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      Electro-optic tuneable filter consisting of a diffused channel waveguide on a borosilicate glass substrate with a cover of the same glass to form a gap filled with a holographic grating called POLICRYPS (POlymer LIquid CRYstal Polymer Slices). The grating is made of alternating stripes of polymer and liquid crystal. Coplanar electrodes on the waveguide substrate are used to electrically control the grating properties allowing for the filter tuneability.

      Broad band telecommunications and sensing systems.The market sector is photonic components.

      -Ultra-low value of electric power, in the range microwatts, required to drive the filter.
      -Extremely simple and cheap technology used to fabricate the filter.
      -The simplicity of the fabrication process can be easily implemented at industrial level for mass production

      The use of low cost electro-optical materials which require low driving voltage and negligible current absorption hence the filter has low power consumption. Furthermore the fabrication is made of standard process steps to obtain a very low cost performing electro-optical component.

      Working prototype.

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        Nematic liquid crystals, in particular conditions, assume locally and sometime only temporarily configurations characterized by a biassic order. This fact allows to connect between them uniaxial nematic textures with different topology without complete fusion of the nematic order, i.e. without the need to reduce the scalar order parameter to zero. The control of these transitions with electric fields allows to realize bistable or multistable displays of new conception. In fact two bistable or multistable textures are separated from a barrier of a well defined potential that it is determined from a biassic intermediate state, that connects said textures, determining the reorientation without rotation of the nematic director. Such mechanism is known in scientific literature as "order reconstruction".; From now on in this document it will be indicated as "Biaxial Order Reconstruction in Nematics" or with acronym "BORN". The scope of the present invention is to realize mixtures of calamitic nematic liquid crystals with materials that favour the tendency to assume a biaxial order, in order to reduce the external electric field intensity necessary to reconstruct of the order.

        -High definition and low consumption bistable displays
        -Paper like display
        -Fast optical shutters with intrinsic memory
        -New optical visualization devices (smart card, smart label, etc.)

        -Lowering of the electric threshold of bistable liquid crystal display and therefore simplification of the electronic control unit to address high definition liquid crystal display.
        -The bistability allows to reduce the power consumption of the display because the image on the display is retained by its intrinsic memory and the power is need only to refresh the image.
        -This technology can be used in many electro-optical devices and in particular in the field of e-paper display, currently required, but not available on the market.


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      • ODSTM-1 in-situ dyne surface tension wettability measurement at fast moving plastic films and foilsODSTM-1 in-situ dyne surface tension wettability...

          Method and device for online tough less surface tension control ODSTM-1 in DE19543289 by which the fast moving substrate through the measuring gap. It is transmitted with a chromatic beam and spectral selected light source were two optical channels are displaced and polarized by 90 degree to each other. Both optical axles are precise and motor driven shift able in certain angles from 25 up to 65 degree. The spectral light photons, transmission, extinction, absorption grades are detectable by two optical CCD imagine vision devices, integrated into the sensor case on other side of the substrate.

          Material condition
          At high speed moving substrates means plastic foil, flexible, film, laminate, coating, bonding, labeling, co-extrusion, BOPP, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, MDPE, MAS, MOH, MEV, PET, FEP, PP, PE, PS, PO, EVA, PTFE, PVC, PTFE, Vinyl, Polyester, wrapping, self-adhesive tape, high strength, cross laminated, adhesive coated films, reflective or magnetic sheeting, automotive tape products, inkjet, heat sealing, security, pressure sensitive tapes for entertainment or building industry, masking or printable plastic films, polycarbonate, acrylic, extruded or polished cellulose, optical grade polycarbonate, sheets for IR or laser protection, filter sheet, imaging, capacitors, bi-oriented polystyrene sheet, multilayer co-extruded film, PVC, PETG, polyimide, tear tapes for aerospace, inner covering in aircrafts, automotive, medical, bioengineering, renewable, agriculture, marine, household, commercial, domestic, construction, high-porous membranes for uses in alkaline lithium ion batteries, fuel cells, filtration equipment. By gauges 10-500 microns, fabric widths up to 10000 mm and web speeds up to 18 m/s.

          Optical properties and quality control
          Material specific wavelength selection 1200 up to 1800 nm, material specific finger prints, molecular spectral properties, transmission, optical angle scanning, ultra low level stray scatter light detection, polarization, slot diaphragms, transverse displacements control the light beams along and far from the optical X and Y axes. The results are extreme scattering, diffraction, NIR, IR, stray light photons generation into the layer areas at both sides of the moving substrate.

          Their reflected and transmitted light intensities enables the determination by defined formulas and data matrixes the surface tension values in ranges from 28 up to 62 mN/m or dynes which are direct associate and bond to real static values for statistical quality control (SQC).

          And this entirely independent of the material specific influences as like surface consistency, thickness, density, weight, opacity, coherence, filling, stretching, shrinkage, structure, co-extrusion, polar grouping, temperature, intrinsic motivation or viscosity, hydrophobia, hydrophilic molecules, hydrogen, moisture, water steam proof, bi-layer, polymer, patterning, nanostructure, irradiation, isotopic, catalyst, coherence, absorption, photo mask effect, radiation, resonance bands, Raman, electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis ASTM or ATR method, property, acoustic photonic liquid effects, pre material treatment as corona, plasma jet, flam treatment.

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        • LPM-1 laser micro cluster perforation, material treatment, mass productsLPM-1 laser micro cluster perforation, material...

            LPM-1 is patent granted by DE102004001327, operates with quadruple Co2 carbon or other laser beam inputs up to 4 Kilowatt to a high power twin vacuum level multiplexer to generate up to 200 individual laser output channels and perforation rows cross web, combines automatic positioned laser perforation heads, focus setting, web speeds up to 400 m/min, web widths up to 2000 mm, up to 2.5 Million holes per second, jumbo roll-by-roll production, optical inline permeability as perforation line position control, porosity feedback, hi-tech automation level and other features. Each laser micro perforation lines can achieve 100 up to 1000 C.U.

            Industry fields
            The conception of high power twin level laser beam multiplexer enables hundred options in other industry application fields as cutting, cut-off, welding, surface finishing, high speed drilling, ablation, cleaning, micromachining, polishing, forming, melting, surface treatment, roughness improvement. Each up to 200 single laser beams is coupled via flexible hollow fibers allows treatment processes or micro perforation heads easy to position in X across and in Y direction of running web or static placed sheet material. The automatic processes, equipments and devices open now outstanding possibilities in industry, metal, plastic, domestic, tobacco product, medical, hygienic, wall covering, security cards, bank notes or food application. LPM-1 means cluster material treatment at wide web, large area, surface or whole material treatment, high power dual rotation laser beam splitter, twin multiplexer level, Co2, YAG, EXCIMER, DIODE, SOLID STATE laser with multiple optical inputs, flexible hollow waveguide fibers, HCW, HWG up to 200 output channels. Material treatment with robot handling for stainless steel, ceramic, aluminum, wafer, glass, ceramic, brass, copper, wafer, silicon, plastic sheets, titanium, jewelry, silicon, solar, panel, photovoltaic, micromachining, slitting, rewinding, refining, hybrid laser cutting machines or stand along systems.

            Micro laser perforation technology
            Laser perforation in general, possible to perforate by pulsed or enlarged focused laser beams are holes sizes from 60 up to 200 microns at density of holes of typically 10-30 holes per cm, holes sequences 100000 up to 400000 holes per second at a maximal of 16 punctured laser rows cross web with traditional systems or machines.

            Means in cigarette, tipping, plug wrap, filter, flexible packaging, packs, tear tape, plastic and other material webs. With porosity levels from 100 up to 3000 C. U., normally in web widths from 100 up to 500 mm, in particular cases up to 1500 mm, at web speeds of up to 600 m/min, depending on porosity and material consistency in relation to its ability to perforate.

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          • MLL-1 anti-counterfeiting product design, marking, scribing, logo, brand IDMLL-1 anti-counterfeiting product design,...

              Anti piracy counterfeiting design and cluster system
              The world wide new Micro Laser Line MLL-1 technology generates cluster pattern, micro holes, sinus, waves, zigzag, cryptograms, logos, holograms, brand names or other kind of perforation designs in web direction which can look like as a group of micro laser lines. Concerned tipping paper means non coaxial circumference at cigarette filters.

              As known offline laser perforation machines or processes generating strait holes lines in web direction of running cigarette tipping paper webs or other materials.

              New beam divert moving, scanning, flipping elements control each single laser perforation lines in cross material direction which are precise focused for micro holes in ranges from 50 up to 120 microns. All to uses for laser sources and types as Co2, YAG, EXCIMER, UV, FIBER, SOLID STATE or DIODE.

              Products, applications, advantages, high-holes-densities micro perforation, ventilation, mass product properties
              breathable, ventilation, filter cigarettes, tipping, packaging, plug wrap, refinish, thin paper, MYO, RYO, LIP
              booklet, bible, printing, magazine, promotion, flyers, newspaper, improved modified surface properties
              Kraft paper, sacks with low PE coating, single or triple layer multi wall sacks, tubers, bags for cement, plaster, maize, grain, pet food, granulate or powder
              gained air outlet during filling with high efficiency to keep packed products in specified barrier condition
              extending storages, live time or durability of certain goods and products
              decoration or gift paper with thin coating films
              PVC laminate, Vinyl, decoration, wall paper to eliminate condensation effects, enable gas exchanges, avoid rises of mildew or rottenness
              joint or corner Kraft paper tapes to avoid glue bubbles and enables material diffusion
              fleece bonding material, low plastic film layers for outdoor, under roof protection covering, wooden houses for oxygen exchanges
              technical textiles for oxygen or gas exchanges to avoid condensation processes
              breathable overalls, heavy duty, disposable work dresses, trousers, made of thin PE fleeces or others
              biotopes and prevention of water pollution
              leather or cloth inlets for comfortable non sweat wearing under wet, high humidity and tropical condition
              soap, deodorant, hygiene, beauty creams, baby care, other packaging products
              which needs smell suggestion for marketing indication and buying advantages
              vegetable, flowers or food with paper packaging replacements for oxygen or gas exchanges
              bread, rolls, fruit or food to improve freshness and aroma
              technical multi layer foils for industry, medical, bioengineering, filtration purposes surface modification, improved roughness
              micro filter, membranes, battery separation layers
              bio lab analytic, alcohol, liquid, blood filtration, clean room, agriculture, reduction or force growth rates

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            • High speed bicycleHigh speed bicycle

                "New Invention for a Bicycle".

                This kind of new invention for a bicycle have two(2) special pedals; the lever style and strong compared to the normal style pedal .

                Normally, the bicycle pedal arm works only 90 degree/360 degree in one time pedalling.
                but this new invention pedal arm works 180 degree/360 degree in one time pedalling.

                And, the lever pedal have a double power than the normal pedal power.This bicycle is has also semi recumbent style.

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