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  • ShoePic\'s It\'s for your ShoesShoePic's It's for your Shoes

      ShoePic's is a fashion accessory for your Sneaker.
      ShoePic's is a colorful shoe accessories that is placed on the area of your shoe lace and is held by one, two or three colored stretchy cords. The stretchy cords and 2 cotter pins are pushed through the lace holes and that it’s.
      You can wear they with one color or two deferent colors on your shoes. At the top of the ShoePic’s is a transparent pocket different motifs can be inserted.

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    • Toy or Game InventionToy or Game Invention

        I have a new product idea. It could be used as a skill toy or game. Its called Pop A Hop. It would be made of all plastic. The dimensions would be 10 inches long and 3 and a half inches wide. Pop A Hop itself would be made of flexible plastic. The user can enjoy trying their luck at trying to achieve a catch in the cup by flexing the Pop A HOP up and down with their hands. This could be appealing to children and adults alike.A working prototype is available.

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      • ball rider single-track Ball wheel VehicleScooterball rider single-track Ball wheel VehicleScooter

          The ball rider has two large, highly elastic, and burst-proof ball wheels, where at least one steerable.
          Driveless he is driven in a variant of the seats (summer sledging) and in a second variant in the standing (summer snowboard).
          Both versions can also be equipped with a (electric) drive. Driving can be due to the wide bearing surface of the ball wheels, each surface such as sand or grass. The ball rider is buoyant and desert-fit, as it can be so constructed that it is waterproof and dirt resistant.

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        • Motorized sportrecreational jumping deviceMotorized sportrecreational jumping device

            This is a motorized pogo stick.
            Can jump without fatigue an hour or more.
            Simultaneously involved absolutely all the muscles of the body - it is the best fitness trainer for weight reduction.
            The internal combustion engine is integrated into the design to compensate for energy losses due to friction and air resistance.
            Basic skills training using the equipment will take about an hour.
            Experienced user will be easy fly up at seven, eight or more feet.
            Operation of the simulator - it entertaining action, fun feeling of flying and lots of positive emotions.
            Simple construction, high manufacturability provide a low cost of finished goods.

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          • New safe  fun indoor or outdoor lawn darts gameNew safe fun indoor or outdoor lawn darts game

              3-Dimensional target game for indoor or outdoor use that uses SAFE suction cup darts (no sharp points!). Playable by children and adults alike with many different types of game play and scoring making for a fun and relaxed experience.

              This game has the potential to re-invigorate 'lawn darts' play that was very popular but outlawed in some states/countries due to the use of sharp pointed darts. Because this game uses suction cup tipped darts, the safety problem is eliminated.

              The 3-D target provides a rich variety of game play for scoring and targeting.

              Low cost, ease of manufacturing and enjoyable game play - proven through testing of various prototypes - has confirmed the commercial viability of this game.

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            • The DuplicatorThe Duplicator

                This gadjet copies images, pictures, grafiks and patterns of any kind on to a piece of paper, wood, or actually any surface for that matter.
                You just place the source on one side, the target on the other, you then, well let me say work the duplicator, then walla a few minutes later you have the ducplicate on B which is the target material. Nomatter how complex the source image is. It is very handy for, anyone who needs a quick copy of anything while not having a computer with printer, or formemost for artists, painters and airbrushers, even kids who need to spontaneously transfer an image onto a surface like paper, wood, metal sheet, or any surface without any transfer steps that wold be usually required like, plotting it on sticky paper first and printing it out etc..
                This gadjet comes in two different types. This one makes a copy and the second one makes a mirrored copy which means the opposite.
                In other words either you want to copy the source 1 to 1, or you need the exact copy but the other way round maybe, for instance for a bike tank or anything which needs two opposite but same patterns or grafiks etc.. both can be handled.
                Please note that we are talking a about a piece of analogue equipment that can be folded and stashed away for transport and weighs no more than a kilo.
                No computer required, no printer or plotter required, the pattern is already there where you wanted it without any further ado with transfer foil or sticky masking and so forth. It makes artists out of anyone who sees something they wanted to copy, bearing in mind of course that its a copy and not the original which was made by a real artist, we should respect that. :-)
                More info to come, dont want to give away too much though before the patent is through.
                Bye Ali Abbas /alias Alan-Lee (Please check out my other inventions too)

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              • Operation WarhammerOperation Warhammer

                  Hi guys, my name is Ali Abbas I am british, living in Germany though since 1989. Apart from being the record German Champion in case modding, I am building a Guinnes world record casemod that will hopefully be unvieled at the Gamescom in Cologne August 2013, and many other innovations, I have now almost finished a new creation of mine that could change the way computer games are played. forget WII, Kinect and co. this Invention takes you into the battlefield without having to leave your perconal computer. Apart from that it gives you a 360 view of the battlfield and lets you thus fight in e.g. call of duty, or medal of honor or any ego shooter games for that matter in any direction.
                  Yes its a toy for young boys, or girls who like these type of games too.
                  I simply need help in getting this idea to the right folks who see the potential though. Just so you see that I mean business, check out my track record and all i have achieved so far by entering "Ali Abbas DPA" or "Ali Abbas Casemodder" or Ali Abbas German Champion" in google, or visit ( the German Casemodding championships Website or my site . Thanks and hope to hear from you.
                  Thanks and regards,
                  Ali Abbas

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                • The world wide swap  trade  the giftThe world wide swap trade the gift

                    What I have is a huge multi-player, PC online game for CD Rom, The social network game of the future with massive revenue potential, not yet on the market. This is a revenue building game/ business only.
                    Called: The world wide swap & trade / The Gift, Provisional Patent #61/664,548
                    The unique features of this invention will provide for the following benefits;
                    1. Next generation in personal gaming
                    2. Allows players to become an actual part of the game
                    3. Provides real time rewards and keeps players striving toward The Gift
                    4. Game can continue indefinitely, even after the main objective has
                    been reached
                    5. Create jobs in Information Technology, Marketing, and Various sectors.
                    6. Provide the largest single advertising place for the world’s advertisers.
                    I, Mr. Baillum wholeheartedly believes in the positive impact my (Game)
                    development and production will have on individuals and the market(s)
                    to which it will be promoted. The fact that this game offers a real gift is incentive to players to want
                    to play. This is a complex concept for the next generation in gaming. As currently designed in the technical drawings and 3-D models, my invention has unique features which are not available on the market. The World Wide Swap and Trade/ The Gift, is a game in which players and their cities and states are actually part of the game. I, Mr. Baillum envision my product appealing to the millions of game enthusiasts worldwide. Our society is always seeking new ways to improve personal leisure and satisfy the need for competition and achievement, and The World Wide Swap and Trade/ The Gift certainly fits the bill. With roughly six billion eligible people in the world, Research shows that one in four internet users visit online game websites, bringing the annual total to more than 217 million online game players worldwide. Online game communities are populated by people from both sexes and all age groups. The markets are extensive for a global concept such as this.
                    (If you would like to see or no more, please feel free to contact me. Leandrew L. Baillum Owner. 1814 Arnold street Philadelphia, Pa.19152
                    Direct Phone # (267)303-2149.or (215)613-6001 E-Mail me at, I’m seeking a (real) time tested professional cutting edge companies, With the technology and innovation to take on a very unique project, to produce marketing and licensing my game, Bringing the largest worldwide group of gamers together at once with a new cutting edge game, The world wide swap & trade the gift, potentially the largest (social network) game of the future, In the world today. With massive revenue potential
                    What exactly is: The world wide swap & trade / the gift?
                    From a player prospective it’s a social network game were multitudes of players in every city, states interact with one another building a inventory to trade, swap and, save in order to reach the gift of the game. From a prospectors view, an opportunity, how can this game make me money? Let’s take a look at that. This game is constructed and designed to assemble paid members together on a massive level over the internet from every city in all fifty states. 1. The direct results are massive revenue, because this game will cost in the range of $19.95-to- $39.95. 2. The game becomes a business. 3. It has the structure to become as big as, or bigger than face book, Google or any other social network. 4. It will have an advertising audience on a steady base. One thing for sure it will have true income from the start, most social networks relies on other sources powered by them to bring income to them by the number of followers they have. The world wide swap & trade / the gift, streams income from the sales of players to the game, those numbers could be huge! It also has a pay advantage process within the game that keep’s revenue Cumming. So, to answer the question, what exactly is: The world wide swap & trade /

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