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  • phytolamp    1 2 3phytolamp 1 2 3

      For the plants growing in room conditions and lacking a sunlight (especially during the winter period) were thought up and for a long time phytolamps are used. The science knows for a long time that from all range of light waves which is possessed by a sunlight, light waves with the wavelength of 400-500 nanometers (blue light) and 600-700 nanometers (red light) are the most important for plants.
      Thus, I had an idea to construct the compact phytolamp on the solar battery which will be to establish once near a plant enough and not to worry any more that the plant doesn't have a sunlight.
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    • solar thermal cooling systemsolar thermal cooling system

        For those interested in cooling thermal solar energy
        Cooling system works thermal solar energy where the system works by exploiting the thermal energy generated from the sun through solar heaters
        I managed to work an entirely new design of the cooling circuit Btaqhahararah solar physicists working together two principles, namely thermal expansion Almtaaks and Mbda absorption cooling circuit, where she works continuously cooling circuit is characterized by that the primary cooling cycle
        Working with the same efficiency Freon circle as it works to two physicists together
        Very suitable for large systems and cold rooms central air conditioning where it can be to design the air-conditioning system to solve this problem loads Electrical Systems for small houses for conditioning and special air-conditioning systems of large government buildings and large places
        Completely safe to the characteristics of the new design does not cause them any health damage, as they say on the water absorption circle ammonia
        Manufacturing Bsato and available in the local market and the needs of most of the parts are assembled from the market
        Can this system that works with any source of heat, whether from solar energy or burning fuel such as natural gas
        The college, which can be obtained as a result of the session exploitation of solar energy falling on one square meter area of ​​1000 = kilowatt hour cooling energy = 285 TR hour

        Note this design to develop designs that already exist and operate you make modifications to improve efficiency and make it more suitable for the work of the solar-powered and more effective
        I hope that I find it adopts this manufacturing design commercially

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      • Door Extension CordDoor Extension Cord

          Door Extension Cord is an extendable plug and socket system that enables an electronic device to be plugged into an outlet otherwise blocked by a doorway.


          Purpose & Benefits

          Allows electrical power to be transferred from one room to another despite obstruction from a door.

          Accepts both plugs and sockets on its extendable end via interchangeable plates.

          Adapts to fit any door with an adjustable design that can be raised or lowered.

          Eliminates the problem of an extension cord blocking a door from closing.

          Operates in multiple countries thanks to various interchangeable plug and outlet plates.

          Problems Solved
          A person may desire an electrical device to be operated in one room of a house or building but there may be no outlet into which the device may be plugged, or all sockets may already be occupied. The only alternative may be to not use the device, or to run an extension cord from one room to another. However, this process may eliminate the door's ability to fully close. Or the person simply may not own an extension cord that is long enough to be functionable.

          Detailed Description & Features
          Door Extension Cord is an adjustable extension cord which features a socket on one side and a reeled extension cord on the opposite end. The device is intended to fit underneath doorways, allowing a user to connect electrical devices in a home without the worry of cords interfering with the opening or closing of a door. This innovative product may be comprised of a flat piece of plastic capable of fitting underneath a doorway, an electrical plug-end, and an electrical socket end. There may be two adjustable fittings that extend vertically from either end of the flat piece which can be raised or lowered. One of the fittings may be a standard socket-outlet while the other end may contain an adapter with a reeled extension, stored internally, which allows the adapter to travel outward. The device may also retract should the reeled end be pulled tightly. The adapter may be designed to accommodate various interchangeable plug and outlet plates to suit the need of the user. Once connected, the device may act as an extension cord to carry electricity from a wall outlet to a device in another location without physical interference from a door.

          Door Extension Cord can be constructed using durable, long-lasting, and flexible materials such as plastic. The device’s internal wiring can be constructed with general electrical materials such as copper and other conductive metals. Exact size, measurement, and color specifications may vary upon manufacturing.

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        • Flat planar concentrator of solar energyFlat planar concentrator of solar energy

            Concentrating of solar energy is a highly important task in the field of development of solar energy systems. The main principle of concentration is the focusing of solar lights on a smaller area of receiver either semiconductor solar cell or thermal absorber. Thus, the application of concentrators allows to reduce the amount of expensive solar cells or thermal receivers and to reduce the price of the solar energy system.
            Existing solar energy concentrators, either mirror-reflection or lens-refraction based, have many disadvantages and economically are not effective.
            Completely new, low cost, high efficient flat planar concentrator of solar rays is proposed. Concentrator has several advantages in comparison with existing parabolic through or Fresnel lens type concentrators. The proposed concentrator has the simple planar panel structure and it does not require a significant focal distance. The solar rays are incident to the flat surface and concentrated on to the one edge of panel, where the receivers are placed. The efficiency of concentrator is 80%. The other advantages are simplified sun tracking, less wind loading and small maintenance costs.
            The proposed innovation is a cardinally new approach in solar technologies. The concentrator effectively can be used for concentration of solar rays and transformation of solar energy into electric or thermal energies.

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          • No batteries needed technologyNo batteries needed technology

              In much the same way as you are now using to start your gas grill...

              My invention* completely eliminates the need for batteries in any type of electric or fossil-fuel-powered vehicle.

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                Although different methods for synthesising carbon nanostructures are available, research is still going on for finding the cheap and easy method for commercial preparation of different carbon nanostructures with controlled moiphology and high purity. The carbon soot obtained from burning of vegetable oils and animal based oils by using traditional method is found to contain carbon nanostructures including single-walled carbon nanotubes, multi- walled carbon nanotubes and carbon nanofibers. Carbon soot obtained by burning oils has been used as 'kajal' since ancient times. Kajal is easy-to-make by traditional method of flame deposition. It has been. found to contain carbon nanomaterials. Thus, synthesis of carbon nanostructures from vegetable oil using flame deposition method is studied in detail in regard to find a cheap source and easy method.

                [PCT International Patent Application No.WO/2014/080418 - SYNTHESIS OF CARBON NANOPARTICLES FROM VEGETABLE OIL BY FLAME DEPOSITION]

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              • Photovoltaic CellPhotovoltaic Cell

                  The object of the present invention is a photovoltaic cell made of silver nitrate and rochelle salt (potassium sodium tartrate), which provides a higher efficiency that the commercial ones due to driving the piezoelectric effect and the properties materials, these ones also making it cheaper because is not made of silicon.
                  Currently there are photovoltaic/solar cells, to capture solar energy and transform it into electrical energy. One of the materials currently used is silicon, therefore the end the object of this invention is to create a cell capable of producing up to 3 times the energy of existing cells, making it flexible and easy to manufacture, since it does not require vacuum systems and can be manufactured in different shapes and dimensions. With far more advantages than conventionals.

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                • System of Air conditioning and producing Ice by using thermal solar energySystem of Air conditioning and producing Ice by...

                    System of Air conditioning and producing Ice by using thermal solar energy
                    The Thermal energy that can be produced from solar energy can be used to be source of heat for the absorption cycle
                    the absorption cycle is a process by which refrigeration effect is produced through the use of two fluids and some quantity of heat input, rather than electrical input as in the more familiar vapor compression cycle.
                    This absorption cycle that be used thermal solar energy as source of heat to produce refrigeration effect and the cycle can be used as
                    • Air conditioning cycle for centeral condationing system
                    • Refrigeration cycle to produced ice
                    This system consisys of
                    1. Solar collector
                    2. Heat transfer system
                    3. the absorption cycle
                    4. heat stoarge system

                    1) solar collector
                    this part to collect solar energy by direct collecting of sun rays or use concentrating system at first to concentrate sun rays on solar collector to produce thermal energy

                    2) Heat transfer system
                    This system to transfer thermal energy from solar collector to the absorption cycle

                    3) the absorption cycle
                    use thermal energy to produce refrigeration effect that increase with incease feeding by thermal energy

                    4) heat stoarge system To storge thermal energy that produced more than need within day to use at night to make system continuously work and find thermal energy that it needs to work

                    needness for this system
                    This system can be used at areas in world that have high solar raddation so its temerature is high and need to air conditions or to ice , and The system has many adavantages
                    a) this system will save great amont of electericity that need to normal conditioning systems as it not need to electericity only use thermal energy that produced from solar energy
                    b) the absorption cycle not use gases that cause ozan holl so it friendly with nature , and this cycle is simple in construction
                    c) at areas as Arabian countries that have higt solar energy this system is very suitable and economically , as in this areas more money spent for conditioning building

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