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  • State of the Art / Novel Rotary-Turbo-InFlow Tech / Featured Development - GEARTURBINE PROJECT - Atypical Motor Engine TypeState of the Art / Novel Rotary-Turbo-InFlow Tech...


      Atypical InFlow Thermodynamic

      Technology Proposal Submission

      Novel Fueled Motor Engine Type


*State of the art Innovative concept Top system Higher efficient percent. 
Have similar system of the Aeolipile Heron Steam device from Alexandria 10-70 AD. -New Form-Function Motor-Engine Device. Next Step, Epic Design Change, Broken-Seal Revelation. -Desirable Power-Plant Innovation.


YouTube; * Atypical New • GEARTURBINE / Retrodynamic = DextroRPM VS LevoInFlow + Ying Yang Thrust Way Type - Non Waste Looses

      -This innovative concept consists of hull and core where are held all 8 bteps of the work-flow which make the concept functional. The core has several gears and turbines which are responsible for these 8 steps (5 of them are dedicated to the turbo stages). The first step is fuel compression, followed by 2 cold turbo levels. The fourth step is where the fuel starts burning – combustion stage, which creates thrust for the next, 5th step – thrust step, which provides power to the planetary gears and turbines and moves the system. This step is followed by two hot turbo steps and the circle is enclosed by the final 8th step – bigger turbine. All this motion in a retrodynamic circumstance effect, wich is plus higher RPM speed by self motion. The Reaction at front of the action.

      *8-X/Y Thermodynamic CYCLE - Way Steps:

      1)1-Compression / bigger

      2)2-Turbo 1 cold

      3)2-Turbo 2 cold

      4)2-Combustion - circular motion flames / opposites

      5)2-Thrust - single turbo & planetary gears / ying yang
6)2-Turbo 2 hot

      7)2-Turbo 1 hot

      8)1-Turbine / bigger


-With Retrodynamic Dextrogiro vs Levogiro Phenomenon Effect. / Rotor-RPM VS InFlow / front to front; "Collision-Interaction Type" - inflow vs blades-gear-move. Technical unique dynamic innovative motion mode. [Retrodynamic Reaction = When the inflow have more velocity the rotor have more RPM Acceleration, with high (XY Position) Momentum] Which the internal flow (and rotor) duplicate its speed, when activated being in a rotor (and inflow) with [inverse] opposite Turns. The Reaction at front of the action. A very strong Novel torque power concept.


-Non waste parasitic looses for; friction, cooling, lubrication & combustion. 

      -Shape-Mass + Rotary-Motion = Inertia-Dynamic / Form-Function Wide [Flat] Cylindrical shape + positive dynamic rotary mass = continue Inertia positive tendency motion. Kinetic Rotating Mass.


-Combustion 2Two continue circular [Rockets] flames. [ying yang] opposite one to the other. – With 2TWO very long distance INFLOW [inside propulsion] CONDUITS. -4 TURBOS Rotary Total Thrust-Power Regeneration Power System. -Mechanical direct 2two [Small] Planetary Gears at polar position. -Like the Ying Yang Symbol/Concept. -Wide out the Rotor circumference were have much more lever [HIGH Torque] POWER THRUST. -No blade erosion by sand & very low heat target signature profile. -3 points of power thrust; 1-flow way, 2-gear, 3-turbine. *Patent; Dic. 1991 IMPI Mexico #197187 All Rights Reserved. Carlos Barrera.

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    • Electroic Cooling JacketElectroic Cooling Jacket

        I have developed a product named Electric Cooling Jacket and have applied for its patent. My UK patent application number is GB1322119.7 and applying for patent in other countries including USA, UAE, Brazil, Australia and others

        The product is a small jacket like dress/garment that can be worn alone or on a shirt/T-shirt or other wearing garment. It uses water evaporation method to keep the human body cool. It has a regular built for natural evaporation, while it also has a second and additional electronic layer for wearing with the jacket if more cooling is needed. This additional layer contains fans and other electronic equipments to start forced evaporation process, through the 2.5 to 3.5 inch small fans.

        It is good to use by people working in hot and arid regions of the world such as a NATO/US solder deployed in Saudi Arabian desserts or geologist exploring minerals or engineers working on oil rigs in open plans under the scorching sun or an ordinary person such as a salesman running shop to shop on his motorbike in open sun to sell or book the orders for his products, in an underdeveloped country such as Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, Pakistan, India etc.

        The suggested market price for retail sale without additional electronic layer is 50 to 100 USD that is easily bearable by a salesman who is wandering in the scorching sun.

        While the jacket price with an additional electronic layer for use by the troops in a dessert front, employers of multinational companies or sportsmen playing in the hot sun is 500 to 1000 USD which is also bearable for large organizations.

        I am a post graduate in the sciences from the University of Karachi which is one of top ranked universities of the world with more than 20,000 students. I am a person who is inventing new things from his childhood and won many prizes in science exhibitions during student life. Presently I am working as a professional marketer and a successful businessman and fully aware of the market potential of my invention. The market potential of this product is in billions of dollars. I understand well that I alone have no resources to market my product globally.

        I am interested in working with you in some way that we can introduce this product around the globe. You may directly the purchase manufacturing rights or get a manufacturing and selling lenience or do something other that is in your mind. If you are also interested in Electronic Cooling Jacket, kindly contact me in my email or call me on my cell numbers.

        Sample of product/ drawings/ brief business plan may be provided upon request and after signing a non-disclosure agreement.

        Syed Khalil Ullah
        Cell # +92-307-2550250

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      • No batteries needed technologyNo batteries needed technology

          In much the same way as you are now using to start your gas grill...

          My invention* completely eliminates the need for batteries in any type of electric or fossil-fuel-powered vehicle.

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        • Manual ExoskeletonManual Exoskeleton

            An exo skeleton device design to aid the mobility of the crippled, The user of this device can with its aid, walk, sit and stand and even climb stairs .It consists of a flat rod at the back replicating the spinal column also designed to be comfortable when the user is sitting down, it has adjacent flat rod at the back of the shoulders, this contains the controls, minor, normal movement of the upper body parts should trigger movement in the limbs. It also consists a box at the lower back or waist region which contains the system transmiting the control and movement to the lower parts of the body. The device can be dissembled into three parts name the back and the two limbs for easy parking. The entire design is completely manual, no batteries, sensors or robotic parts or charging needed. Design will walking seem natural for the user and is qiute skeletal and simple, could be concealed under some clothing.

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          • CPPPV Flaying cars technologyCPPPV Flaying cars technology

              Centripetal process of production propulsion the vehicles ,tehnology flaying cars.

              Production facility transporta present invention to repeal c known limitations in terms of mobility and payload transpo conditioned vehicles on atmo physical, chemical changes in media where that is where th located.

              This invention relates to a ne production plant transportati takes place at the centripetal i motors. Developed a progra centripetal process of produc transportations.

              Centripetal process manufacturing facility transportations the centripetal inertia motors by the present inventio includes a program centripetal course the manufacturing process by which plants transportations along a propeller-retarder that rotates with constant angular velocity in the xy axis rotation,which point is located in the middle of its length,within a housing oslonjenoj centripetal inertia motor.

              Drive transportations is produced by o or more of these mutually synchronize propeller-retarder with these permanently embedded sample of m.1 according to that consequently,the calculated optimal program unfolding.

              Each individual program unfolding centripetal process production facility transportations each centripetal inerti motor,individually calculated and cycli rescheduling depending on the size of the mass m.2. transportations,and th required size of its acceleration in the direction of the production facility transportations.

              In today's state of the art there is no solution of one of the most important technical issues the normal production process, transport vehicles drive at normal inertia motors.

              Economic and financial information

              Weight permanently embedded versus mass m1 m2 vehicle, up to 1:1600

              Necessary small angular rotation speed propellers,and 22 rad / sec.

              Low technological requirements,it is not necessary the development of new technologies.

              Very fast and cheap development and new types centriprtalnih inertion engine.

              There is no competition!

              Only. technology i state of the art

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                Headphones have become ubiquitous within the modern world; and for good reason, people love their music. Understandably, people hate when something comes between them and their music. Unfortunately, headphones often become a vexing obstacle between the user and their music. Anybody who uses headphones will tell you that one of the most aggravating situations is when their all set to listen to their music, they get their media device out only to find the cables in a tangled mess.
                Although untangling the headphones only takes a few minutes this is an inconvenience the user would rather not deal with. Enthusiasts and headphone producers have long recognized the problems associated with tangled cables, spending millions of dollars in research and development. Unfortunately, the result of this research has created subpar products that are either too inconvenient to use or are ineffective at improving the users experience. It has been proven many times that users are unhappy with the current headphones design and their poor tangle resistance. Moreover, there is a proven market for solutions. For example, one of many market proven products includes the Kickstarter Project CordCruncher, the project raised over $66,000 in just 30 days ( There are many other Kickstarter Projects that have raised over $600,000 for cable solutions.
                Our solution has the same functionality as the Cord Cruncher Headphones, and more. The product would be cheaper, more versatile, and convenient to use; solving the annoying problems associated with tangled, damaged, strained, or knotted headphone cables while opening up possibilities for more creative uses of headphones. The solutions functions by using a special wire integrated into the headphone cable, the wire is commonly known as memory metal and has riveting properties. The memory metal allows the user to use the headphones, as they normally would, however in order to conveniently wrap the cables up for storage the user may press a button that causes the memory metal to return to a predefined shape. Useful predefined shapes may be a tidy coil, compact winding that contours to an electronic device, or even an Apple Logo! The possible shapes, sizes, and configurations are endless; any shape that cables can be wound into can be achieved automatically by using integrated memory metal. Custom designs may include the user name, a word, or customer design.

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              • MAPEMAPE

                  A self sustaining source of energy that uses Magnetic Acceleration Propulsion Energy to create easy, reliable energy. I invented the MAPE in 7th grade and wish to give it a go. Please, contact me for more information. I have no Patents, etc. So if one wishes for a further explanation, I will gladly speak. I am looking for fellow inventors to join this cause, as well as investors to help fund. I wish to eliminate the current fuel industry and replace it with a cleaner, more reliable form of energy for all the world to use. Please, contact me at for more information. Thank you.

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                • New sources of energyNew sources of energy

                    new energy sources.
                    Use gravity (gravity), geothermal effect (warm ground), solar energy, power flows of rivers, the wind.
                    Maximum security.
                    For the staff, (for maintenance), environment (ecology), for the state (strategic security).
                    High efficiency. High power (from 1KVt to 1000 MVt and more). Universal application.
                    The minimum cost price of electricity.

                    1 - power converter steam (air), low pressure. Patent RF 2215183.
                    When small amounts has enormous potential power. No competition. Able to replace nuclear
                    power, hydropower, thermal power plants.

                    2 - inverter air flow (of water). Patent RF 2219369.
                    more efficient than traditional turbines. When used in water can replace the hydroelectric power station.

                    3 - know-how. Super battery. The new principle of accumulation of electricity.
                    Able to replace hundreds of conventional batteries

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