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  • Automobile children safety seat to prevent hyperthermia deathAutomobile children safety seat to prevent...

      Patents: 7,573,373 and 7,859,413.
      Problem: There are 494 Death of Infants strapped in car seats and left in cars Since 1998, these infant deaths have been reported when a child is left in a car due to distraction of the parent or guardian of the moment.
      The above situation would be improbable with the following application:
      Solution: This application activates if a child is left in the car seat when the engine is turned off after a prescribed length of time. The cell phone of the caregiver/guardian/parent is contacted at this point repeatedly until the child is released from the car seat. This application only works if the cell phone and the car seat are remotely connected.
      The system is twofold:
      1. As long as the caregiver has not left the car, the system does not activate and the alarm doesn't sound.
      2. If the caregiver exits the car - the alarm will be activated after a short time through the cell phone until the child has been removed.
      This application is especially relevant but not only so to minivans and SUV type vehicles with larger areas for seating.

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    • Baby - DWIB baby diaper with integrated hygiene bag and/or humidity towelsBaby - DWIB baby diaper with integrated hygiene...

        baby diaper with integrated hygiene bag and/or humidity towels

        The baby-DWIB is a baby diaper with a integrated hygiene bag and/ or integrated baby- cleaning pats. Though the baby-DWIB can be made without cleaning pats. It is the manufacturers choice which accessory he will attach to the product.
        Both the hygiene bag as well as the integrated baby- cleaning pats can be stored in the waistband of the baby diaper, though also here it is the manufacturers decision, where the accessory will attached.

        How often did it happen that you forgot your important baby accessories

        Because of integration of the accessories to the baby diaper, the hygiene bag as well as the baby- cleaning pats will never be missed anymore.

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      • Baby Bottle ShadeBaby Bottle Shade

          Product that quickly and easily attaches to a baby bottle (and later a sippy cup) to shade the childs eyes from not only sunlight but indoor lighting as well. This not only makes the feeding more comfortable but leads to more efficient, healthy, and safer feedings as well. (No blanket needed anymore which will keep from overheating and also choking)

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        • Baby self-feeder uniteBaby self-feeder unite

            my designed idea provide a new mean for baby feeding , that enable the baby to use the feeder and feed him self without assistance , it provide a new concept of baby nursing that help mother child care activity.

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          • Bio-functional clothing greatly helping eczema sufferersBio-functional clothing greatly helping eczema...

              The skintoskin project was launched in collaboration with EU member states to explore alternate methods and natural substances, using knowledge and expertise from many sources in an effort to find new and effective treatments.

              The funding for the skintoskin® project came from the Portuguese government via O Novo Norte - North Portugal Regional Operational Programme 2007/2013. This is a financial instrument which supports regional development in the north of Portugal. It forms part of the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2007/2013 for research and development.

              The technology and expertise used in skintoskin has been developed through collaboration with many centres of excellence.

              Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (USA)
              Cambridge University material sciences. (UK)
              University of Minho. (Portugal)

              Medical institutions
              Hospital De Sao Marco Braga. Leading dermatologist Dr A. Sousa Basto. (Portugal)
              The National Health Service. (UK)
              Clinical evidence and medical studies
              Invivo and Invitro studies. Department of Dermatology, Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena, (Germany)
              Clinical trial. JAS Farma® (Portugal)
              Clinical trial. Servico De Dermatologica e Venereologica Hospital De Sao Marco Braga Portugal.

              Private sector
              Smartfiber AG (Germany)
              New Textiles Lda (Portugal)
              Effjey Group Ltd (UK)

              Regulatory affairs and conformity/safety.
              Phagecon – Pharmaceutical Services and Consulting, Ltd. (Portugal).
              Infarmed Lda. EU Regulation Notification body (Europe)
              Regulatory Affairs department National Health Service (UK)
              Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency MHRA (UK)
              Okeo Tex (Standard 100) accreditation. (Europe)

              Skintoskin fabric is made from 3 naturally occurring ingredients,
              70% cotton, 20% Seaweed extract and 10% Silver ions.

              As our clothing and textiles in general are in contact with our skin on a daily basis there is no doubt textiles can have an adverse effect on chronic skin conditions. Applications to the skin tends to wear away or be removed by our clothing as well as our busy day to day lives and routines. This began a train of thought, if our clothing, the very thing we all have in direct contact with our skin on a daily basis could deliver therapeutic effects it would allow that effect to be in place for a far greater time, with excellent therapeutic effect and with great ease in our daily lives.

              The concept of Bio-functional clothing was born.

              Cotton was chosen as the basis for skintoskin as it is generally regarded as being one of the most tolerable fabrics when placed next to eczematous skin. Cotton is readily available; it is durable, renewable, natural and widely accepted. Cotton is also suited due to its structure to modern manufacturing techniques.

              Seaweed extract is already widely used in health organisations. The natural anti-inflammatory effects are well documented. Dressings and creams containing seaweed extract have given excellent results when used on burns victims for example giving good irritation relief and assisting in the healing process. The seaweed extract used in skintoskin is derived from Aschophyluum Nodosum seaweed.

              Why silver? Bacteria infection is a serious problem with a condition like eczema which can present with an open wound. The irritation caused by the condition leads to an itch scratch cycle with the sufferer causing further opening the skin. The infection level if needed can be controlled by the application of anti-biotic creams or oral anti-biotic dosing. Silver is fast acting and highly effective against Gram + and Gram – bacteria, as well as for several fungal infections, especially those of the Candida strain,

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            • Cartoon Mold Casting Small Business Opportunities Of ChildrenCartoon Mold Casting Small Business Opportunities...

                BRIEF INTRO
                Our company meilinda arts bulit in 2003, locate in world famous city xian, mainly design and produce rubber and latex cartoon molds long term .Until now we’ve developed several series figures including cartoon stars, cute dolls, sport idols, art vase, mini house etc, hundreds of molds for choice. Then by using our latex molds ,you could DIY plaster statues correspondingly, easy to learn with our tech manual. That’s a low cost but profitable business for entrepreneur or investor.

                1. Absolutely low investment required, usually several hundred dollars enough including tech and molds, low risk to start up.
                2. Profitable coz the plaster material cost very little, but the finished statue could sell at least $3/unit, and average one person can make 50 statues per day by using our molds, so that’s big profit margins obviously.
                3. Dealing in daytime and night, shop and booth as your mind, so flexible.
                4. Huge market for choice, whoever children or adult is, wherever the present or gift store is, too many channel to deal.
                5. Custom made optional, we could design and make the mold especially for you.

                MULTI WAYS IN DEALING
                1. You could retail or wholesale the finished statues for target market widely, tourism spots, gift or toy stores, shop near to school and so on.
                2. You could startup a DIY painting bar, shop or booth for children amusement, supplying white statue and paints for themselves paint fun.
                3. You could sell our cartoon molds too, develop franchise biz with brilliant idea. For example, you can make franchise or job advertisement “Repurchase Finished Statues In High Price”. Of course, if they are interested to make and sell statues, they have to learn the tech and buy the molds in advance…

                If you still have any questions, welcome to contact us in details.

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              • Child resistant closureChild resistant closure

                  The invention consists in a safety cap to be used in bottles or containers having dangerous products like medicines, toxic liquids, chemical products or similar, that is more difficult to open than normal caps, especially by kids or babies. At the same time, this child resistant closure is not difficult to be opened by adults or senior people.

                  In general terms, the system is based in a cap with internal and external threads, with different pitch and/or direction. The system considers also another piece, consisting in a safety ring, which locks the system when typical opening procedure is done. This ring lets the cap opening if the opening sequence and direction is met.

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                • Clean wheel patentClean wheel patent

                    New patented system for dirt prevention caused by the wheels of push chairs, wheelchairs, strollers, buggys or scooters entering into a building after been used at the outside in a dirty environment.

                    A perfect solution to prevent dirty floors at home and in all kinds of buildings like hospitals, kindergarden, reha-center, museums etc.

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