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  • Micro Mobile Marketing Robot M3R Billboard or Digital SignageMicro Mobile Marketing Robot M3R Billboard or...

      What M³R advertising:
      The successful mobile billboard industry is a part of American life, providing advertising opportunities for hundreds of thousands of small businesses. Despite its success, this industry overlooks a vast untapped market sector which includes
      • Indoor shopping malls
      • Exhibitions and show fairs
      • Airports and transportation terminals
      • Indoor specialty clubs (sports, social, health)
      • The entertainment sector
      • Convention centers
      • Lodging, resort, hospitality, and tourism sector
      • Political campaign sector
      This untapped market is largely overlooked and under-utilized due to the lack of mobile marketing technology.
      The current availability of Micro Mobile Marketing Robot's (M³R) billboard technology opens the gate to this marketing sector. M³R gives you access to the revolutionary revolutionary world of indoor mobile marketing in the form of vibrant, illuminant mobile billboards.

      How can you capitalize on M³R key benefits?
      • Mobile:
      Allows you to connect with people instantly while they are in a shopping mood
      • Illumination:
      Features glowing double sided billboard, quality graphics and brilliant colors attract your customer’s eye

      • Navigation
      Can be controlled to easily maneuver through thick crowds
      • Audio
      Verbal communication from M³R makes your product irresistible
      Capture your consumer’s attention and generate lasting interest in your advertised message and brand. Easily glide through crowds and encourage an immediate ‘call to action’
      M³R technology revolutionizes the mobile billboard industry by providing a dynamic advertising solution that makes a lasting impression on consumers. With M³R, capture and keep your prospect’s attention.
      Consumers are faced with a barrage of easily overlooked forgettable advertisements. Not only is M³R immediately noticeable, its uniqueness ensures that its advertised message vividly stands out in consumers’ memory. M³R ensures that consumers remember and circulate your message
      Shedding Light: What industry experts say
      According to industry analysts, researchers, and trade representatives who have researched the effectiveness of mobile billboards:
      Outdoor mobile media billboards have a 97% recall rate (Outdoor Advertising magazine)
      96% of survey respondents perceived mobile advertising as more effective than traditional outdoor advertising (Outdoor Advertising magazine)
      91% of the target market noticed text and graphics on moving truck advertising (3m and the American Trucking Association)
      On local traffic routes, exposure to mobile truck advertising ranged from one to four million hits (the Traffic Audit Bureau)
      94% of respondents recalled seeing a mobile billboard with 80% recalling the specific advertisement, This exposure resulted in a sales increase of 107% (Product acceptance and Research)
      Out-of-home advertising totaled nearly seven billion in annual revenues in 2008 in the U.S. alone (Outdoor Advertising Association of America

      Micro Mobile Marketing Robot (M³R) = Double your Success!
      The effectiveness of mobile advertising in terms of increasing exposure, capturing consumer attention, making a lasting impact on consumer memory and subsequent buying decisions, and dramatically increasing revenue has already been established in the outdoor sector. The wealth now lies in the indoor mobile marketing sector. M³R gives you access to this revolutionary new world of mobile marketing, and it is ready for you now. The results have already been guaranteed. Now, double them.
      On your mark, get set...
      Technical specifications
      The range of battery capacity is 50 miles per charge or 12 hours with all led lights and 4 brightn

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        Swim Suites is a new-patented invention for hanging wet swimsuits.
        The Product is made of Plexiglas (acrylic); it is two fold as to add a poster, information and or advertising (eg: Hotels, Cruise ships etc.). At the bottom is a trough with a sponge to catch dripping water from suit; the water will evaporate thus no maintenance. It has three hooks to hang suits on (eg: one mans suit & top & bottom of a bikini).
        The main selling points to a hotel are 1) no water damage to carpet in room 2). Supply information about hotel (eg; check out times, room service menu, map of hotel, emergency exits etc.) 3). Sell advertising to local merchants, & things to do in the city. 4). Most important adding a touch of class to the room.
        Selling points for home use are 1). Not taking a shower with your suit hanging with you. 2). Having a place for the kids to put their suits instead of on the floor. 3). Interchangeable posters (kids room pokemon – Parents room nice sunset or wallpaper to match their décor).

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      • Nose Ultraviolet Light Protection ShieldNose Ultraviolet Light Protection Shield

          Nose Ultraviolet Light Protection Shield

          Patent for Licensing

          Inventor, Samuel Rivera

          Patent Pending Status, Patent Application No. 61/376,331

          Filing date 08/24/2010

          USPTO Confirmation no. 3019

          License for foreing filing have been granted if required, date 8/31/2010.

          Nose Ultraviolet Light Protection Shield is designed to protect the nose area from harmful ultraviolet sunrays. The device can be attached to a pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses and use as an advertisement platform for Company, Sport and Personal events.

          Listing Information
          Full Description

          Backgound Or problem:

          Overexposure to ultraviolet radiation can increase one's risk of skin cancer. People are mostly commonly expose to UV light while in the sun. Topical lotions are designed to reduce the risk of developing cancer, however many individuals neglect to wear sunscreen every time they go outside into the sun. However, many people do wear sunglasses or eyeglasses on a daily basis. A protective device that can be used in conjunction with eyewear is necessary.


          Nose Ultraviolet Light Protection Shield is designed to protect the nose area from harmful ultraviolet sunrays. The device can be attached to a pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses to assist in the prevention of melanoma and other adverse skin conditions. The product is both beneficial and stylish and anyone who spends time in the sun will appreciate its functionality.

          Detail Description Of Invention and Drawings, is reference at link at the bottom of this page.

          The description of specific embodiments of the present invention are presented for the purpose of ilustration and description. They are not intended to be exhaustive or limit the present invention to the precise forms disclosed, obviously many modifications and variations are possible in light of the presented teachings. The exemplary embodiment was chosen and described in order to best explain the principles of the present invention and its practical applications, to thereby enable others skilled in the art to best utilize the present invention and various embodiments with various modifications as are suited to the particular use contemplated.

          The present invention's None Disclosure Agreement have been waived, for ease of access of prospect buyers and manufacturers.

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        • Vertical Bicycle ParkingVertical Bicycle Parking

            This project I designed to give maximum theft protection, damage protection and save the space more than 50% comparing with conventional bicycle parking system. This device is extendible from 1 to… and fits to any indoor or outdoor space. Product has full patent and industrial protection in EU and USA. All options are open for discussion, licence…

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          • Thermoelectric climate-controlled clothingThermoelectric climate-controlled clothing

              Product description
              Clothing that allows the user to control the temperature of the clothing through a thermoelectric converter, known as Peltier elements.

              How to protect the body from too high or too low temperatures through a special cooling and heating system.

              Heat exchanges are attached on both sides of the Peltier elements. Through the operation of the elements, head is generated one one side, and cold on the other. The cold side is classified as the “waste side”. Fluids in the heat exchanger are heated to an optimal temperature through the warming of the Peltier element and can be regulated with a conventional temperature control. This liquid is pumped through a pump into a specially made “climate suit”. This two-layer suit is internally equipped with movable hoses. As a result, the user can adjust and control the body temperature. By changing the polarity of the Peltier element, the “waste side” of the refrigeration is changed to heat.

              Target market
              This product has high market potential for those are exposed to adverse temperature conditions, such as Firefighters, police officers, the army, motorcyclists, etc.

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            • ToolsAwayToolsAway

                Have you ever looked for a tool but couldn’t find it? Pulled one tool off the wall only to bump the next one and have it fall and hit you or your car? Stored all of your tools in the corner of the garage and knocked them over trying to get the one in the back? Bought a fancy tool holder only to find out it was too tall for your garage or it took up a whole wall or it kept falling over? I have. That's why I invented ToolsAway®

                It's SpaceOnomical™
                What’s “SpaceOnomical”? The ToolsAway® takes up less than one square foot of floor space. You can store and retrieve most tools in less than six feet of headroom. You can even store tools in a tool shed, carport closet or cupboard. In that limited space you can organize and store as many as 17 tools and each tool is retrievable without knocking over the rest. You can arrange them to suit your needs or the season. Your garden tools can be kept safe, securely organized and easily retrievable with the ToolsAway®. Rakes, shovels, brooms and other long-handled garden tools are inserted handle-first into the base and take up no more than four feet of wall and only one square foot of floor space. It can be easily mounted on any wall to improve the appearance and utility of a garage or shed. The ToolsAway® is made of High impact plastic and is available in black.

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              • BIGTEE - Golfsport FurnitureBIGTEE - Golfsport Furniture

                  BIGTEE stools, bar stools, tables, bar tables are design objects that represent the sport of golf outside the direct sports experience. Based on the original form, the pleasant seating and the multiple design options the highest possible coverage of the different flavors is achieved. As material plastics, wood, cement and stone is used. The range will be extended gradually. To give the objects a personal touch or to generate additional advertising revenue it is possible to install Logo´s and desired coloures on BIGTEE.

                  The brand BIGTEE, the designs and products are protected. The rights may be acquired through licenses.

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                • Lightweight folding outdoor backpack chairLightweight folding outdoor backpack chair

                    The Sherpa Chair is a lightweight chair that carries like a backpack. It sets up easily, folds effortlessly and is just three inches thick when folded. A spacious pouch is incorporated for carrying personal items and it also has a drink holder that can be used when sitting or in transport. The Sherpa Chair is light enough (5 lbs.) to be carried by everyone and it is ideal for soccer moms, fisherman, hunters, seniors and anybody else seeking a chair that is transported simply.

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