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  • Water and Energy Saving Shower SystemWater and Energy Saving Shower System

      Everybody knows that water supply becomes an availability issue soon. But nobody seems to know how to save and nobody wants to miss a shower, mostly twice a day. My joke answer to a sales man, promoting water saving pipe reducers who claim to save up to 50% was, I know how to save 90 % - by showering once a week only. This was by the way not the spark, leading to the following water and energy saving project, short the shower project.
      Some serious facts:
      An average shower takes about 10 minutes. During this shower, about 100 liter warm water is drained into sewage, meaning, its not just water but also around 2500 Watt in energy, drained in order to keep a comfortable temperature.
      I repeat: 100 liter water and 2500 watt energy (usually electricity) per shower session.
      If your average family has 4 members and everybody is used to shower twice a day the formula 100 (liter) x4 (persons) x2 (courses per day) = 800 liter (or 0.8 Kl) plus 2500 (watt) x4 (persons) x2 (courses per day) = 20.000 watt (or 20 Kw) applies. Per day!
      Which is per months 0.8 Kl x 30 (days) = 24 Kl and 20 Kw x 30 (days) = 600 Kw energy.
      Or per year: 24 Kl x 12 (months) = 288 Kl water, and 600 x 12 (months) = 7.200 Kw energy.
      How is that calculated?
      Easy, increasing the temperature on 1 liter water by 1 degree (C) requires 1 watt power, per 100 liter accordingly 100 Watt or 0.1 Kilowatt (kw). The average difference between supplied cold water (10 deg. C) and warm water (35 deg. C) is 25 deg. C, 25 (deg. C) x100 (watt) = 2500 (watt) or 2.5 Kw.
      I know, officially we measure even water in Kg’s (but its similar to liter), heating up 1 Kg water by 1 deg. C requires 4,2 kJ (kilo-Joules) = 0,001167 kWh = 1,167 W/h (Watt-hour Energy) and not Watt power. My way to explain is easier as I calculated without the time factor, but the consumption on the electricity bill is finally the same.

      Is it worth to think about?
      I initiated and developed the shower project based on the above facts with the goal to save not 10 or 20 or even 50 % water, the final calculation in saving comes 93-94% in water and energy. How?
      Basically by circulating and purifying just 5 liter water per shower session. On the energy site, the saving comes just by maintaining the once off heated water. The counter calculation is as follows:
      If your average family has 4 members and everybody is used to shower twice a day the formula 5 (liter) x4 (persons) x2 (courses per day) = 40 liter (verses 800 liter) 150 (watt) x4 (persons) x2 (courses per day) = 1.200 watt (verses 20.000 watt) applies. Per day!
      Which is per months: 40 liter x 30 (days) = 1.2 Kl, and 1.2 Kw x 30 (days) = 36 Kw energy (The energy bill can be supported or even replaced by solar thermo and photo voltaic elements).
      Or per year: 1.2 Kl x 12 (months) = 14.4 Kl water, and 36 x 12 (months) = 432 Kw energy.
      Facts and Solutions:
      Preparing hot water for hygienic purposes, washing and ironing, cooking and heating (in winter) are the biggest household energy consumers. Lights can nowadays be replaced by energy saving LED technology and solar geysers also contribute to lower electricity consumption, starting unfortunately only some hours after sunrise and don’t influence the water consumption.
      By the way, losses through water heating by conventional geyser systems are not calculated.
      Interim water storage:
      Used and contaminated water can be reused, for instance to flush a toilet, and rainwater can be collected to run the fresh water supply, which is not drinking water anyway but clean enough for hygiene purposes. In all mobile applications like events, disaster management or in rural areas without tap water supply and sewage, fresh and used water (including toilet) can be pumped in and out mobile tanks, e.g. mounted on a trailer.
      Portable/mobile sanitary room:
      For all mobile and temporary applications, a foldable and light weight container can be supplied in different sizes according requirements. They are made from alumin

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    • The EZ-IO Changer The toilet paper replacement deviceThe EZ-IO Changer The toilet paper replacement...

        The EZ-I/O Changer is an innovative new product that facilitates the easiest means on the market to remove, replace, and install the toilet paper. It is so easy a child can do it. It requires a minimum of two (2) fingers, and little or no effort. The tasks will be immensely simpler for the elderly, impaired, handicapped, or withlimited mobility.

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      • Forensic Burglary Deterrent - Crime ReductionForensic Burglary Deterrent - Crime Reduction

          Chain Reaction DNA is new POLICE APPROVED forensic deterrent to combat burglary, forced entry and other crimes committed at entry points around the home!

          There are a few thoughts running through a burglars mind when they are committing offences! One of those thoughts being NOT getting caught!

          Chain Reaction DNA is a new perimeter defense mechanism which we think will give a burglar more food for thought when committing their crimes.

          We recognised that the certainty of being sprayed with traceable DNA would be seen by today’s villains as the ultimate deterrent because when they activate this unique door security device its embedded forensic trace technology links them to their crime scenes!

          · CHAIN REACTION DNA intruder alarm is installed unobtrusively to the inside of a door and provides extra resistance to forced entry.

          · If the door is forced open, either when locked or ajar on the chain, CHAIN REACTION DNA sounds a high decibel alarm to scare intruders away and to alert neighbours and passers-by.

          · CHAIN REACTION DNA simultaneously sprays the intruder’s clothes and skin with an invisible UV BASED DNA TRACE forensic marker to which the unique code is registered by a professional locksmith to a home.

          · POLICE can screen criminals through forensic examination, establish the unique DNA CODE found on clothes or skin and then track the criminal back to that home using the StranDNA installations data-base!

          · CHAIN REACTION DNA gives the POLICE the ability to identify the individual marked as being responsible for the unlawful attempt on that home providing valuable forensic evidence which can be used in a court of law!

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        • Silver-Skin - Medical Textiles for the Whole FamilySilver-Skin - Medical Textiles for the Whole...

            The Silver-Skin® textile offers a unique combination of natural features and is based on entirely pure components, providing functionality in a new design and style. The Silver-Skin® textile is based on the innovative combination of silver and cotton, as silver provides a number of outstanding natural properties:
            • High electrical conductivity
            • Excellent thermal conductivity
            • Strong optical reflectivity
            • Antibacterial protection

            A number of studies have proven that due to the textile’s natural properties, the SilverSkin® products offer an outstanding combination of medical applications:

            • Treatment of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis
            • Prevention and treatment of allergies
            • Provides up to 99% of electromagnetic radiation protection
            • Antibacterial protection
            • Soothing and anti-itching effect
            • Electro smog protection
            • Ultimate factor of sun protection UPF 50+

            Extra flat seams on the outside of the garment as well as labels on the outside ensure perfect wearing comfort without irritating the skin. On account of the high silver content this shirt has a calming effect on inflamed skin. The silver has an antibacterial effect and, hence, reduces skin itching (pruritus).

            • Medical product (CE standard)
            • 75 % organic cotton (Oeco-tex standard 100)
            • 25 % silver-coated polyamide yarn (100 % on the skin)
            • No nano-silver
            • Excellent wearing comfort
            • Outside seams, no side seams, no labels on the inside


            75% pure cotton (Öko-tex standard 100), 25% silver fiber (patent protected silver-coated polyamide core)
            The material is a combination the finest cotton fibers, processed as high-tech threads to create a combination with the silver fibers. This accomplishment was a result of extensive functional and determinative research.
            Along with its high protective properties, this new textile is also perfectly suitable for the everyday life, providing a previously unknown multi-functionality, protection and comfort

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              This device was designed to apply liquids and gels in a controlled manner. It has an unlimited use concerning many products in the beauty & medical fields. (patent # 7179008) uspto website

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            • Carpal AideCarpal Aide

                Carpal Aide is an over-the-counter self-administered intervention for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that effectively replaces bulky, intrusive wrist splints that attempt to maintain a fixed wrist position.

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              • Personal Care DevicePersonal Care Device

                  The Gota’ Go Personal Care Device is a concealed, catheterlike device to accommodate, permit, and retain male urination in situations where a bathroom break is not possible or desirable. The design intent is that the Gota’ Go Personal Care Device would have wide application in situations ranging from male incontinence to law enforcement to long-haul trucking.

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                • heated toliet seatheated toliet seat

                    A self warmed toilet seat a self warmed toilet seat cause you know how everyone hates a cold toilet seat do I came up with this idea that will benefit everyone and you won't have to sit on something cold i know this idea will go hudge and I know it will be used in alot of places example hospitals and nursing homes

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