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  • OESP-1 OLP-1 multiple ventilation of mass productsOESP-1 OLP-1 multiple ventilation of mass products

      Electrostatic perforation has been used since 30 years for ventilation of non-filter cigarettes to create a directed and guided air bypass.

      For this purpose, cigarette paper for some MYO or RYO and almost every kind of filter cigarettes tipping papers are perforated electro statically offline in zones from 2.0 up to 6.0 mm width or in rows width by uses of sealed-off laser to reduce the harmful substances such as nicotine and condensate down to countries restricted levels.

      Another effect is the possibility to control the degree of ventilation of cigarettes. IPM inline technology and former patents EP0460369, DE4018209 enables cigarette tipping paper perforation while cigarette making processes to reduce nicotine and condensate levels for non filter cigarettes. The electrostatic inline multiple perforation process opening now new possibilities for cigarette tipping paper ventilation during cigarette manufacturing by full integration of perforation equipment or cassettes.

      This provides for uniform, intensive and very powerful perforation and the cigarette paper treated can be continuously supplied to the cigarette machine for further processing in the longitudinal direction of the cigarette. Advantages, direct mechanical integration of perforation units, functional interfacing and EMI level in according of international CE conformity, EG, EN, NEC, CCC standards archiving high production efficiencies and controllable ventilation grades on highly automated cigarette machines.

      Dual IGBT power electronics and multiple perforation performances cross the strips and circumference of each cigarette, allows problem less perforations on high speed cigarette making machines up to 12000 cpm at MAX-S, MK9, Protos80, Protos90.

      Online perforation with patent granted high-speed laser multiplexer, 8 laser lines, 10.6 um wavelength.

      Products, outstanding applications, advantages with micro perforation
      breathable and ventilated mass products as cigarette, tipping, filter, flexible packaging, plug wrap, refinish or fine paper
      booklet, bible, printing, magazine, promotion, flyers or newspaper with improved or modified surface property
      decoration or gift paper with thin coating films
      PVC laminate, Vinyl, decoration or wall paper to eliminate one side condensation effects
      enable control gas exchanges, avoid rises of mildew or rottenness
      joint or corner Kraft paper tapes to avoid glue bubbles and enables material diffusion
      fleece bonded with thin plastic film layers for outdoor, under roof protection or covering, wooden houses to enable gas exchanges
      technical textiles for gas exchanges to avoid condensation processes
      breathable overalls, heavy duty or disposable work dresses, trousers, aprons, jackets or shoes made of thin PE fleeces or others
      thin PP or PE contacted Kraft paper bag, cement sacks, plaster, maize, grain, pet food, granulate or powder for gained air outlet or out blowing during filling processes with multiple time reduced efficiency
      keep packed products in same barrier condition as without micro perforation
      extending storage, live time or durability of certain goods and products
      biotopes and prevention of water pollution
      synthetic, real leather or cloth inlets for comfortable non sweat wearing under wet, high humidity and tropical condition
      soap, deodorant, hygiene, beauty creams, baby care or other packaging products which needs smell suggestion for marketing indication and buying advantages
      food, vegetable or flowers with paper packaging replacements for gas and oxygen exchanges
      bread, rolls, fruits or food to improves for freshness and aroma advantages
      technical multi layer foils for industry, medical, bioengineering or filtration purposes, surface modification or improve the roughness
      micro filter, membranes, battery separation layers, bio or lab analytic
      alcohol, liquid or blood filtration, clean room, agriculture plant applications
      reduction or force growth rates of bio processes

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    • Cell Phone with measure functionsCell Phone with measure functions

        Allows measurement of distances, calculations of areas and heights, and the storing of data resulting from measurements,The operation of this cell model is based on the emission of a laser beam, electromagnetic waves, ultrasound, or any other type of electronic signal, at the time the signal emitted by mobile phone hit the wall, the distance traveled by this sign appear instantly on the phone display in the form of a value and its unit of measure.

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      • X-Standable Lighting SystemX-Standable Lighting System

          X-Standable Lighting System is a Portable & Collapsible Lighting System for both Outdoor & Indoor usage.

          X-Standable is a portable and collapsible structure invention.
          1) X-Standable is design to extent vertically upwards while the base extent horizontally for stability hence:
          - great vertical height
          - adjustable vertical height
          2) X-Standable uses both fulcrum & pulley during extension hence
          - heavy load can be easily lifted-up vertically
          XStandable on a large scale is ideal for many usage such as
          1) Tower - Communication, Broadcast & etc ..
          2) Mast - Aerial - Photography, Radio & etc ..
          3) Outdoor Signboard
          4) Portable Light Pole
          5) etc
          XStandable on a smaller scale is ideal for many usage such as
          1) Flat Panel TVs, Computers, Notebooks, Tablet & etc
          2) Banner Stand
          3) Floor lamp
          4) Projector Screen Stand
          5) etc

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        • Aerosol Extension Tube HolsterAerosol Extension Tube Holster

            A very low cost device that allows users of aerosol lubricants, solvents etc. to retain their focusing straws. Use of aerosol products without straw
            results in overspray and loss of product up to 80%. Our Holster saves money and spares the environment significantly.

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          • Full Color 3D Solid Image ScannerFull Color 3D Solid Image Scanner

              This novel invention uses polishing techniques to slowly polish or abrade away stepped layers of an object to be scanned. The scanned object is cast into a contrasting resin which provides a dark (or light) background for photography. The layers are digitally photographed stepwise to produce a record of internal structures. 2D digital images are reassembled using computer and software methods to produce exquisitely fine detailed 3D digital models of the solid internal structures in full color.

              Because polishing can be controlled tightly, layers may be removed in the in the nanometer realm. This implies the limiting barrier in resolution is the pixel size of the recording camera. These cameras pixels are getting denser and denser as technology progresses which only improves the performance of the 3D scanner.

              The multi-spectral light used to illuminate the image plane can be used to identify the chemical components of the object. Therefore the 3D scanner has a spectrometer function as well.

              The Full Color 3D Solid Image Scanner would be important in the semiconductor industry. Most importantly 1st article scanning semiconductor devices to determine as manufactured state vs. as designed.

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                The invention relates to a cramp iron for the fixation of formwork for concrete supports. The cramp iron comprises four profiles in the form of rectangular pipes (1 to 4) that can be connected to each other to form a frame, of which at least two comprise first and second pipe sections (such as 1a, 1b), which can be inserted into each other in a telescoping manner and displaced relative to each other. The pipe sections (such as 1a, 1b) are provided with borings (5), which are equipped to receive securing elements (6).

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              • DC circuits FilterDC circuits Filter

                  DC current Filter (DCF) designed for all circuits of devices if in it there is AC to DC conversion or/and filtration-smoothing or need a lightning/surge defence like an Energy Saving Lamps (ESL), TV, Video, Computer, Charger, Electronical Transformers, Welding Equipment, space-air-marine-submarine vehicles onboard systems, cars trucks, trams, trolleybuses, underground trains, similar
                  Results of measuring in self-made model:
                  1 If zero of measurements – diode rectifier exit – smoothing is 75-80 dB, radiofrequency noise reduction is 70-75 dB, efficiency 98-99%. Like best microchip based filters. But if current of the load less 25-50% of normal – decrease of only smoothing – will be pulsations in exit. If load more then 150-200%-more% of normal – overheat (and burn – depends on the wire insulation) of the DCF.
                  2 DCF can correct Power Coefficient (PCC function) in range +/- 60 degree with out additional device. If the load less then 10000 Watt – it should be corrected but not must be because it is very expensive and the economy of 11% of primary energy (110/220 Volts 50/60 Hertz or another) – possible these lost and additional influence to power greed due to very expensive PCC units. Cheapest in the World solution.
                  3 Temperature range of DCF is in limits of Kuri temperature of ferromagnetic core of the DCF. And ionizing radiation resistance/strong ness like at a the used wire insulation – the World best lifetime and reliability.
                  4 Economy size and weight 25-50% of similar efficiency LC filter, whorster then best microchip based impulse kind filters in 10-20%. Slightly simpler and faster production of any device due to DCF more simple common design of the side of board/it’s wiring.
                  5 In circuit 12Volt 6 Amperes the DCF defence load against 4 mikroFarade 330-340 Volt capacitor any polarity discharges every 0.5 seconds or rarely. Against any surge like a lightning over voltage in now days designs it is impossible with out very expensive ultra fast diode and varistors and high voltage capacitor jointed and displaced especially.
                  6 DCF can be produced at any industrial designed for a transformers/a bobbins/a magnetic relay producing robotized line as an element or unit or small board or similar. DCF looks like a transformer but must be connected only DC-pulsing input – wire 1+ and 2- and exit wire 3+ and 4-, wire 5 is control – for decrease smoothing if necessary to be avoided limitation (8-9 times of normal) of start current shock – there is the limitation if no any current in wire 5 (polarity is +) to wire 2. I don’t know where is necessary the limitation avoiding. The limitation is useless if there is short circuit after DCF a fuse necessary.
                  7 With 2 diodes 2 parallel DCF or 1 DCF in diagonal of 4 diode rectangle rectifier with AC input and AC output (as 2 polar kind unit) can work in any AC systems but there is not money kind voices for similar solution. Now days LC anti noise filters for an industrial AC systems really rare because just need not so deep smoothing or noise rejection – there is defence of electronical and relay control units and other devices are not miss work due to a noise. Or it is enough ordinary anti over voltage dischargers.
                  8 No any active elements inside. Only core and wire and capacitors inside. In my model all less 55-60 volts by description.

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                • Automatic sensor LED lightingAutomatic sensor LED lighting

                    The traditional pyroelectric sensor (or a sound sensor) and the combination of light source, without reserve electric wire, place the product directly on the lamp and turn on the power. When the LED lights to the sound or body heat sensor, the automatic lighting (sensing distance of about 6-7 meters, induction angle 90-120 degrees) away from the time when the sound or heat. LED lights automatically turn off delay of 20-30 seconds(may adjust for 5-60 seconds). This product is suitable for supermarket, stairways, corridors, entrance, kitchen, toilet, warehouse, garage, balcony and other places. The power source according to the UL modular design, the light bulb weight only 195 grams, the light bulb diameter is 75mm, the length is 120mm. Power supply AC: 85V-265V, Universal worldwide voltage, 9 watts of power, equivalent to 90 watts of ordinary light bulb brightness. More than 5 years of life, all products made with environmentally friendly materials(ROHS) in line with energy saving and environmental protection requirements. Simple shell shape and bright, fully show the beauty of elegance.

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