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      Most current education systems use one language as a primary language of communication and do not provide a multilingual environment, even in situations where there is a desire to impart multilingual education, for example, by an educator in school or a parent at home, the methodology is usually that the educator/parent needs to translate words from one language to another (for example from English to a native language) and relate that word to the person being taught. However, even this methodology has not been followed consistently by most education systems across the world and even at home it tends to be too tedious to be
      followed on a consistent basis.

      This invention is inspired by worldwide lack of teachers with multilingual capability and lack of quality learning systems based on multilingual approach.

      Lack of tools and technology for imparting multilingual education to visually disabled and hearing-impaired users.

      The present invention meets the requirements of a multilingual learning system with an easy to use device which can be used by users in multiple languages and in multiple countries. This invention is readily useable by visually-disabled and hearing-impaired users.

      • The invention is especially useful among working parents, uneducated parents and poverty-stricken parents.
      • The developed product and system can impart education till early ages (1-5) with minimal support of a parent or teacher.
      • This tool provides interactive learning experience to the user
      • This tool provides multilingual learning & education at an affordable rate in any part of the world.
      • This tool will help the user to learn the languages fed into the tool and will be able to relate it. Example: Hindi-English Pair, Hindi-English- Spanish or more pairs.
      • This tool provides Native level language expertise in multiple languages simultaneously.
      • Designed keeping in mind blind & hearing-impaired users.
      • The system is simple enough to be used by children and sophisticated
      enough to be used by visually challenged users.
      • Aligned with Right to Education and goals set by UN & UNESCO.

      According to another aspect of the invention, a system comprises a console and a card wherein the console comprises a processor, a receiver configured to receive a short range wireless signal, and based on a short range wireless signal received by the receiver, the processor is configured to identify a media file stored in a memory location accessible to the processor and the short range wireless signal received by the receiver is associated with an object and a natural language, and the card comprises a short range wireless communication tag such as a RFID tag or a NFC tag, wherein the card has an image either printed or embossed on at least one of its surfaces or the card has a Braille representation on one of its surfaces.

      In order to use a system according to the invention, a user needs to have a deck of cards and media files corresponding to the deck of cards need to be available to a console assessable to the user. Each card in a deck of cards is capable of short-range wireless communication with the console by means of a short-range wireless communication tag such as a RFID tag or a NFC tag. Each card in a deck of cards is associated with an object and one or more natural languages.

      In an example use case of the invention, a user may purchase a deck of RFID cards for a natural language of choice such as English or Hindi. Media files associated with the deck of cards may already be pre-stored in a memory of the console. When a user brings an RFID card in a vicinity of the console, the console recognizes the object whose image is either printed, embossed or the object that is represented in Braille on the RFID card. The console also recognizes the language(s) that is/are associated with the card. The console may then do one or more of the following: (1) produce a sound corresponding to th

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    • Technology Platform for Matching Demand-Side and Supply-Side UsersTechnology Platform for Matching Demand-Side and...

        Disclosed herein are systems, devices, and methods for improving the technology related to matching supply-side users with demand-side users in a marketplace. An opportunity matching platform may receive one or more business opportunities created by one or more demand-side users and then provide the one or more business opportunities to a plurality of supply-side client stations. In turn, each supply-side client station may present the one or more business opportunities to a respective supply-side users, receive the user's feedback on the one or more business opportunities, and then provide the feedback data for the supply-side user back to the opportunity matching platform. Thereafter, the opportunity matching platform may process the supply-side user feedback data and then provide various information to the demand-side users and/or supply -side users that help such users reach agreement on opportunities.

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      • Microsoft windows 10 Activation Online Windows10 Coa Sticker Pro LicenseMicrosoft windows 10 Activation Online Windows10...

          Microsoft windows 10 Activation Online Windows10 Coa Sticker Pro License

          Windows 10, Windows Store serves as a unified storefront for apps, Groove music (formerly Xbox Music), and Movies & TV (formerly Xbox Video). Windows 10 also allows web apps and desktop software (using either Win32 or .NET Framework) to be packaged for distribution on the Windows Store. Desktop software distributed through Windows Store is packaged using the App-V system to allow sandboxing.
          Hardware requirements for Windows 10

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        • Authentication ApplicationAuthentication Application

            Innovative cyber security application to replace the common password and combat rising cyber attacks. A global opportunity with a lucrative SaaS revenue model. Patent pending.

            PassNumber invention is a revolutionary method that allows users to be authenticated in order to sign in their different cyber and electronic accounts (e.g., handheld, desktop, laptop). Smart, easy and yet secured method to replace the classic authentication method, the Password.
            This application enables organizations to add layers of security without sacrificing ease-of-use for the consumers.
            PassNumber considered as image-based authentication method, the future of accounts authentication methods as Apple Inc. got involved in this field recently.

            The situation of classic password security reputation:
            •90% of user-generated passwords vulnerable to hacking.
            •80% of successful hacking attempts due to passwords weakness.
            •“password security statistics” .. google it for more scary stories!

            Passnumber's method and application advantages:
            •Easy to use and remember than password method.
            •This method is very useful to be used to secure online accounts, identities, and transactions in any type of environments (e.g. Operating systems, Websites, and applications)
            •Protected against common account breaking methods (e.g. BruteForce Attack, Keyloggers, Phishing, Rainbow Table, Shoulder surfing).
            •Affordable, configurable and easy to deploy since it can be merged with any type of system, anywhere in the authentication process.
            •Greatly in demand as a solution for the ascending cyber-attacks and hackism.

            PassNumber method is applicable to implement in:
            •All websites types (e.g. PHP – ASP .Net – Java - Python).
            •All operating systems applications (e.g. Windows – MAC – Linux).
            •Enterprise Management Systems EMS (e.g. Alfresco – Sharepoint).
            •Customer Relationship Management platforms CRM (e.g. Oracle – Salesforce – Zendesk).

            PassNumber technology is useful in many Industries:
            •Banking and Finance.
            •Social Networks.
            •Other Industries (Almost every electronic service in need for identities’ authentication).

            Risks and challenges:
            •Building wide range of products based on this technology needs the professional team and perfect environment.
            •User experience UX at higher levels of PassNumer securities.
            •PassNumber application code language in need to be converted into other programming languages (e.g. ASP.Net – Java - Python).
            •Delay of marketing and upgrading could lead to letting competitors duplicate the idea.

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          • RSI 2.0 indicator - Technical analysisRSI 2.0 indicator - Technical analysis

              We use an analysis instrument called the RSI 2.0 indicator to support our stock predictions. Clients can conduct analyses by themselves by using the RSI 2.0 indicator instrument, to make fast & accurate trading and investment decisions.

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            • ToysCollectorToysCollector

                Toys-collector main serve for toy enthusiasts and distributor,we professional to supply Transformer,Original Car Model, UAV,Autobots and so on by wholesale and retail. And freeshipping online store.If you are interesed in this kind of toys,please feel free to contact us,or log in our website to have a look first:

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              • Image Recognition software - Attrasoft ImageFinderLite for WindowsImage Recognition software - Attrasoft...

                  ImageFinderLite for Windows searches for an image from a folder in four clicks.

                  The ImageFinderLite is a search-by-image software for local computers, which is sometimes referred to as reverse image search.

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                • Improved authentication and encryption stopping brute forcingImproved authentication and encryption stopping...

                    Patent pending with the European Patent Office.

                    The invention is an improved authentication and encryption methodology, to be implemented as apparatus and/or software on a machine. The invention is a quantum leap compared to the previous state-of-the art (i.e. hashing / SALTs).

                    With this invention, all keys / passwords gain extremely enhanced resistance against all forms of brute-force or dictionary attacks. Passwords short enough to be easily memorized by human beings could - previously - easily be brute-forced by modern supercomputers (e.g. those of nation state intelligence agencies) and/or large botnets. Using this invention, they are now resistant to these attacks. The same holds true for dictionary attacks, here the effect is even greater. The patent will give its holder / buyer an obvious and significant advantage, offereing much higher privacy and security regarding authentication and encryption than all competitors.

                    LOOKING FOR:
                    Buyer - Contacts in the security field within large operating system or security solution vendors, who are interested in obtaining this invention for both implementation and strategical value against competitors.
                    (I will not sell the invention to anybody intending to use the patent to block implementation of the invention for the public!)

                    INFORMATION RELEASE / PROCESS:
                    Interested parties of big enough market power to be considered potential buyers can request the details of the invention. This will require signing an NDA, but absolutely no other commitments have to be made. The decision of the prospective buyer to enter sales negotiations or not can be made after disclosure of the details and full completed analysis by him. The details of the invention will clearly prove that the invention works (can be verified mathematically) and show how it works.

                    Thomas Wolf
                    - expert in computer security systems
                    - decades of experience as white hat hacker, winner of Reemtsma "Hacker of the Year" award 1991
                    - winner of several awards for mathematics / computer science
                    - renowned security and IT expert, headed several ITprojects / programs for Allianz Group (world's largest insurance group), currently heading Deutsche Boerse Group's information security program
                    - several media appearances (including the leading German news site SPIEGEL) as one of only nine members of the Giga Society (world's most discerning high IQ society)

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