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      I am the inventor of a new and improved above ground pool cover that virtually eliminates the need for a pool cover
      pillow or pump. This cover is maintenance free and allows rain water to flow through while keeping sunlight, leaves and
      other debris out. I have used the same cover for the past 4 years and upon returning from 3 months in Florida have found
      the cover to have approximately 2 gallons of water on it and my pool to be full to the bottom of the skimmer.

      The present invention is a new type of swimming pool cover that allows water flow
      through, but keep leaves, twigs and sunlight out. Installing one or more 2 inch by 3 inch PVC floor drains or similar items
      to cover will solve the problem. The floor drains are installed upside down near the center of the cover. Once installed the
      cover is cut in the center of the drain. Either a slit or an X will work. The metal mesh cover on the floor drain, held on to
      the cover with two or more screws will hold the cut part of the pool cover flat while allowing water to pass through and
      restrict sunlight. The drain is approximately 2 inches tall causing water to constantly stay on the cover to keep it from
      blowing in the wind. It also allows leaves and twigs to settle on the cover and only water to pass through the drains. The
      water level in the pool will remain constant. As the rain or the snow water goes through the floor drains excess pool
      water will go out the skimmer. Another benefit of this invention is that the need for a cover pillow and cover pump has
      been eliminated. This is a maintenance free cover that will allow people like myself to leave their pools for 3 to 6 months
      and come back to find it full and clean, something the other covers can't claim as they have to constantly clear leaves
      and debris from their drains.
      For the past 25 years I have tried everything in the world to find the perfect swimming pool cover for my 24 foot above
      ground pool. I have tried pumps and pillows to keep the water off of my cover and everything else that I could find on the
      internet. All have the same problem. to much water on the cover causes the pool water to be pushed out and the cover to
      rip dumping the leaves and other debris into the pool. The mesh cover is the only one that won't sag or rip. Its problem is
      that rotted leaves and other debris will eventually pass through the mesh and go into your pool along with some sunlight
      that will turn your pool green over the winter. What I have come up with is extremely simple and I have used it for the past
      4 winters with great success. We have been going to Florida for 3 months for the past 13 years and until 4 years ago I
      have always returned to a filthy pool, half full and a torn cover. The past 4 years my pool has been full, clean and my
      cover intact. When the pool is to be closed the pump return line is plugged and the cover is installed. The cover is pulled
      tight by hand while installing 4 or 5 cover clips around each section of the edge to keep the cover in place and to prevent
      most of the wind from getting under it. The skimmer outlet line is now disconnected allowing the water level to drop to the
      bottom of the skimmer basket causing the cover to tighten even more. The first rain will put enough water on the cover to
      hold it down. As it continues to rain the water on the cover will pass through the floor drain and out the skimmer, but the
      leaves will stay on the cover. Clamping the edges of the cover will keep it tight and only allow a set amount of water to
      ever be on it. It keeps the water level in the pool constant so that you only have to add a small amount (3-5) inches
      above the bottom of the skimmer when you open the pool. What I really like about it is that when I open my pool if it hasn't
      rained for a day or two there is only about 2 gallons of water on my cover and it comes off easily.. I placed my floor drains
      (I use 2 on my cover in case of a heavy rain) approximately 18 inches apart somewhere close to the center of the

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    • Bicycle Mechanism with High Overlapping of Power Periods & Top & Bottom Dead Centers EliminationBicycle Mechanism with High Overlapping of Power...

        SYNISON, a Hellenic (Greek) Laboratory specialized in Mechanical Mechanisms, has developed a Power Transmission Mechanism with many important Applications.
        One of these Applications is a really innovative Bicycle Mechanism, called TRISKELION, because in the basic Version of this Mechanism the Cyclist produces a certain Work as if he had THREE LIMBS, feet or hands.
        This Mechanism achieves the COMPLETE ELIMINATION of the TOP and the BOTTOM DEAD CENTER when using the pedals, and not a simple shifting of these, as in the case of the use of a non-circular sprocket.
        The motion of the pedals is always unidirectional and the coupling between them is such that the relative positions between them are always bijectively defined, resulting in zero backlash of the motion between the feet or hands, when reversing the Torque application.
        However, the Mechanism also works by using a ratchet to allow rotation of the drive wheel of the Bicycle without the necessity of corresponding motion of the feet or hands, exactly as in the operation of the classic type of Bicycle.
        A SIGNIFICANT OVERLAPPING of the PERIODS of WORK PRODUCTION is also achieved in the basic Version of this Mechanism, which overlapping is even greater than 60% (in the case of the HEPTASKELION and a setting of the Active Period to 50 degrees) in racing or other aggressive Versions, resulting in that the fluctuation of the Torque which finally moves the Bicycle is drastically reduced or even rendered virtually negligible.
        This Mechanism is purely mechanical, with a degree of efficiency that reaches the 100%, however it cooperates ideally with an electric motor, or any other type of engine in general, which assists the motion of the Bicycle, providing several further arrangements for an even higher exploitation of the Work that the Cyclist produces, while the degree of performance of the integrated Mechanical System "Cyclist and Bicycle" is significant increased.
        It is possible to adapt this Mechanism within any existing Bicycle of the classic type (retrofitting), while in the case of the Design from the very beginning of a Bicycle which bears this Mechanism, the result is excellent in terms of functional ergonomics, aesthetic appearance and cost of production, and Versions with Removable Mechanism are also available either for existing or designed from scratch Bicycles, mainly to avoid theft of the Mechanism, but also with some extra advantages.
        The Design of this Mechanism is carried out, POINT by POINT, taking into account the particularities of the sex and the age of the Cyclist, but also other factors such as whether the Cyclist is either an amateur or athlete, the use is either transportation or exercise, as well as much more specific personal parameters and even differentiations between the right foot and the left foot or between the right hand and the left hand of the same person.
        In this way, Design has as a result the Production of the required Work, by a particular Cyclist, with the MAXIMUM POSSIBLE ERGONOMY as well as the MINIMUM POSSIBLE STRESS and WEAR of the MUSCLES, the TENDONS and the BONES, of the HIPS, the KNEES and the ANKLES of this Cyclist, providing in this way the best physical condition but also the general health and attitude of this Cyclist, FAR of the existing state in everyday life and sports.
        Therefore, a Bicycle bearing this Mechanism can be used, at least to a sufficient degree, by PEOPLE with TEMPORARY or even PERMANENT PROBLEMS in one or both of their limbs, feet or hands, or other parts of their body that are actively involved in Cycling, and also facilitate the recovery of these individuals in case of temporary problems.
        In any case and with any composition, only a few minutes of Cycling are required until the average Cyclist adjusts their behavior to this new Cycling reality, however then the sense of INCREASED POWER as well as COMFORT is excellent, especially in the Versions about the TRISKELION, and yet extremely ADDICTIVE, for every Cyclist.

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      • Animatronic Dinosaur Top ManufacturerAnimatronic Dinosaur Top Manufacturer

          Customize animatronic dinosaur , animatronic animals , dinosaur costume , dinosaur skeleton , character statues , lantern festival etc. high quality art crafts by top manufacturer, dinosaur maker, Pestylelivedino.
          Our quality products are popular in theme park, amusement park, museum, entertainment events party exhibition, shopping mall and restaurant decoration etc.
          Whatever your type, we customize for you to make

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        • Fishing equipmentFishing equipment

            Compact device for recreational fishing, which you can take with you on a trip or in the equipment used for survival.
            If this device will appear in the mass sales, has big chances of getting more popular among non-professional fishing enthusiasts!

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          • One of The Largest Sport Protection Factory in ChinaOne of The Largest Sport Protection Factory in...

              Yangzhou Boli Sport Goods factory is a professional Manufacture found in 1991. Our product include knee brace, back support, wristband, ankle suooirt, elbow pad and so on. Our quality is vey good but the price is cheap. We only provide the best for our client. Our customer spread all over the world.
              We are very willing to have busy with you, come to our website and be free to contact us. We are always there.

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            • ToysCollectorToysCollector

                Toys-collector main serve for toy enthusiasts and distributor,we professional to supply Transformer,Original Car Model, UAV,Autobots and so on by wholesale and retail. And freeshipping online store.If you are interesed in this kind of toys,please feel free to contact us,or log in our website to have a look first:

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              • Johnson Watch RescueJohnson Watch Rescue

                  I have watch that has a plastic band on it. My watch band broke on me so i was about to throw it away. But my invention allowed me keep a perfectly good working watch that i used and loved away.

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                • buy yoga matbuy yoga mat

           It is a website dedicated to yoga supplies dealer services, online display of products, and by one exchange, Offline customized wholesale portal site.

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