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  • Route Planning Algorithm for Various Combinations of Traveler Requirement Criterions and ModesRoute Planning Algorithm for Various Combinations...

      Now a day’s various vehicles are available for the purpose of traveling and goods carrying. But the three major ways are by land, sea and air in various travel modes. According to the geographical arrangement of the world, the distance, time and cost varies in these three ways between the same source and destination.
      In traveling the user requirement mainly on travel criterions and travel modes. The three main user requirement criterions in travel are shortest, fastest and cheapest. The travel modes may be by bus, train or flight. Throughout the globe traveling across various continents and countries by any one of the ways (or mode) will not optimize the user requirement criterions. For that a suitable route planning algorithm is proposed.
      The entire user ever wants a solution to reach the destination in the criteria combination of shortest, fastest and cheapest. But we can not always get a best solution for the above case. Some times the user gives more important on time but not on distance and cost. Like that, there are eight possible combinations of these three criterions. On that all these eight combinations (except not shortest, not fastest and not cheapest), the suitable way of travel is taken between the various terminals are grouped to form the travel between the source and destination. The user may prefer some set of travel modes to travel. For example the user may want to travel by only bus and train and not by flight and vice versa. So the algorithm will result the travel modes between the terminals only on the preferred modes.
      The user may give the preference on some criterions and select some travel modes. There may be many number of travel modes are available, but in this system up to three travel modes are allowed, for example it may be bus, train or flight. Otherwise it may be considered as travel by land, sea or air. The algorithm selects the mode of travel between the terminals, in between the source and destination according to the user required criterions.
      The algorithm provides totally 49 different combinations of choices for travelers to select in travel criterions and modes. This algorithm can be applied not only in travel but also in the field of operating system kernel design, robotic arm movement etc., by modifying some logics.
      The algorithm contains 19 steps. It is protected on the provisional patent application number US 61/984,761. The 94 page complete pseudo code will be provided at the time of purchasing. It is open for sale for mere 10000USD.
      My E-mail ID:
      contact number:+91-965-959-8088

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    • Intellexer Platform  semantic tools for sentiment analysis named entity extraction summarization categorization and text analyticsIntellexer Platform semantic tools for sentiment...

        Intellexer Sentiment Analyzer is the powerful and efficient solution which automatically detects sentiment (positivity/negativity), opinion objects and emotions (liking, anger, disgust and etc.) from unstructured text information. Intellexer Sentiment Analyzer can be effectively used to: capture customer’s expectations, attitudes and aversions; discover emerging trends, analyze feedback on marketing campaigns; understand product issues in real-time, increase revenue and profits from vendor services, gather about competitors activities, profile customer preferences, realize what product or service is better and why.
        Intellexer Summarizer analyzes the document, extracts its main ideas and puts them into a short summary or creates annotation.
        Intellexer Categorizer puts unsorted documents into pre-defined categories. Categorizer automatically classifies documents and assigns to user categories based on the easy training stage.
        Intellexer Named Entity Recognizer is a solution that extracts names (named entities) and defines relations between them. The recognized types of named entities include personal names, titles, positions (occupation), names of organizations, geographical locations, etc.
        The team of R&D department of EffectiveSoft Ltd. has developed a unique hybrid approach to linguistic analysis which, unlike existing methods, is based on using not only linguistic and statistical information, but also the set of complex semantic rules. This technique provides the one of the best accuracy results on the market and the system adaptation to the knowledge domain.
        Our core module – Intellexer Linguistic Processor performs syntactical and semantic analysis of English texts. It effectively parses the input text and extracts the main constituents in a sentence, such as noun phrases, verb phrases, adjectival phrases, and adverbial phrases. As a result, a tree-like structure of the input sentence is formed. The tree considers diverse semantic relations between the constituents: Location, Tightness, Direction, Degree, Effectiveness, Structure, for example.
        Semantic technology transfers the machine language into meaningful language. It does not matter what words you use or in what order you use the words to describe your idea. Our semantic tools analyze your information by considering a variety of possible semantic meanings for each word in the sentence. Taking into account the entire context, our tools are able to understand the general idea and then give you pertinent answers.

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      • A new positron emission tomographyA new positron emission tomography

          The subjects of the offer are novel constructions of PET detector systems for medical diagnosis, and new ways of determining the necessary signals to reconstruct the tomographic image. Application of organic scintillators leads to a significant reduction of the cost of manufacturing the device, which might be especially advantageous in case of large diagnostic chamber.

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        • Operation WarhammerOperation Warhammer

            Hi guys, my name is Ali Abbas I am british, living in Germany though since 1989. Apart from being the record German Champion in case modding, I am building a Guinnes world record casemod that will hopefully be unvieled at the Gamescom in Cologne August 2013, and many other innovations, I have now almost finished a new creation of mine that could change the way computer games are played. forget WII, Kinect and co. this Invention takes you into the battlefield without having to leave your perconal computer. Apart from that it gives you a 360 view of the battlfield and lets you thus fight in e.g. call of duty, or medal of honor or any ego shooter games for that matter in any direction.
            Yes its a toy for young boys, or girls who like these type of games too.
            I simply need help in getting this idea to the right folks who see the potential though. Just so you see that I mean business, check out my track record and all i have achieved so far by entering "Ali Abbas DPA" or "Ali Abbas Casemodder" or Ali Abbas German Champion" in google, or visit ( the German Casemodding championships Website or my site . Thanks and hope to hear from you.
            Thanks and regards,
            Ali Abbas

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              Diabetic stimulator is an electronic device that works on the principle of acupuncture. Basically the device is a mini-generator of low value and low amplitude electromagnetic signals called subliminal anti-diabetes signals.

              ADS stimulation method is an adjuvant to standard treatment of diabetes, it helps the pancreas to produce more insulin without additional treatment.
              ADS treatment performed correctly makes the pancreas to release more insulin, improves blood sugar and glycosylated hemoglobin, helping to decrease the dose of medication the patient takes during treatment and causes diabetes not to move to advanced forms of the disease.

              1 - ANTI DIABETIC STIMULATOR - (WO2012177156), PCT International Application
              Pub. No.:WO/2012/177156 International Application No.:PCT/RO2012/000013
              Publication Date:27.12.2012 International Filing Date:19.06.2012
              IPC:A61N 1/36 (2006.01), A61H 39/00 (2006.01)

              In order to evaluate further interests of that buyer you need to know:

              - Does the Stimulator locate te position of the diabetes acupuncture
              points? – ANSWER YES !

              - What is the State of development:

              1) Concept Level, ANSWER YES !

              2) Finished Technology, ANSWER YES !

              3) Working Prototypes, ANSWER YES !

              4) Commercially Available Technologies, ANSWER YES !

              5) Products Commercially Exploded on the Market? ANSWER NOT

              - We have the complete file submitted to the Ministry of Health of Romania ( UE ) for certification and approval according to European standards.

              - Are there actual impacts and responses of patients to treatment monitored and evaluated at this stage? ANSWER YES !

              On the other hand, the claims of the patent should be rewritten into a more "litigation quality" by an expert upon entering in U.S.A. or in other country national/regional phaes of the PTC, for the patent to be acceptabily considered for acquisition.

              I registered ADS for PCT International, buyer can make him a national
              record as he wants with your IP lawyer.

              Microprocessor built into the device runs a special software for diabetes.

              This software is registered and copyright protected for ORDA – Romania (Europe ).

              The true inventor of insulin is Romanian Nicolae Paulescu

              Please see this You Tube link with sound:


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            • The world wide swap  trade  the giftThe world wide swap trade the gift

                What I have is a huge multi-player, PC online game for CD Rom, The social network game of the future with massive revenue potential, not yet on the market. This is a revenue building game/ business only.
                Called: The world wide swap & trade / The Gift, Provisional Patent #61/664,548
                The unique features of this invention will provide for the following benefits;
                1. Next generation in personal gaming
                2. Allows players to become an actual part of the game
                3. Provides real time rewards and keeps players striving toward The Gift
                4. Game can continue indefinitely, even after the main objective has
                been reached
                5. Create jobs in Information Technology, Marketing, and Various sectors.
                6. Provide the largest single advertising place for the world’s advertisers.
                I, Mr. Baillum wholeheartedly believes in the positive impact my (Game)
                development and production will have on individuals and the market(s)
                to which it will be promoted. The fact that this game offers a real gift is incentive to players to want
                to play. This is a complex concept for the next generation in gaming. As currently designed in the technical drawings and 3-D models, my invention has unique features which are not available on the market. The World Wide Swap and Trade/ The Gift, is a game in which players and their cities and states are actually part of the game. I, Mr. Baillum envision my product appealing to the millions of game enthusiasts worldwide. Our society is always seeking new ways to improve personal leisure and satisfy the need for competition and achievement, and The World Wide Swap and Trade/ The Gift certainly fits the bill. With roughly six billion eligible people in the world, Research shows that one in four internet users visit online game websites, bringing the annual total to more than 217 million online game players worldwide. Online game communities are populated by people from both sexes and all age groups. The markets are extensive for a global concept such as this.
                (If you would like to see or no more, please feel free to contact me. Leandrew L. Baillum Owner. 1814 Arnold street Philadelphia, Pa.19152
                Direct Phone # (267)303-2149.or (215)613-6001 E-Mail me at, I’m seeking a (real) time tested professional cutting edge companies, With the technology and innovation to take on a very unique project, to produce marketing and licensing my game, Bringing the largest worldwide group of gamers together at once with a new cutting edge game, The world wide swap & trade the gift, potentially the largest (social network) game of the future, In the world today. With massive revenue potential
                What exactly is: The world wide swap & trade / the gift?
                From a player prospective it’s a social network game were multitudes of players in every city, states interact with one another building a inventory to trade, swap and, save in order to reach the gift of the game. From a prospectors view, an opportunity, how can this game make me money? Let’s take a look at that. This game is constructed and designed to assemble paid members together on a massive level over the internet from every city in all fifty states. 1. The direct results are massive revenue, because this game will cost in the range of $19.95-to- $39.95. 2. The game becomes a business. 3. It has the structure to become as big as, or bigger than face book, Google or any other social network. 4. It will have an advertising audience on a steady base. One thing for sure it will have true income from the start, most social networks relies on other sources powered by them to bring income to them by the number of followers they have. The world wide swap & trade / the gift, streams income from the sales of players to the game, those numbers could be huge! It also has a pay advantage process within the game that keep’s revenue Cumming. So, to answer the question, what exactly is: The world wide swap & trade /

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                  So far we have been familiar with different solutions of vehicles that have classic drive unit by fossil fuels, hybrid vehicles and purely electric vehicles.
                  Our product is an electric vehicle, which connects to powered vehicle and by its motor power starts composition made of these two types of vehicles.
                  To a classic vehicle, it provides abilities such as

                  1) drive unit on electricity
                  Significantly lower electrical energy price comparing the price of fossil fuels even up to 75%. This price is even lower if the consumer has its own electrical energy producer

                  2) Carbon monoxide emission amounts 0%, the vehicle does not produce neither exhaust gases nor any other detrimental products.

                  3) Level of noise is lower per 90% comparing vehicles with classic drive units.

                  4) Vibrations made due to engine operations are also lower as comparing the piston engine it works with less motion of movable parts and less friction.

                  5) Energy utilization of energy consumed is up to 90%. Energy consumed that motor converts into mechanical energy has high degree of utilization comparing the engine with internal combustion, which high percentage of energy made by derivatives combustion – thermal expansive energy, releases without the possibility to use it and that energy efficiency level in fossil fuel vehicles is maximum up to 35%.

                  6) Vehicle has two driving axles that can work at the same time or by turning on only one of them at the time getting this way characteristic of vehicle for off-road driving.

                  7) Vehicle can easily be connected with mechanical connection with other types of vehicles such as semi-trailer achieving its compatibility - same drive unit for different means of transportation.

                  8) Vehicle provides higher vitality in traffic to a consumer as it has two separate drive units.

                  9) Vehicle provides additional trunk solving the problem of lack of conveying space in case of vehicles with small trunks.

                  10) Greater maneuverability of vehicle when having difficulty with parking and traffic jams, as the wheels are steered by direction

                  11) Better distribution of masses as external electromotive drive unit gives the role of stabilizer by its mass and prevents skidding by direction in case of sharp maneuvers.

                  12) Greater passive security of passengers in case of blow from the backside of vehicle, as in this case electromotive drive unit has the role of amortization area, which will receive greater part of blow energy.

                  13) Vehicle has the ability to produce electric energy and supply external consumers when it is in parking position.

                  14) Additional self-charging of batteries by solar photovoltaic cells when it is in parking position that can be blinds like pulled out and cover the roof of the trunk of motor vehicle and upper surface of powered vehicle, making batteries self-charging and giving the vehicle protection from strong sun or other atmosphere changes that can damage the car.

                  15) Three working modes:

                   Electro mod when the vehicle is moved by power of electromotor, which is supplied by electric energy from battery cells.

                   Hybrid mod, when electromotor of motor vehicle and motor of powered vehicle work together, vehicle in this situation has sum of power of these two motors, and also in this mod self-charging of batteries of motor vehicle over the electricity generator is realized.

                   Mod when powered vehicle starts its own engine on fossil fuels and the engine of motor vehicle is not active; this the situation battery cells are also self-charging by electricity generator, which is placed in the last vehicle on the picture.

                  16) Easy access to the components of vehicle in case of service or repair.

                  17) The possibility for vehicle theft is difficult as beside the regular barriers against theft it is necessary to decode control interface from the back motor vehicle.

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                • Business Intelligence Accelerator BIABusiness Intelligence Accelerator BIA

                    BIA stands for Business Intelligence Accelerator. The software is a Visual Studio Add-Inn, which generates custom-defined settings and efficient guidelines for a standardized use of different BI-projects based on Microsoft technology. BIA can be used where ever data needs to be extracted, loaded or transformed. So called SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages know how the data needs to be extracted and transformed.

                    Until now these packages had to be put together manually – a potential source of error and a time consuming process.

                    The Business Intelligence Accelerator is a set of modules, which allow the generation of Microsoft SSIS-packages from predefined templates. Time consuming generation and servicing is not necessary, this is reducing time and cost, not only in the development, but also in running the system. So far there was no standardized approach because every BI-project is different and the common systems hardly allow the reuse of program parts.

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