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  • New sources of energyNew sources of energy

      new energy sources.
      Use gravity (gravity), geothermal effect (warm ground), solar energy, power flows of rivers, the wind.
      Maximum security.
      For the staff, (for maintenance), environment (ecology), for the state (strategic security).
      High efficiency. High power (from 1KVt to 1000 MVt and more). Universal application.
      The minimum cost price of electricity.

      1 - power converter steam (air), low pressure. Patent RF 2215183.
      When small amounts has enormous potential power. No competition. Able to replace nuclear
      power, hydropower, thermal power plants.

      2 - inverter air flow (of water). Patent RF 2219369.
      more efficient than traditional turbines. When used in water can replace the hydroelectric power station.

      3 - know-how. Super battery. The new principle of accumulation of electricity.
      Able to replace hundreds of conventional batteries

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        The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a porous scaffold with a very high thermal and chemical stability and high resistance to different pH, ion strength and polarity of the culture media. The prepared zeolite membrane can also be utilised as a scaffold for delivering one or more biologically active chemical molecules to adhered cells. This material has a unique microbial resistance and it is indestructible in the culture medium.

        The interaction of cells with the surface of biomaterials is of great relevance both in research and clinical practice. The invention can be of interest to pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing industries of surgical prosthesis, manufacturing industries of instruments for environment defence and preservation and manufacturers of fresco and restoration products. The invention can also be applied for biomedical implants, tissue engineering, arthoplastic surgery, regenerative medicine, hold aquatic polluting and bacteria and improve architectural paintings.

        -The invention subject requires inexpensive reactants and zeolite membranes prepared.
        -Very easily carried-out and fast method able to produce different tailored scaffolds.
        -These supports are durable, indestructible, inseparable and resistant to thermal and chemical gradients.
        -This homogenous film is very low since it is permanent, durable and reusable in several subsequent cycles of cultures.
        -Biocompatible and chemically modulatable to improve the cell cultivations of various animal, plant, bacterium cell lines.
        -The reaction with appropriate reagents, allows one to vary and increase the strength and type of interaction with biological molecules, improving the selectivity of adhesion, growth differentiation and separation.
        -The zeolite membranes can be used in various media: buffer, sea, water, and in different conditions of pH and oxygenation
        -The zeolite membrane is very easy to transform into a solid support having excellent antimicrobic and/or antifungal properties using an ion-exchange process in the presence of cupric or silver salt solutions.

        It permits the selective incorporation of undesirable substances (such as pollutant, toxic and poisonous ions and molecules) and can be used to subtract the catabolites and/or substances obtained by equilibrium reactions so as increase the cellular metabolism. Moreover, it allows the selective permeation of molecules with small kinetic diameters such as ammonia, creatinin and urea obtained from the cell catabolism.

        Prototypes of different type of auto-supported zeolite membranes have been prepared and tested in various cell cultures.

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          The importance of the filters toxicity concerns has been greatly exacerbated in recent years to the point that the producers of raw materials and technical formulators have implemented various strategies in order to develop stable and safe sunscreens. In this context, the use of “SPF boosters”, raw materials are able to increase the SPF of a formulation of the sun exploiting different mechanisms of action, is an interesting approach in the development of solar products.
          Considerable interest has also led to the preparation of formulations for the protection from oxidizing agents (ozone, hypochlorite and environmental pollutants) responsible for a pathological condition, such as oxidative stress, which can damage different cell structures. Oxidative stress, indeed, involves a degradation of cells and tissues with a loose in their efficiency. The premature aging of the skin is one of the most popular signs. This idea is based on the use of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) functionalized with antioxidant molecules such as rosmarinic acid, ellagic acid, epigallocatechin gallate, resveratrol, hydroxytyrosol, to be used as boosters of SPF and / or protective agents for skin and hair from exogenous factors such as harmful UV radiation, ozone and chemical oxidants.

          At present, polymeric and antioxidant compounds, such as polyphenols, are individually used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulations, but no examples of antioxidant-polymer conjugates are reported.
          The use of polymeric materials functionalized with antioxidant molecules can combine the advantages of both polymeric materials and antioxidant molecules. In particular:
          Lower degradability of the polymer: the conjugation of a polymeric system with antioxidant molecules confers higher stability to the polymer backbone, which will be less susceptible to degradation reactions.
          Increased stability of the antioxidant molecule: the presence of a covalent bond avoids the effects of migration and extrusion of the antioxidant molecule, which are typical of formulations in which the antioxidant is simply mixed with the other ingredients of the preparation.
          Enhanced security: the conjugation of the polymer with the antioxidant molecule reduces the toxic effects related to the skin absorption which can cause various effects including the accumulation in tissues.
          Speed of preparation: the synthetic strategy is easily modulable.
          Easy industrial scale up: the synthetic strategy allows to operate in non-drastic conditions.

          Reduction to Practice/Prototype (in vivo experiments)

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        • PS-XXXX-X electrostatic micro perforation machines for ventilated mass productsPS-XXXX-X electrostatic micro perforation...

            Based at micro discharging and sparking, plasma tunnel effects with gas atomic ionization in nano second time windows. The pores are normally statistical irregularly distributed in controlled size ranges from 0.5 up to 80 microns diameter and analogically, under LASER or MICRO or MACRO PERFORATION, arranged in diameter sizes from 60 up to 200 microns, at best non-inclined holes und holes rows of diverse arrangement comprehension.

            For the naked human eye invisible electrostatic nano or micro perforations may be arranged in areas or zone bands with specific distances within its web. Controlled pore sizes in wide ranges from 0.50 up to 80 micron diameters by holes sequences up to 16 million pores per second and 0.1 up to 3 mill Joule discharge energy for each pore. Process and power electronics patent granted with DE10328937.

            Arrangements of zones are usually carried out in width from 2 to 6 mm and pores density of 15 up to 250 pores per square cm whereas the perforation of areas results in pore densities of up to 5 million pores per m2 in surface-all-over design. Electro static perforations allow porosity levels from 80 up to 2500 Coresta Units (ml/min/2cm2, 1000Pa), equality from 40 down to 3 Gurley material web widths from 100 up to 2000 mm at web speeds of up to 500 m/min, depending on porosity and material consistency in relation to its ability to perforate.

            Products, applications, advantages, high-holes-densities micro perforation, ventilation, mass product properties
            breathable, ventilation, filter cigarettes, tipping, packaging, plug wrap, refinish, thin paper, MYO, RYO, LIP
            booklet, bible, printing, magazine, promotion, flyers, newspaper, improved modified surface properties
            Kraft paper, sacks with low PE coating, single or triple layer multi wall sacks, tubers, bags for cement, plaster, maize, grain, pet food, granulate or powder
            gained air outlet during filling with high efficiency to keep packed products in specified barrier condition
            extending storages, live time or durability of certain goods and products
            decoration or gift paper with thin coating films
            PVC laminate, Vinyl, decoration, wall paper to eliminate condensation effects, enable gas exchanges, avoid rises of mildew or rottenness
            joint or corner Kraft paper tapes to avoid glue bubbles and enables material diffusion
            fleece bonding material, low plastic film layers for outdoor, under roof protection covering, wooden houses for oxygen exchanges
            technical textiles for oxygen or gas exchanges to avoid condensation processes
            breathable overalls, heavy duty, disposable work dresses, trousers, made of thin PE fleeces or others
            biotopes and prevention of water pollution
            leather or cloth inlets for comfortable non sweat wearing under wet, high humidity and tropical condition
            soap, deodorant, hygiene, beauty creams, baby care, other packaging products
            which needs smell suggestion for marketing indication and buying advantages
            vegetable, flowers or food with paper packaging replacements for oxygen or gas exchanges
            bread, rolls, fruit or food to improve freshness and aroma
            technical multi layer foils for industry, medical, bioengineering, filtration purposes surface modification, improved roughness
            micro filter, membranes, battery separation layers
            bio lab analytic, alcohol, liquid, blood filtration, clean room, agriculture, reduction or force growth rates

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          • ODSTM-1 in-situ dyne surface tension wettability measurement at fast moving plastic films and foilsODSTM-1 in-situ dyne surface tension wettability...

              Method and device for online tough less surface tension control ODSTM-1 in DE19543289 by which the fast moving substrate through the measuring gap. It is transmitted with a chromatic beam and spectral selected light source were two optical channels are displaced and polarized by 90 degree to each other. Both optical axles are precise and motor driven shift able in certain angles from 25 up to 65 degree. The spectral light photons, transmission, extinction, absorption grades are detectable by two optical CCD imagine vision devices, integrated into the sensor case on other side of the substrate.

              Material condition
              At high speed moving substrates means plastic foil, flexible, film, laminate, coating, bonding, labeling, co-extrusion, BOPP, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, MDPE, MAS, MOH, MEV, PET, FEP, PP, PE, PS, PO, EVA, PTFE, PVC, PTFE, Vinyl, Polyester, wrapping, self-adhesive tape, high strength, cross laminated, adhesive coated films, reflective or magnetic sheeting, automotive tape products, inkjet, heat sealing, security, pressure sensitive tapes for entertainment or building industry, masking or printable plastic films, polycarbonate, acrylic, extruded or polished cellulose, optical grade polycarbonate, sheets for IR or laser protection, filter sheet, imaging, capacitors, bi-oriented polystyrene sheet, multilayer co-extruded film, PVC, PETG, polyimide, tear tapes for aerospace, inner covering in aircrafts, automotive, medical, bioengineering, renewable, agriculture, marine, household, commercial, domestic, construction, high-porous membranes for uses in alkaline lithium ion batteries, fuel cells, filtration equipment. By gauges 10-500 microns, fabric widths up to 10000 mm and web speeds up to 18 m/s.

              Optical properties and quality control
              Material specific wavelength selection 1200 up to 1800 nm, material specific finger prints, molecular spectral properties, transmission, optical angle scanning, ultra low level stray scatter light detection, polarization, slot diaphragms, transverse displacements control the light beams along and far from the optical X and Y axes. The results are extreme scattering, diffraction, NIR, IR, stray light photons generation into the layer areas at both sides of the moving substrate.

              Their reflected and transmitted light intensities enables the determination by defined formulas and data matrixes the surface tension values in ranges from 28 up to 62 mN/m or dynes which are direct associate and bond to real static values for statistical quality control (SQC).

              And this entirely independent of the material specific influences as like surface consistency, thickness, density, weight, opacity, coherence, filling, stretching, shrinkage, structure, co-extrusion, polar grouping, temperature, intrinsic motivation or viscosity, hydrophobia, hydrophilic molecules, hydrogen, moisture, water steam proof, bi-layer, polymer, patterning, nanostructure, irradiation, isotopic, catalyst, coherence, absorption, photo mask effect, radiation, resonance bands, Raman, electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis ASTM or ATR method, property, acoustic photonic liquid effects, pre material treatment as corona, plasma jet, flam treatment.

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            • LPM-1 laser micro cluster perforation, material treatment, mass productsLPM-1 laser micro cluster perforation, material...

                LPM-1 is patent granted by DE102004001327, operates with quadruple Co2 carbon or other laser beam inputs up to 4 Kilowatt to a high power twin vacuum level multiplexer to generate up to 200 individual laser output channels and perforation rows cross web, combines automatic positioned laser perforation heads, focus setting, web speeds up to 400 m/min, web widths up to 2000 mm, up to 2.5 Million holes per second, jumbo roll-by-roll production, optical inline permeability as perforation line position control, porosity feedback, hi-tech automation level and other features. Each laser micro perforation lines can achieve 100 up to 1000 C.U.

                Industry fields
                The conception of high power twin level laser beam multiplexer enables hundred options in other industry application fields as cutting, cut-off, welding, surface finishing, high speed drilling, ablation, cleaning, micromachining, polishing, forming, melting, surface treatment, roughness improvement. Each up to 200 single laser beams is coupled via flexible hollow fibers allows treatment processes or micro perforation heads easy to position in X across and in Y direction of running web or static placed sheet material. The automatic processes, equipments and devices open now outstanding possibilities in industry, metal, plastic, domestic, tobacco product, medical, hygienic, wall covering, security cards, bank notes or food application. LPM-1 means cluster material treatment at wide web, large area, surface or whole material treatment, high power dual rotation laser beam splitter, twin multiplexer level, Co2, YAG, EXCIMER, DIODE, SOLID STATE laser with multiple optical inputs, flexible hollow waveguide fibers, HCW, HWG up to 200 output channels. Material treatment with robot handling for stainless steel, ceramic, aluminum, wafer, glass, ceramic, brass, copper, wafer, silicon, plastic sheets, titanium, jewelry, silicon, solar, panel, photovoltaic, micromachining, slitting, rewinding, refining, hybrid laser cutting machines or stand along systems.

                Micro laser perforation technology
                Laser perforation in general, possible to perforate by pulsed or enlarged focused laser beams are holes sizes from 60 up to 200 microns at density of holes of typically 10-30 holes per cm, holes sequences 100000 up to 400000 holes per second at a maximal of 16 punctured laser rows cross web with traditional systems or machines.

                Means in cigarette, tipping, plug wrap, filter, flexible packaging, packs, tear tape, plastic and other material webs. With porosity levels from 100 up to 3000 C. U., normally in web widths from 100 up to 500 mm, in particular cases up to 1500 mm, at web speeds of up to 600 m/min, depending on porosity and material consistency in relation to its ability to perforate.

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              • ESP-1 medium frequency shift power switching converterESP-1 medium frequency shift power switching...

                  IPM develops a dual power, high voltage, medium frequency switching converter unit which works with hybrid drives, compact EMI, EMV, NEC, CE safe semiconductor power electronic stages, supporting capacitors and high voltage ferrite transformers to generate ultra short high voltage pulses and sparking burst groups. Advantages are based on uses of standard circuits with extended semiconductors for cluster, corona substrate treatment, ac/ac, ac/dc converter, drive units, frequency, upward or downward converter, power electronics supplies. Industry application of electrostatic perforation, converting, drives or others uses IGBT, MOSFET, HVFET semiconductor power stages.

                  That circuits are working as converters with extremely short power pulses 0.05 up to 15 micro second, current peaks up to 300 Amps by du/dt of 2500 Volt per micro second on a serial connected inductivity and loading condenser where the secondary ferrite transformer coils supply sparking electrodes up to 50 Kilovolt as a permanent open loop and short circuit condition. A safety circuit logic and two hybrid drivers allows a alternately switching of semiconductor A and B which generating consequently higher operation frequencies and power levels meanwhile electrical and thermal conditions remains on each in the same range as in single switching status.

                  Approximately double frequency and power level condition obtains higher switching efficiencies, more perforation power, higher corona treatment level, powerful drives, frequency converters etc. depends of industry applications.

                  Semiconductors in high power, high current, high voltage circuits obtains in cluster perforation, surface treatment, modifications, corona, drives or other switching application frequencies up to 250 KHz, 1400 Volt, power levels up to 30 Kilowatt and more. Higher power efficiencies and lower switching losses are further advantages. The precise pulse timing by a certain time windows with constant or variable frequency generates with high voltages sparking holes sizes and sequences through the fast moving material webs. Repeat frequencies of the entire circuit can up to the double switching frequency of each semiconductor.

                  As well for plasma jet control, heavy ion research, switching devices, power supplies, laser diode supplies, compact switching systems, frequency converter, emergency power supplies, ultra short mega peak current, ignition, sparking, arc, compressor, emergency, train, ship, vessel power supply, generator, fuel cell, upward, downward, stabilizer, soft starter, vector, phase, inverter, servo system, motion, stepping, spindle, CNC, machine, asynchronous, standard, motor, torque, automation, remote, hybrid, plug-in, car, battery, lithium, Ion, renewable, energy, wind, solar, panel, recycling, medical equipment, membrane filtration, robotic, photovoltaic, industrial automation. The patent is granted as DE10328937.

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                • Antimicrobial credit cards identification cards membership cards and identification badges and badge holdersAntimicrobial credit cards identification cards...

                    Invention involves embedding antimicrobial disinfectant in commonly used plastic cards-- driver's licenses, identification cards, ATM cards and credit cards -- to reduce transmission of bacteria when the card touches human hands and other surfaces.

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