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      DC current Filter (DCF) designed for all circuits of devices if in it there is AC to DC conversion or/and filtration-smoothing or need a lightning/surge defence like an Energy Saving Lamps (ESL), TV, Video, Computer, Charger, Electronical Transformers, Welding Equipment, space-air-marine-submarine vehicles onboard systems, cars trucks, trams, trolleybuses, underground trains, similar
      Results of measuring in self-made model:
      1 If zero of measurements – diode rectifier exit – smoothing is 75-80 dB, radiofrequency noise reduction is 70-75 dB, efficiency 98-99%. Like best microchip based filters. But if current of the load less 25-50% of normal – decrease of only smoothing – will be pulsations in exit. If load more then 150-200%-more% of normal – overheat (and burn – depends on the wire insulation) of the DCF.
      2 DCF can correct Power Coefficient (PCC function) in range +/- 60 degree with out additional device. If the load less then 10000 Watt – it should be corrected but not must be because it is very expensive and the economy of 11% of primary energy (110/220 Volts 50/60 Hertz or another) – possible these lost and additional influence to power greed due to very expensive PCC units. Cheapest in the World solution.
      3 Temperature range of DCF is in limits of Kuri temperature of ferromagnetic core of the DCF. And ionizing radiation resistance/strong ness like at a the used wire insulation – the World best lifetime and reliability.
      4 Economy size and weight 25-50% of similar efficiency LC filter, whorster then best microchip based impulse kind filters in 10-20%. Slightly simpler and faster production of any device due to DCF more simple common design of the side of board/it’s wiring.
      5 In circuit 12Volt 6 Amperes the DCF defence load against 4 mikroFarade 330-340 Volt capacitor any polarity discharges every 0.5 seconds or rarely. Against any surge like a lightning over voltage in now days designs it is impossible with out very expensive ultra fast diode and varistors and high voltage capacitor jointed and displaced especially.
      6 DCF can be produced at any industrial designed for a transformers/a bobbins/a magnetic relay producing robotized line as an element or unit or small board or similar. DCF looks like a transformer but must be connected only DC-pulsing input – wire 1+ and 2- and exit wire 3+ and 4-, wire 5 is control – for decrease smoothing if necessary to be avoided limitation (8-9 times of normal) of start current shock – there is the limitation if no any current in wire 5 (polarity is +) to wire 2. I don’t know where is necessary the limitation avoiding. The limitation is useless if there is short circuit after DCF a fuse necessary.
      7 With 2 diodes 2 parallel DCF or 1 DCF in diagonal of 4 diode rectangle rectifier with AC input and AC output (as 2 polar kind unit) can work in any AC systems but there is not money kind voices for similar solution. Now days LC anti noise filters for an industrial AC systems really rare because just need not so deep smoothing or noise rejection – there is defence of electronical and relay control units and other devices are not miss work due to a noise. Or it is enough ordinary anti over voltage dischargers.
      8 No any active elements inside. Only core and wire and capacitors inside. In my model all less 55-60 volts by description.

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