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  • The Foot System For Smoother FeetThe Foot System For Smoother Feet

      Composition useful for improving rough skin on feet. This patented product is different from the other products on the market. It is unique because it doesn't have harsh ingredients and it is not a cream or ointment, but a powder that works great to get the job done. Comes in fruity scents like pineapple, orange, green apple and lemon and works great.

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    • Bio-functional clothing greatly helping eczema sufferersBio-functional clothing greatly helping eczema...

        The skintoskin project was launched in collaboration with EU member states to explore alternate methods and natural substances, using knowledge and expertise from many sources in an effort to find new and effective treatments.

        The funding for the skintoskin® project came from the Portuguese government via O Novo Norte - North Portugal Regional Operational Programme 2007/2013. This is a financial instrument which supports regional development in the north of Portugal. It forms part of the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2007/2013 for research and development.

        The technology and expertise used in skintoskin has been developed through collaboration with many centres of excellence.

        Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (USA)
        Cambridge University material sciences. (UK)
        University of Minho. (Portugal)

        Medical institutions
        Hospital De Sao Marco Braga. Leading dermatologist Dr A. Sousa Basto. (Portugal)
        The National Health Service. (UK)
        Clinical evidence and medical studies
        Invivo and Invitro studies. Department of Dermatology, Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena, (Germany)
        Clinical trial. JAS Farma® (Portugal)
        Clinical trial. Servico De Dermatologica e Venereologica Hospital De Sao Marco Braga Portugal.

        Private sector
        Smartfiber AG (Germany)
        New Textiles Lda (Portugal)
        Effjey Group Ltd (UK)

        Regulatory affairs and conformity/safety.
        Phagecon – Pharmaceutical Services and Consulting, Ltd. (Portugal).
        Infarmed Lda. EU Regulation Notification body (Europe)
        Regulatory Affairs department National Health Service (UK)
        Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency MHRA (UK)
        Okeo Tex (Standard 100) accreditation. (Europe)

        Skintoskin fabric is made from 3 naturally occurring ingredients,
        70% cotton, 20% Seaweed extract and 10% Silver ions.

        As our clothing and textiles in general are in contact with our skin on a daily basis there is no doubt textiles can have an adverse effect on chronic skin conditions. Applications to the skin tends to wear away or be removed by our clothing as well as our busy day to day lives and routines. This began a train of thought, if our clothing, the very thing we all have in direct contact with our skin on a daily basis could deliver therapeutic effects it would allow that effect to be in place for a far greater time, with excellent therapeutic effect and with great ease in our daily lives.

        The concept of Bio-functional clothing was born.

        Cotton was chosen as the basis for skintoskin as it is generally regarded as being one of the most tolerable fabrics when placed next to eczematous skin. Cotton is readily available; it is durable, renewable, natural and widely accepted. Cotton is also suited due to its structure to modern manufacturing techniques.

        Seaweed extract is already widely used in health organisations. The natural anti-inflammatory effects are well documented. Dressings and creams containing seaweed extract have given excellent results when used on burns victims for example giving good irritation relief and assisting in the healing process. The seaweed extract used in skintoskin is derived from Aschophyluum Nodosum seaweed.

        Why silver? Bacteria infection is a serious problem with a condition like eczema which can present with an open wound. The irritation caused by the condition leads to an itch scratch cycle with the sufferer causing further opening the skin. The infection level if needed can be controlled by the application of anti-biotic creams or oral anti-biotic dosing. Silver is fast acting and highly effective against Gram + and Gram – bacteria, as well as for several fungal infections, especially those of the Candida strain,

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      • Sulfur dissolved in waterSulfur dissolved in water

          Worldwide invention:
          Sulfur dissolved in water (S + H2O)

          This revolutionary invention is of great benefit for following industrial sectors:

          - Medicines
          - Veterinary Drugs
          - Agricultural Drugs (Fertilizers & Pesticides)
          - Sulfur Soap
          - Skin Care Products
          - SPA (Sulfur Water)
          - Chemical Products

          If you are interested in acquiring the right to sell, or buying the chemical composition for your own use, or to make marketing & distribution for our product, please fill out the form below in order to send you product samples.

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        • Gro-aut Hair Care Growth FormulaGro-aut Hair Care Growth Formula

            Introducing Gro-aut Hair Care Products, a fast non-surgical approach for growing healthy hair in short spaces of time.

            Read what our customers have to say....

            "This product actually works. I highlighted my hair and it caused a lot of breakage at this point I have achieved length. This product is amazing and it has thickend my hair"

            "its been a week and so far i am already seeing wonderful results . i can see hair comming up , if it keeps growing at this rate i should have 1/2 an inch next week ! i have ALWAYS had healthy hair but with this product my hair is 10X HEALTHYIER than normal . Ive never used any products that made my hair grow in a week . THANK YOU SO MUCH , im going to continue ordering and i wish you luck in the future bc this has success written all over it"

            For more reviews, visit or search youtube or google for "gro-aut".

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          • Silver-Skin - Medical Textiles for the Whole FamilySilver-Skin - Medical Textiles for the Whole...

              The Silver-Skin® textile offers a unique combination of natural features and is based on entirely pure components, providing functionality in a new design and style. The Silver-Skin® textile is based on the innovative combination of silver and cotton, as silver provides a number of outstanding natural properties:
              • High electrical conductivity
              • Excellent thermal conductivity
              • Strong optical reflectivity
              • Antibacterial protection

              A number of studies have proven that due to the textile’s natural properties, the SilverSkin® products offer an outstanding combination of medical applications:

              • Treatment of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis
              • Prevention and treatment of allergies
              • Provides up to 99% of electromagnetic radiation protection
              • Antibacterial protection
              • Soothing and anti-itching effect
              • Electro smog protection
              • Ultimate factor of sun protection UPF 50+

              Extra flat seams on the outside of the garment as well as labels on the outside ensure perfect wearing comfort without irritating the skin. On account of the high silver content this shirt has a calming effect on inflamed skin. The silver has an antibacterial effect and, hence, reduces skin itching (pruritus).

              • Medical product (CE standard)
              • 75 % organic cotton (Oeco-tex standard 100)
              • 25 % silver-coated polyamide yarn (100 % on the skin)
              • No nano-silver
              • Excellent wearing comfort
              • Outside seams, no side seams, no labels on the inside


              75% pure cotton (Öko-tex standard 100), 25% silver fiber (patent protected silver-coated polyamide core)
              The material is a combination the finest cotton fibers, processed as high-tech threads to create a combination with the silver fibers. This accomplishment was a result of extensive functional and determinative research.
              Along with its high protective properties, this new textile is also perfectly suitable for the everyday life, providing a previously unknown multi-functionality, protection and comfort

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                This device was designed to apply liquids and gels in a controlled manner. It has an unlimited use concerning many products in the beauty & medical fields. (patent # 7179008) uspto website

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              • A new, healthier \A new, healthier "french fry" for responsible...

                  This new version of the "french fry" not only has a new and very marketable name - it is also creates a "Healthy Alternative" that is destined to take the world by storm...especially after the marketing pros have made it a household name! This product idea (as well as several others) is "For Sale" to qualified buyers. For more information, contact me via my website using this product's name as the subject.

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                • G-Ring Barbers Protective RingG-Ring Barbers Protective Ring

                    A fashionable, anotomically designed jewelry finger ring used to prevent scissor cuts for people who cut hair. Made of various colored plastic or precious metal which may also be customized with precious stones or engraving.
                    For more info: ,search Beauty,Health & Wellness. Contact: Brian Choate (773) 294-9227 or

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