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  • Hydraulic Chain ClampHydraulic Chain Clamp

      Machinery description
      To hold up to 50tons. The equipment has a heavy clamping leaf chain, "V" shaped support plate and tong
      dies able to hold a wide variety of tubular components.The equipment equipped with an air hydraulic
      pump designed to safely latch the chain to the vise allowing service to be performed without the tools
      slipping. The equipment is able to withstand torques up to 25,000 ft-ibs.
      structure of equipment
      The equipment consist of column support mechanism, "V" shaped support frame with tong dies, air-driven hydraulic pump, air compressor, single acting hydraulic cylinder, air vent valve, industrial chain and no tubing.
      Technical Characteristics
      1. pipe scope:3’’—12’’
      2. Max torque:25000FT-LBS
      3. load bearing:50T
      4. replaceable tong dies
      operating steps
      1. Start air compressor
      2.Put the pipe dismantled on the "V"shape support plate.
      3.Put the chain from the top of the pipe into the interval between the clamp handle and top tight block.
      4.Lower lock handle and tighten the chain.
      5.Stamp on the pedal of the air-driven hydraulic pump,and observe the hydraulic clamping pressure, when it up to the standard pressure, you can remove the thread.

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    • Hydraulic Jar TesterHydraulic Jar Tester

        Hydraulic jar tester is an important tool used for testing the drilling tool, pipe stem and down hole tool in all kinds of oil well and geological. YSJ150 Hydraulic Jar Tester is designed by our company absorb the foreign advanced technique, combine with the character and current level of national petroleum industry. Advantages such as convention operation, steady and pull strength high, it suitable for testing pull performance and pressure performance of jar, shock absorber, accelerator etc.
        YSJ150 hydraulic jar tester is mainly consisted in two parts: hydraulic control table and test bench. Hydraulic control table is mainly consisted in oil tank, electromotor, plunger pump, reversing valve, computer monitor system, etc. Hydraulic jar tester is mainly consisted in hydraulic cylinder, frame, active cart, active frame, fix pin, etc.
        YSJ150 Hydraulic jar tester is provided power resource by electromotor drive the plunger pump, at work, the tested product should be lay between active cart and active frame.

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      • Hydraulic Bucking UnitHydraulic Bucking Unit

          The bucking units are important equipment used to make up /break out and maintain all kinds of drill tools , drill stems and down-hole tools for petroleum and geological prospecting. In our company , the YCJ-25 type bucking unit is designed and manufactured based on the advanced technology from the same equipment domestic and abroad as well as combination with the actual situation and characteristic of petroleum industry in China.
          It is applicable for assembly & disassembly and maintenance and testing of all kinds of drill tools, well-hole tools, test tools, cementing tools and different specially tubular for petroleum exploration and geological prospecting.
          Available with the following advantages: with great torque of make-up /break-out for assembly or disassembly of work-piece; with large diameter range suitable for tube fittings; without slippage or biting the working surface when make-up or break out; with quick make-up; push-pull hydraulic cylinder provides axial push-pull forces to make-up/break-out of the work piece. It has enjoyed best reputation from customers domestic and abroad.
          2 3/8"to 20" Diameter Capacity
          Synchronized Clamp Cylinders in Movable Chuck and Shock Screwing Chuck.
          Automatic torque control system can be provided according to the request of customers.
          360ºContinuous Rotation Headstock is optional.

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        • Coring toolsCoring tools

            Coring tools are used for acquisition of the rock core in petroleum drilling. The coring tools can be applied to soft, moderate and rigid rock formations. MDX can supply core barrels and core bits in various sizes and types.
            Core Barrel: core barrel is a perfect tool in general coring operation. The tool is mainly used to obtain core in oil drilling well or in geological prospecting. MDX supplies are available to soft, medium, hard and mix stratum.

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          • Roller Kelly Bushing pin drive and square driveRoller Kelly Bushing pin drive and square drive

              Roller Kelly Bushing is an essential petroleum drilling tool, and can be equipped with rotary slips, so as to drive Kelly bar. The product reduces its friction with Kelly bar by the rolling of four rollers in order to prolong its life. The product can also fit to four-sided or six-sided Kelly bar by charging roller, and then connect it with various rotary tables, with two drive methods, namely, square drive and pin shaft drive. This unit is used for heavy duty drilling operations and high torque conditions on off shore as well as on shore drilling operations.
              The Roller Kelly Bushing is simple in operation, convenient in installation and perfect in safety performance. It can be applied to rotary table from 17 1/2” to 49 1/2”, and handle kelly sizes from 3” to 6” square or hexagonal.

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            • Float Valve Model F and Model GFloat Valve Model F and Model G

                Float (check) valve is usually installed in float subs (long subs bored out for a specific float) and prevent fluids from backing up in your drill string while adding/removing rods. The type available of float valve as below:
                Model F (plunger valve):Instantaneous shut off against high or low pressure, assuring continuous control of fluid flow during drilling.
                Model FC (Automatic Fill valve) Automatic feature allows drill pipe to fill from the bottom, removing the mess, hazards, and lost time from filing. When running in the hole, automatic fill feature eliminates the ‘ram effect’ preventing the down hole pressure surges that can cause formation damage.
                Model G (Full open valve, flapper type):When circulation stops, flapper closes instantly to prevent cuttings from entering drill string and plugging bit. Valve opens when the first joint is raised out of hole assuring the first joints drain and are not pulled wet. Saves mud and avoids safety hazard and downtime.
                Model GA (Differential Pressure Monitoring Valve):Hardened 1/4in. diameter tungsten carbide orifice bean insert in flapper to provide automatic partial filling of drill pipe during running in.
                Model GC (Automatic Fill Flapper Valve)Uses low carbon steel “automatic fill” key assembly that allows pipe to fill from bottom.
                Model GCA (Automatic Fill with differential pressure monitoring valve)Incorporate both GC and GA
                Model GS (non-ported flapper) and GAS (ported flapper)For high flow and erosion resistance,
                made of alloy steel and unique flapper relief to reduce flapper spring and pin wear. Option to have tungsten carbide coating on flapper face.

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              • Kelly Cock ValveKelly Cock Valve

                  The MDX Ball Type Kelly Valve provides a quick, sure shutoff in the drill string that can repay the cost of the valve quickly in the mud savings and kick protection.This valve can be used as either an upper or lower kelly cock. It has an exclusive corrugated spring to insure a positive seal. Standard pressure rating is 10,000 pound test, but higher pressure ratings are available on special order. The ball is stainless steel, and closes easily. The MDX Kelly valve is full-opening, so it does not interfere with the running of tools such as core barrels or survey instruments. Its streamlined O.D. is the same as the tool joint O.D.
                  Upper Kelly Valve:The MDX Kelly Valve is also available with left-hand threads for use as an upper kelly cock. When used between the kelly and swivel, it provides a positive means for shutting off flow in the drill string at any time. The inline body design will not hang up on the cat line or interfere with operations.
                  Lower Kelly Valve:When used as a lower kelly cock, the MDX Kelly Valve provides a closure to stop mud loss when the kelly is disconnected from the drilling string. Just close the valve before disconnecting and mud in the kelly and hoses stays there. With the cost of oil mud, biopolymers and other costly drilling fluids, the valve can pay for itself quickly. The rig floor and substructure stays much cleaner and safer as well. Its streamlined O.D. allows it to pass through the blowout preventer smoothly.

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                • Drilling stabilizerDrilling stabilizer

                    Drilling stabilizer is an important tool to control hole deviation in petroleum and gas exploration drilling process. The types of it can be divided into drill string type and near bit type. At present,we developed HF3000 and HF4000 type stabilizer, which are widely used in international drilling operation. Drill collars, when used without stabilizers, tend to buckle and cause unwanted deviation. A typical bottom hole assembly (BHA) will include one or two stabilizers placed in the drill string to increase stiffness. Sometimes additional stabilizers are added to the drill string to further increase BHA rigidity to ensure that well bore deviation is minimized.
                    Stabilizers also prevent differential sticking of the drill string by stabilizing the BHA and keeping drill collars and drill pipe away from the borehole wall. This reduces vibration, drill pipe whirl, and well bore tortuosity; moreover, the stabilization maintains drilling trajectory whether drilling straight, horizontal, or directional wells.
                    Options for Stabilization
                    Our factory downhole offers stabilizers in straight and spiral orientation with two material options:
                    Alloy Steel Stabilizers non-Magnetic Stabilizers
                    The Integral Blade alloy Steel Stabilizer is a product of exact manufacturing and is engineered to stabilize your drill string in the most challenging drilling conditions. The rib surface shall be hard faced with HF4000 (Insert tungsten carbide buttons on the surface ) OR HF 3000( low temperature welding tungsten carbide pieces) .
                    When drilling through hard formations, the required weight on bit to drill the well bore exerts tremendous side loads on the blades of the stabilizer. The Integral Blade Stabilizer's one-piece construction ensures you have the reliability and durability to drill with confidence. MDX Downhole Integral Blade Stabilizers are available in both Straight and Spiral Blade designs.
                    Reduces vibration
                    Decreases drill pipe whirl
                    Reduces well bore tortuosity
                    The Non-Magnetic Stabilizers will centralize the drill string in all conditions, but are specifically engineered to be used in applications requiring magnetic isolation, making them ideal for directional drilling.
                    Features:The non-magnetic steel properties allow MWD tools to operate without interfering with the accuracy of their directional measurements. The non-magnetic stabilizers are compatible with other standard drill string components and are available in both spiral and straight blade configurations.

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