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What does offer?

Inpama provides tools for:

  • Inventors
  • Patent owners
  • "creative people"
  • Entrepreneurs

to quickly and easily find license holders, producers, investors, with a focus on partnerships.

First steps

Register either as an Inventor or Inventor Seeker.

Upload a personal profile, free of charge

After your first login, you will receive a Guide that will show you how to comprehensively use the possibilities of

Upload your invention

When your profile has been completed, you can upload Files related to your invention.

Secure upload of:

  • Photos
  • Patent documents
  • Brochures and handouts
  • Videos
  • Links to your website

Creating a questionnaire

Professional market research – easily done by you!

Choose from the pre-set questions or create your own to generate feedback from site users about your invention.

Downloadable monthly reports in PDF-form available

Recommending a project

How to promote an invention when no one knows about it? With the recommendation tool from you can easily present your invention to:

  • friends
  • potential manufacturers
  • financiers and investors
  • distributors
  • journalists

Don't forget the importance of word-of-mouth advertisement and viral marketing!

Inviting test customers

To generate more feedback and market research, you can use your page to publish your invention on:

  • forums
  • press releases
  • blogs
  • mail directories

Inventors' Shop

All you need for a quick implementation of your ideas and patents!

  • individual shop link
  • tips and tricks
  • company directories
  • download centre
  • quick support

Project Evaluation

When visitors of your pages evaluate your ideas and projects, you can receive an analytical document which graphically depicts user feedback.

This data can help you in future business negotiations!

Finding partners

Find the right partners in social networks and industry guides – and invite produces and dealers to your online exhibition booth! message centre

Via your page, prospective partners can easily contact you.

Lawyer search

Since license contracts are never easy, you can use to find patent lawyers and patent evaluators.