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      Most current education systems use one language as a primary language of communication and do not provide a multilingual environment, even in situations where there is a desire to impart multilingual education, for example, by an educator in school or a parent at home, the methodology is usually that the educator/parent needs to translate words from one language to another (for example from English to a native language) and relate that word to the person being taught. However, even this methodology has not been followed consistently by most education systems across the world and even at home it tends to be too tedious to be
      followed on a consistent basis.

      This invention is inspired by worldwide lack of teachers with multilingual capability and lack of quality learning systems based on multilingual approach.

      Lack of tools and technology for imparting multilingual education to visually disabled and hearing-impaired users.

      The present invention meets the requirements of a multilingual learning system with an easy to use device which can be used by users in multiple languages and in multiple countries. This invention is readily useable by visually-disabled and hearing-impaired users.

      • The invention is especially useful among working parents, uneducated parents and poverty-stricken parents.
      • The developed product and system can impart education till early ages (1-5) with minimal support of a parent or teacher.
      • This tool provides interactive learning experience to the user
      • This tool provides multilingual learning & education at an affordable rate in any part of the world.
      • This tool will help the user to learn the languages fed into the tool and will be able to relate it. Example: Hindi-English Pair, Hindi-English- Spanish or more pairs.
      • This tool provides Native level language expertise in multiple languages simultaneously.
      • Designed keeping in mind blind & hearing-impaired users.
      • The system is simple enough to be used by children and sophisticated
      enough to be used by visually challenged users.
      • Aligned with Right to Education and goals set by UN & UNESCO.

      According to another aspect of the invention, a system comprises a console and a card wherein the console comprises a processor, a receiver configured to receive a short range wireless signal, and based on a short range wireless signal received by the receiver, the processor is configured to identify a media file stored in a memory location accessible to the processor and the short range wireless signal received by the receiver is associated with an object and a natural language, and the card comprises a short range wireless communication tag such as a RFID tag or a NFC tag, wherein the card has an image either printed or embossed on at least one of its surfaces or the card has a Braille representation on one of its surfaces.

      In order to use a system according to the invention, a user needs to have a deck of cards and media files corresponding to the deck of cards need to be available to a console assessable to the user. Each card in a deck of cards is capable of short-range wireless communication with the console by means of a short-range wireless communication tag such as a RFID tag or a NFC tag. Each card in a deck of cards is associated with an object and one or more natural languages.

      In an example use case of the invention, a user may purchase a deck of RFID cards for a natural language of choice such as English or Hindi. Media files associated with the deck of cards may already be pre-stored in a memory of the console. When a user brings an RFID card in a vicinity of the console, the console recognizes the object whose image is either printed, embossed or the object that is represented in Braille on the RFID card. The console also recognizes the language(s) that is/are associated with the card. The console may then do one or more of the following: (1) produce a sound corresponding to th

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    • UKEKA ® Children’s Custom Training ClockUKEKA ® Children’s Custom Training Clock

        UKEKA ® “Children’s Custom Training Clock” is a product designed to establish rules and develop good living habits for children over 3 years of age.
        Appearance refers to the shape and color of the sun flower, symbolizing that the child is the sun of tomorrow; the product is fully functional, and combines the daily activities of the child at various times of the day, evaluation management, reward, and punishment as one. Flexible adjustments and free settings can meet the needs of different parents in managing their children’s daily behaviors and establish basic behavioral norms.

        Parents can follow the step-by-step principle according to children’s different characteristics, living environments and family conditions to adjust flexibly, set freely, and formulate training plans that meet the child’s characteristics.
        Custom development process: Children can establish good habits through external motivations (rewards) - transit to stable habits (gradually reduce rewards) - and form lifelong habits ( external rewards are no longer necessary).

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      • Fishing equipmentFishing equipment

          Compact device for recreational fishing, which you can take with you on a trip or in the equipment used for survival.
          If this device will appear in the mass sales, has big chances of getting more popular among non-professional fishing enthusiasts!

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        • One of The Largest Sport Protection Factory in ChinaOne of The Largest Sport Protection Factory in...

            Yangzhou Boli Sport Goods factory is a professional Manufacture found in 1991. Our product include knee brace, back support, wristband, ankle suooirt, elbow pad and so on. Our quality is vey good but the price is cheap. We only provide the best for our client. Our customer spread all over the world.
            We are very willing to have busy with you, come to our website and be free to contact us. We are always there.

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          • ToysCollectorToysCollector

              Toys-collector main serve for toy enthusiasts and distributor,we professional to supply Transformer,Original Car Model, UAV,Autobots and so on by wholesale and retail. And freeshipping online store.If you are interesed in this kind of toys,please feel free to contact us,or log in our website to have a look first:

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            • Scoop and Toss Game Fun Sports Scoop Ball Set Two StylesScoop and Toss Game Fun Sports Scoop Ball Set Two...

                Product Description:
                Product Name: Scoop and Toss Game Fun Sports Scoop Ball Set, Two Styles
                Product Classification: Scoop Ball Set
                Product Age Range: > 5 Years
                Product Material: High Quality Plastic
                Product Size: Style A: 7.5*26CM, Ball: 6CM Style B: 9.5*35CM, Ball: 9CM
                Product Weight: Style A: 0.112KG Style B: 0.168KG
                Product Package: Mesh Bag

                The classic family game of toss and catch, with a twist or a curve.
                Great, fun way to develop hand-eye coordination and a strong throwing motion.
                Sports activity helps develop motor skills and coordination.
                Simple fun for ages 6 and up and skill levels.
                Play indoor and outdoor, at the beach, a picnic, in the backyard--anywhere with room to roam!

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              • Crazy ScooterCrazy Scooter

                  The crazy scooter is a one of a kind scooter because of it's design. It has two fat tires in the back and a big tire in the front. The back tires is used to slide. The handle bars is joystick style joysticks to help slide the scooter. It has a handle for sparks to come out the back of the tires. The joystick handle bars are used to steer the scooter for instance if you want to turn right you push left jotstick foward and the right joystick back and vice versa.It has a seat to sit and pedals to pedal around the neighborhood. I ask 75 kids and parents if this product was out will they buy it and 98% said they will definitely buy it, the other 2% don't like scooters but they would consider it.

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                • 3D-Phone Increaser  - Turn your Smartphone into a 3D Monitor - for all VIDEOS, FOTOS and GAMES !3D-Phone Increaser - Turn your Smartphone into a...

                    Yes, it's possible! Turn your smartphone into a 3D monitor.

                    Handling is easy open the 3D-Phone Increaser, insert smartphone and adjust focus. PRESS PLAY that was about everything, you sit back and enjoy fantastic 3D experience wherever you want it.

                    Simple technology and a fantastic result. On the annoying 3D glasses can be dispensed through the 3D Phone Increaser. The results are also better than of other current 3D techniques. The picture has more depth, is sharper and there are no overlapping distorted images. In addition, no special software or format is needed, the technique works for any video, image or game.

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