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  • Boat oars with integrated LEDSBoat oars with integrated LEDS

      The lantern oar consists of a traditional boat oar with electronics in the shaft giving power to three LEDS; the oar is battery powered but very efficient and long lasting. I look at it as having a lantern on your small boat or water vessel at all times at your fingertips. The oar is completely functionable and is waterproof in every way; you could submerge this oar underwater and therre would be no damage or negative effects. This could be a new product line expansion and could be a great investment. I have gotten many many compliments for this product and the people want to see that it is licensed and developed. The lantern oar is a very usefull outdoor tool that could be used for fishing, recreation, and navigation on the water. Please take a look at my portfolio at with this guest user name and password GUEST014955 MN149556

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    • Search Engine Idea From Us Capital From YouSearch Engine Idea From Us Capital From You

        To whom it may concern;

        We have filed a provisional patent with USPTO for a highly innovative search engine. This is the next generation search engine and it offers significant advantages over all available similar and competing solutions.
        We can prove that everyone in the world will be using this invention for his daily life, therefore, there is a huge market for it and its return on investment is far better than the ROI from other search engines.
        Our idea will deliver the following benefits:
        • It ends people’s confusions.
        • People won’t need any other websites; this website is all they need.
        • It gives access to the world of business and knowledge.
        We are looking for investors or companies who can help us develop this idea. If you are interested to know more about our idea, or in case you know someone else who might be interested, please feel free to contact me.
        Yours sincerely,
        Foruzan Mehdiani

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      • X-Standable Portable Lighting SystemX-Standable Portable Lighting System

          Below are short video links to demonstrate the invention:

          X-Standable Portable Lighting System is ideal as:
          1) Halogen Work Light
          2) Floor/Ceiling Portable Lamp
          3) Outdoor Patio Lamp
          4) Photography Lighting Stand

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        • Pollution-free motorPollution-free motor

            A new technology is out that has NOT gotten the attention it deserves! My name is Dan Williamson - manufacturing specialist. I am seeking financial backing to build (and start installing) a universal “fuel-free motor” that can replace all fossil fuel motors within our lifetimes!
            This motor exists and runs WITHOUT fuel!
            It's called a "Magnet Motor" and "YES!" they DO work!
            To see a simple version of this technology go to:

            Magnet motor advantages:
            1) Runs indefinitely - WITHOUT FUEL!
            2) Emits "Zero" air pollution.
            3) Very few moving parts.
            4) Mega-Torque - out the Kazoo!
            5) Runs under or over water.
            6) Needs no air to function.
            7) Needs no cooling system.
            8) Starting/running not affected by weather.
            9) It's the closest thing you'll get to "perpetual motion".
            10) Uses less room and weighs less than fossil fuel motors.

            Here’s the principal that makes it work (Try it yourself!):
            Use 2 similar magnets - .5" dia. x .5" thick

            1) Try PREVENTING the magnets from contacting as you move them closer together (by hand) - with ATTRACTING poles FACING each other.
            2) Try FORCING the magnets together - with OPPOSING poles FACING each other.
            3) Now try this using two magnets the size of hockey pucks!

            When we build a motor with properly spaced magnets and manually start it rotating - it continues to do so on its own - indefinitely!
            The simple fact is this: a smaller, tougher magnet motor CAN replace ANY/ALL fossil-fuel-burning motors - practically overnight - IF we choose to make it a priority!



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          • the holey railthe holey rail

              The core product to my business. U.S. patent granted in 2010. Garage organizer. Billion dollar industry in the US. Based on peghook technology, providing an affordable solution to a growing market. Proven sales. Additional patent pending products currently in development. Seeking to finance a national product launch. Distributors have presented themselves to us at the National Hardware Show. Seeking financial partner with resources in sales and distribution.

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            • LeanleverLeanlever

                A device that doubles your lifting power using your own weight.
                Use it in the garden, lifting heavy objects, moving heavy snow or ice or just to gain leverage. Eliminates back and body stresses when lifting. Attaches to most garden tools, takes up no storage space, sets up in seconds.

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              • Window Washing SystemWindow Washing System

                  Here is the idea !
                  Patent U.S.6,986,186 and Canadian 2,537,570.
                  At present, the exterior surfaces
                  of high-rise building windows
                  must be accessed for cleaning
                  through the use of scaffolds or
                  bosunchairs. Such devices can not
                  be used during periods of
                  inclement weather and can also
                  be fairly dangerous during even
                  calm, sunny days.
                  30% of the work of cleaning
                  windows in United States is
                  refused per year and the market
                  size about 30 billion $ per year.
                  There is a race at the moment in
                  the world who will be doing the
                  best invention solution for
                  cleaning windows for commercial
                  building. Imagine your selves! On
                  your sofa and look your windows
                  clean themselves. Eh! Yes, only
                  by pressing on your switch on/
                  off or a remote control. Whether
                  it is for a building, a skyscraper,
                  an airport, a signboard (banner)
                  of freeway and I pass some
                  example... We found a solution
                  which reduces a considerable
                  number of accidents, time and
                  money. I invented one automatic
                  window-washing; In 10 seconds
                  your windows shine with
                  cleanliness. For commercial building.
                  Contact us if
                  Cordially Stephane Dube Inventor.

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                • OPSS-1 online permeability porosity sensor scanner measurementOPSS-1 online permeability porosity sensor...

                    Sophisticated multi functional inline permeability sensor scanner systems

                    Patent pending DE10251610 and patent granted in China 200310104764. Stationary or scanner systems for high speed moving fabrics or sheet material to detects very precise and reproduce specified product properties, natural or micro perforated porosity levels during production. OPSS-1 OPRL-1 vision control systems are equipped with multiple IR, NIR, VIS monolithic spectral color sensors, precision line lasers, CCD image devices, DSP, ATMEL, INFINEON sensor internal controller, firmware, serial data link, scanning speeds 20 up to 500 mm per second, web widths up to 5000 mm, measuring gaps from 2.0 up to 5.0 mm, optical inline detection of permeability, porosity, spectral transmission, opacity, extinction, particle absorption, porosities ranges 80 up to 5000 C.U. respective from 50 down to 4 Gurley, position control of micro perforation lines with 0.1mm accuracy, 0.050 up to 200 microns pore diameter by up to 300 pores per cm2.

                    With real time data determining of certain parameters, optical transmission, spectral grades, porosity integrals, envelope curves, internal calculated measuring values. Thus direct with close loops and feedback to power electronics of fabrics treatment units. Micro perforation or other treatment system makes it possible to compensate any changes in web treatment parameters and their partial locations so that each jumbo roll as well single, twin or quad bobbin sets can be produced quantity and quality controlled without intermediate stops in order of ISO-9001, ISO-9002 certifications.

                    Working principle and application
                    Thus sophisticate, precise, liable, repeat accuracy, easy visualized, optical online measurement techniques archives perfect ways to control and convert pneumatic, fluid, gas, jet streams, static permeability, naturally porous grades, filtration levels, breathable or ventilation effects. Their conditions can be easily met by using optical transmission technology thanks to described processing in full online stationary or scanning control units, extremely small pore dimensions, high fabric speeds up to 1000 meters per minute by high repetition rates.

                    That completely independent from base material properties as consistency, coloring, density, formation, pin holes, smoothness, stretching, shrinking, brightness, opacity, spectral property, gauging thickness weight, moisture content and other known influences. Optical inline OPSS-1 porosity sensor scanning systems for permeability cluster control at electrostatic or laser micro perforation machines, with multiple color sensor head, spectral intensity, DSP, FPGA, CCD, one precise line laser, position, material finger print detection, VIS wavelength, touch less measure of opacity, defects, inspection, combines controller internal firm and further PC process software. Uses for filter, tipping, cigarette, booklet, packaging, magazine, newspaper, media, bible, wall, decoration, Kraft, sack, filter, paper, coffee, tea, food, co-extrusion, foil, film, agriculture, cement, maize, rise, pet, domestic or other fast moving web material.

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