselves to us at the National Hardware Show. Seeking financial partner with resources in sales and distribution.

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              • ODSTM-1 in-situ dyne surface tension wettability measurement at fast moving plastic films and foilsODSTM-1 in-situ dyne surface tension wettability...

                  Method and device for online tough less surface tension control ODSTM-1 in DE19543289 by which the fast moving substrate through the measuring gap. It is transmitted with a chromatic beam and spectral selected light source were two optical channels are displaced and polarized by 90 degree to each other. Both optical axles are precise and motor driven shift able in certain angles from 25 up to 65 degree. The spectral light photons, transmission, extinction, absorption grades are detectable by two optical CCD imagine vision devices, integrated into the sensor case on other side of the substrate.

                  Material condition
                  At high speed moving substrates means plastic foil, flexible, film, laminate, coating, bonding, labeling, co-extrusion, BOPP, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, MDPE, MAS, MOH, MEV, PET, FEP, PP, PE, PS, PO, EVA, PTFE, PVC, PTFE, Vinyl, Polyester, wrapping, self-adhesive tape, high strength, cross laminated, adhesive coated films, reflective or magnetic sheeting, automotive tape products, inkjet, heat sealing, security, pressure sensitive tapes for entertainment or building industry, masking or printable plastic films, polycarbonate, acrylic, extruded or polished cellulose, optical grade polycarbonate, sheets for IR or laser protection, filter sheet, imaging, capacitors, bi-oriented polystyrene sheet, multilayer co-extruded film, PVC, PETG, polyimide, tear tapes for aerospace, inner covering in aircrafts, automotive, medical, bioengineering, renewable, agriculture, marine, household, commercial, domestic, construction, high-porous membranes for uses in alkaline lithium ion batteries, fuel cells, filtration equipment. By gauges 10-500 microns, fabric widths up to 10000 mm and web speeds up to 18 m/s.

                  Optical properties and quality control
                  Material specific wavelength selection 1200 up to 1800 nm, material specific finger prints, molecular spectral properties, transmission, optical angle scanning, ultra low level stray scatter light detection, polarization, slot diaphragms, transverse displacements control the light beams along and far from the optical X and Y axes. The results are extreme scattering, diffraction, NIR, IR, stray light photons generation into the layer areas at both sides of the moving substrate.

                  Their reflected and transmitted light intensities enables the determination by defined formulas and data matrixes the surface tension values in ranges from 28 up to 62 mN/m or dynes which are direct associate and bond to real static values for statistical quality control (SQC).

                  And this entirely independent of the material specific influences as like surface consistency, thickness, density, weight, opacity, coherence, filling, stretching, shrinkage, structure, co-extrusion, polar grouping, temperature, intrinsic motivation or viscosity, hydrophobia, hydrophilic molecules, hydrogen, moisture, water steam proof, bi-layer, polymer, patterning, nanostructure, irradiation, isotopic, catalyst, coherence, absorption, photo mask effect, radiation, resonance bands, Raman, electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis ASTM or ATR method, property, acoustic photonic liquid effects, pre material treatment as corona, plasma jet, flam treatment.

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                • MLL-1 high speed laser beam steering for material treatmentMLL-1 high speed laser beam steering for material...

                    Ultra high scan speeds up to 4000 Hz or 240000 rpm with commercial air-bearing motors.
                    REAL galvanometer scanner alternatives, precise laser beam deflection up to 4 Kilowatt Co2 by high dynamic performances.
                    From 8 up to 15 mm laser beam aperture diameter, advantage beam quality factor M2 less then 0.9 for focus spots down to 60 micron.
                    Product process advantages enable total different product indicators and milestones against other laser perforation or material treatment processes which allows significant product property, trademark indications, patent claims, unique company features in micro perforation of tipping, cigarette packaging or other paper or material.
                    E.g. wide range of laser perforation groups as common active ventilation zone to obtain several advances in air stream distributions into cigarette filter, perfect perforation line guiding around cigarette filters or other food, domestic, industry products to assure constant porosity results.
                    Several pattern or wave line design for different brands, number of holes or pattern with 10 or 20 per cm length are constant, porosity range from 100 up to 1000 C.U., holes sizes from 60 up to 120 micron, holes densities from 100000 up to 500000 holes per second in total.
                    From 1 up 6 perforation pattern, lines, marks or scripts can combines a group, perforation hole, pattern quality or porosity remains in standard levels.

                    Other web material, substrate or products are treatable in similar processes, existent laser perforation, treatment machines are able to modify with new optical, micro mechanical and control elements.
                    Low investment and finance budget of technical modifications because exchanges of certain elements, complete devices are adaptable on existent off-line perforation machines or other laser treatment handling systems.

                    Capability to adapt beam divert devices or units at on-line perforation system at cigarette making machines up 12000 cpm.

                    The patent of devise, process and product properties are pending as DE102004012081.

                    Outstanding product applications
                    For web or sheet material, metal, isolation, foil, film, plastic, substrate, leather, textile and paper enables now large number of possibilities for micro hole position, different pattern, design, wave, zigzag, cryptograms, scripts, marking, scribing, scratching, tear off lines or others which generates. E.g. optimize air distribution characteristics into cigarette filters, unique anti counterfeit piracy indication and not countable product advantages.

                    Special remark creates fundamentally new product properties, e.g. as final products for mouthpieces with tipping paper at cigarettes or other tobacco, packaging, security products, flip off or hinge-lid packs.

                    Specific indication of brand names to recognizable for everyone and even for product buyers, if micro design, holes, patterns, holograms are to see with magnified views only.
                    Or sensitive touch able as Braille scripts generated by micro cluster cryptograms or holograms.

                    MLL-1 targets many existent and new applications with high speed scans of laser beam divert in horizontal or vertical position.
                    Sophisticated ultra high speed spins optical divert elements allows low budget modifications at existent systems and production machines.
                    Micro-Laser-Line technology means real alternative for high speed galvanometer scanner to archive micro cluster perforation, pattern design, waves, zigzag, packages line, cryptogram, company logo, hologram, anti counterfeit piracy contours for security paper, safety, bank notes, cards, metal sticker, printing, laminating, coating, fruit, food, bread, vegetable, agriculture covering, transparent films, plastic sheets, holographic paper, cigarette, tipping, filter, aluminum foil, shrink able film, tear tapes, label, cardboard, matrix, marking, scribing, automotive, pharmacy, smoking, chemical or medical products, electronics part, chips, indicators, writing contours or profiles, embossing or holographic.

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