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    • Three phase DimmerThree phase Dimmer

        Apparatus that vary speed of three phase electromotors from zero to maximum by triac (even high power), and electromotor spin softly. It contains simple and cheap electronic circuit and repairing is easy and fast.
        It is a box about (30×40×50) cm for at least 40 amperes. It has six terminals. 3 terminals connect to three phase electricity and 3 terminals connect to three phase electromotor and by turning a volume we can increase or decrease the speed of spin.

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      • Hydrokinetical Transmission HTHydrokinetical Transmission HT

          The Hydrokinetic Transmission (HT) designed for any cars trucks trains marine vessels
          for soft start of any equipment like a conveyors elevators drills mixers and similar
          for soft start of a large pumps against damage of a pipeline by hydraulical hummer
          for instant rotation power or and rotational speed control for up and for decrease if the main engine can not to response in correct time, for up – if there is an additional source of rotational energy and for decrease – by separately set up necessary speed or power, see below.
          Measured (with accuracy 10-15%) in self-made model results:
          1 Separately set up RS – Rotation Speed and RP – Rotational Power. RS – 8-99.5% of engine’s but no less 400-450 rpm and no exceed 3000-3200 rpm, RP 40-600% of engine’s. Out of the ranges – cavitational fault or no connection. Most of all “not for raising designed” engines features are inside 600-2900 rpm under load – just for the HT. Size of the HT – diameter like now days ‘dry transmission’ and length along axe – like 2.5-3 now days ‘dry transmission’. Only computer controlled electrical transmission can to do similar may be with better accuracy then the HT but there is it really so much necessary? Response time for the 50% and for 90% of range should be close until “only one accuracy is not so important for the case of application”.
          2 The HT can be produced from any plastics like ABS or Torlonum or similar or from Aluminium or from a Steel or another materials. To fill the volume form by melted material, wake for cooling it, to drill and to made screw and to mount up and to fill HT by liquid. Simplest sequence of technologies.
          3 Water solution of Calcium Chloride instead oil, more density of liquid – less diameter and turn around. If selected appropriate materials – a liquid metal and resistant steel – HT workable inside a nuclear reactor or nylon-66 and lightning oil for an Antarctica frosts but will be another RS and RP ranges – depends on liquid. If there is no solution – usable clear water. Reparability of clear mechanic (more than 5 wheels more then 3 curtains more than 4 one side only ower rotational joints) in a field conditions understandable.
          4 The HT can not be reversed but back gear after HT can provide back speed. If from HT axe to wheels – direct axe regime – forward (or for back) speed will be less 65-80 kilometres per hour (kmph).
          5 Only by one pedal pressured forward slow - turned together gas valve of engine and both handles of HT (from zero) to 99.5% of RS and 600% RP or set up RS less then 99.5% and must be 600% of RP if the engine can not to keep the speed of the car at the place of road. If the HT control handles (springs and pushers) been set up incorrectly – the engine stuck after very fast and deep pressure of pedal – need restart. Or very fast and or deep pressured pedal can not to do any harm – in limits of engine’s abilities the HT will increase speed of car as fast as it possible, there is a lot of feedback from ‘curtains’ inside HT to it’s control handles – the feedback power pull spring and sensible by foot of driver. Most of all cars and trucks using the speed range (0-65 kmph) at all parking place, road jelly, normal turns for left/right and similar drive in a town. These are most difficult for driver and giving most number of accidents. Due to the HT it will be greater more comfortable drive process by one pedal forward-brake. Long time 5-7 minutes in a road jelly (less then 10-15kmph) can boil the solution of the HT if driver will slightly press pedal forward with out release it – must be 0/0 RS/RP then very slow going on of car or necessary cooling system. If boiled – pressure valve waist liquid and steam, it completely brake transmission – after refill and all gas bubbles been COMPLETELY waist away from HT all restored.
          6 Brake by engine regime (if ordinary brakes damaged) for a car possible with the HT if the engine going on, if liberate pedal, switch on back gear and press pedal. In

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        • DC circuits FilterDC circuits Filter

            DC current Filter (DCF) designed for all circuits of devices if in it there is AC to DC conversion or/and filtration-smoothing or need a lightning/surge defence like an Energy Saving Lamps (ESL), TV, Video, Computer, Charger, Electronical Transformers, Welding Equipment, space-air-marine-submarine vehicles onboard systems, cars trucks, trams, trolleybuses, underground trains, similar
            Results of measuring in self-made model:
            1 If zero of measurements – diode rectifier exit – smoothing is 75-80 dB, radiofrequency noise reduction is 70-75 dB, efficiency 98-99%. Like best microchip based filters. But if current of the load less 25-50% of normal – decrease of only smoothing – will be pulsations in exit. If load more then 150-200%-more% of normal – overheat (and burn – depends on the wire insulation) of the DCF.
            2 DCF can correct Power Coefficient (PCC function) in range +/- 60 degree with out additional device. If the load less then 10000 Watt – it should be corrected but not must be because it is very expensive and the economy of 11% of primary energy (110/220 Volts 50/60 Hertz or another) – possible these lost and additional influence to power greed due to very expensive PCC units. Cheapest in the World solution.
            3 Temperature range of DCF is in limits of Kuri temperature of ferromagnetic core of the DCF. And ionizing radiation resistance/strong ness like at a the used wire insulation – the World best lifetime and reliability.
            4 Economy size and weight 25-50% of similar efficiency LC filter, whorster then best microchip based impulse kind filters in 10-20%. Slightly simpler and faster production of any device due to DCF more simple common design of the side of board/it’s wiring.
            5 In circuit 12Volt 6 Amperes the DCF defence load against 4 mikroFarade 330-340 Volt capacitor any polarity discharges every 0.5 seconds or rarely. Against any surge like a lightning over voltage in now days designs it is impossible with out very expensive ultra fast diode and varistors and high voltage capacitor jointed and displaced especially.
            6 DCF can be produced at any industrial designed for a transformers/a bobbins/a magnetic relay producing robotized line as an element or unit or small board or similar. DCF looks like a transformer but must be connected only DC-pulsing input – wire 1+ and 2- and exit wire 3+ and 4-, wire 5 is control – for decrease smoothing if necessary to be avoided limitation (8-9 times of normal) of start current shock – there is the limitation if no any current in wire 5 (polarity is +) to wire 2. I don’t know where is necessary the limitation avoiding. The limitation is useless if there is short circuit after DCF a fuse necessary.
            7 With 2 diodes 2 parallel DCF or 1 DCF in diagonal of 4 diode rectangle rectifier with AC input and AC output (as 2 polar kind unit) can work in any AC systems but there is not money kind voices for similar solution. Now days LC anti noise filters for an industrial AC systems really rare because just need not so deep smoothing or noise rejection – there is defence of electronical and relay control units and other devices are not miss work due to a noise. Or it is enough ordinary anti over voltage dischargers.
            8 No any active elements inside. Only core and wire and capacitors inside. In my model all less 55-60 volts by description.

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              Today, automobile production industries spend their time increasing the strength and speed of their products. However, we witness heart-breaking scenes of road accidents every day. Safety is an issue to which less attention is paid by car factories and even drivers. These drivers cause the death of themselves and other people due to making mistakes while driving. Therefore, I have designed a fully intelligent system in a car's guiding part or its steering wheel.

              The system, enjoying such different sciences as mechanics, electronics, telecommunications, computer, mechanical engineering, etc. may reduce the rate of accidents by 80 percent. It requires a lot of time to give a complete explanation of its components, not being presently possible. As a result, we briefly describe some of its advantages.

              At first, I want to explain its steering wheel system. The small riddle used in this system is quite different from those available in existing automobiles. It is not a full circle, being composed of two reciprocal arches. The riddle has grading used for moving an automobile in different angles including turns. Its central circle is luminous, providing the driver with full vision of the grading at night. The steering rod is in the form of slide valve causing the automobile's possibility of using two separate steering systems. Two steering boxes are also used in the system. One of them is the same as common steering boxes steered by the small riddle, and the other receives its instructions for rotation from the electrical engine. The small graded riddle used in the system determines the rotation amount of the electromotor according to the angle declared to the automobile's artificial intelligence.

              In the second phase, the automobile's electrical circuits are discussed. This circuit includes the acceleration control circuit of the automobile, operating while necessary. For instance, the receiver circuit and special senders of the automobiles are used to prevent unauthorized speed and overtaking, warn the driver of dangerous turns, declare the position of the opposite drivers and the distance between automobiles, etc. Also, a circuit declares the driver's heartbeat rate to the automobile's artificial intelligence every instant so that the speed of the automobile can be regulated according to it. A circuit, controlling the position of the automobile, indicates all of its movements in different position on a monitor instead of the speedometer. The processing rate of this system is so high that the speed of the driver's reaction to accident has reduced to one second.

              It should be mentioned that there are many other ideas, under study for promoting this system. Moreover, I attract your attention to a few of its advantages enumerated as the following:
              1. Very high security due to quite intelligent and programmable systems
              2. Preventing unauthorized speed and overtaking
              3. Regulating speed according to the driver's heartbeat rate
              4. Possessing a patent, i.e., invention registration license, and many other advantages.

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            • Catalyst on the metal-CeO2 basisCatalyst on the metal-CeO2 basis

                A method of preparing oxidation catalyst comprising cerium oxide and a metal selected from the group consisting of gold, platinum palladium, tin, ruthenium, or nickel by sputtering cerium oxide and a metal from a target to a substrate wherein the cerium oxide and a metal material are sputtered to the substrate concurrently from at least one target under an argon atmosphere t form a layer of cerium oxide including dispersed atoms of the metal Specific Au-CeO2 and Pt-CeO2 catalyst are prepared by using this method.

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              • Smart Safety Glove  Wrist band for motorcyclists bicyclists and pedestriansSmart Safety Glove Wrist band for motorcyclists...

                  “Smart LED Safety Glove” or Wrist-band
                  for motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians (SLSG).

                  Bicyclists, Motorcyclists and Snowmobile must use hand-signals in the USA and internationally.

                  The problem is that you cannot always see the riders, especially at night.

                  The SLSG is smart, self-activated low-cost CPU/MEM operated HD blinking LED lights, on a micro custom printed circuit board (PCB) all self contained in a glove. It will detect if you turn right or left or are stopping.

                  The second function serves as a light beacon for bicycle rider and pedestrians who want the added security, where a light would blink ones short blink for every 2 seconds.

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                • Continuous flexible process control via 3D surface and geometry measurements in productionContinuous flexible process control via 3D...

                    A new development for Surface & Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GDT) measurements;
                    Current instruments widely in use are Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM) which are very time consuming, e.g. time for a car door measurement may take up between 6 to 8 Hrs.;
                    Our equipment will do the same measurement for the same object in less than 20 seconds;
                    We have reached production practice. All future changes are mainly Software related only, e.g. “tweaking measurement time”.

                    The market, Aero, Military, Automotive etc. needs Equipment which will Measure accurately from the smallest part to the largest panel continuously in a assembly line, e.g. CMM’s cannot provide this;
                    Our Scanning Equipment can be integrated in a manufacturing line and measure parts faster and more economical than machines in use.
                    This will save on expenditures, increase overall Product Quality and Profits

                    The technology is a powerful system using building blocks and a new technology based on a photogrammetric approach to recover three-dimensional information.
                    The Scanner is using „Building Blocks“. It is possible to serialize or parallelize several single scanner into one sizeable scanner matrix which allows for large surfaces to be measured.
                    Therefore the measurement and analysis of large point clouds towards measurement results against CAD data will be much faster and more accurate.

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