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      Veloplav has no analogs around the world. It is a pedal drive for
      various types of inflatable boats that is driven by legs. The product is
      ecological. It can be used while fishing, hunting, tourism, or just as
      sport trainer or vehicle, which does not require neither fuel nor

      Market is huge: annually, over 350 thousand of inflatable boats are
      produced in Russia. Veloplav will occupy own niche on the market, like
      bicycles hold their share among other vehicles.

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    • LogoSticks Light up CrutchesLogoSticks Light up Crutches

        LogoSticks are crutches that light up through a clear exterior frame upon each compression step. Children and sports enthusiasts are the target industry. Many seniors and techies are looking for that latest gadget as well. Equipped with audio and we really have something here. The attached virtual photos are one variation of how this could be accomplished. Patent attorneys have verified there is NO competitor.

        For partner or purchase: My objective is to partner with someone or company and start helping patients and improving businesses. The market potential is unlimited as there is no competitor.

        Thank you,

        LogoSticks... Light up Crutches invented for Marketing, Entertainment and most importantly, Recovery!

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      • A safety electronic shooting simulatorA safety electronic shooting simulator

          A safety electronic shooting simulator

          This is a safety electronic shooting simulator which can produce more than 100 db sound and bright flame by a special blank.
          The blanks composed by shell casings, plastic caps and a small amount of gunpowder. They are harmless at any real distance because the plastic caps can not through the muzzle. Their running costs is very low because aluminum or brass shell casings can be used hundreds of times repeatedly. Only the plastic cap is disposable.
          Barrel is the real magazine which can be quickly replaced.
          The simulator can fire either in semi automatic or in full automatic, and the rate of fire can be accurately set by circuit (

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        • Jersey GuitarJersey Guitar

            Toy plastic guitar shaped like New Jersey. Push a button in any city, get song from that City. Example, Hoboken Frank Sinatra.
            The guitar can also play all the Jersey Boys songs. Push a button in Newark, Bellevile location. All song related to Jersey Boys Play, one at a time. One song per button push.

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          • Coffee Cup Holder for BikesCoffee Cup Holder for Bikes

              Biking has surpassed beyond the world of just exercise enthusiasts. With the advent of the low-slung Cruiser bike style, the popularity of bike baskets; it’s safe to say that the world of biking has progressed far into the mainstream. Everyone from the exercise enthusiast to the average Joe Schmo and his family are buying bike products, joining bike clubs and generally participating within the biking community. However, when surveying my potential consumers about their biking habits, a glaring problem was overturned. These casual new bikers have different bike habits than your Iron Marathon bikers, and more specifically: they’re drinking more than just water. Over 80% of the people I surveyed indicated that they stop for coffee or smoothies while biking and have nowhere to put them. One woman in my focus group even recounted telling a story of buying smoothies on the road for her and her sons, and having to bungee-cord them into their bike baskets. There is no product that adequately allows the casual biker consumer to purchase a coffee or a smoothie and take it with them on their bike. The only options that are available to customers are primarily for water bottles. My product works by way of three rungs attached to a strong, slender backboard which is then attached to the consumer’s bike basket via an R-clamp that would hook over the top of the consumer’s bike basket. Tested in various different simulations and tests, the R-clamp is significant as it was found to tightly grip the top of all different bike basket designs available. The clamp then is attached to the top of the consumer’s bike basket, and the cup would go on the inside!

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            • The board game \The board game "Chinese Caps"

                The board game "Chinese Caps" is designed for children aged 5 years and adults.

                The game helps develop attention, logical thinking and perseverance.

                In this game uses the same principle as the well known game of backgammon. But it game has a different performance.

                The game has 2 options playing field - for 2 or 4 people.

                The game is presented in a 2 design - the "Eastern" and "space".

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              • The Street game collectingThe Street game collecting

                  The game is designed for children from 5 years old, but it can play and adults.

                  In this game you can play both at home and on the street. The main thing that was under his feet a piece of smooth floor.

                  With proper marketing can get to play the game of children and even adults all over the earth.

                  This game of gambling and it can be used Collectibles

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                  The commercial aspect of the game

                  1. "Magic Wars" game by its rules is easy and it contains an element of competition, it will be interesting to children from 5 to 12 years. But depending on how popular it gets, in the end it can be played by older people.
                  2. "Magic Wars" game does not have any ethnic and religious restrictions. Therefore, it can be successfully marketed in any country in the world.
                  3. Low cost of game production. Plus plastic chips will eventually break down and lose, and it will provide additional purchasing demand from players.

                  4. Playing set of "Magic Wars" may be of 2 types:
                  1) Consist of a single combat unit of the same color (9 soldiers, 3 knights, 1 mage, 1 king). Retail price of such set can vary from 5 to 10 dollars, depending on the country in which it is sold.
                  2) Set of 4 combat units of primary colors (Blue, Green, Red, White) for the game of 4 people. The cost of such set can be correspondingly from 20 to 40 dollars.
                  In both cases, the cost is quite reasonable for parents with different income levels in different countries.
                  5. Combat troops of Space Pirates, Custodians and Wanderers – these are additional participants of "Magic Wars" game, so these play sets can be sold more expensive, because they will mainly be used for collecting.

                  6. Collection chips can be used in the implementation of other advertising and commercial projects, such as:
                  1) To play the game "Magic Wars" there can be created a Fantasy world, which can be used for other projects as an independent business, as well as for conducive to the development of the popularity of "Magic Wars" game. There can be created an animated series, comic books, etc.
                  2) Collectible chips can be toys for McDonalds, Kinder Surprise, etc.

                  7. To implement the gameplay players require playground 1 – 2 m/2. Such sites can be set at children's play areas, (in or) near supermarkets, children's recreation centers, etc., involving advertising sponsors.

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                • Board game The hedgehog went out for a walkBoard game The hedgehog went out for a walk

                    Bright board game.

                    The game is designed for 3 persons and for children from 3 years.

                    The game has a simple gameplay.

                    The detailed description can be see: and


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